The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Monster Mounts (Montures Monstres) 2.6.6
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eggygaming 23. loka 7.20 
i cant find the mounts outside whitrun or near the farm and stables
GHaroKun 4. syys 9.47 
You can mount an Atronach and a Whispmother. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PRETO DA ELITE 3. syys 18.12 
GreeNTurtle69 16. elo 12.35 
The mounts are attacking npcs during the battle of whiterun. How do I stop them from aggroing npcs? thanks
bloodmoon164 4. elo 13.15 
uhh yeah how do you ride them...
FatesGaming 22. heinä 12.20 
hey how do i fly? :)
DeKaye 10. heinä 1.19 
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NovaBeast 1. kesä 17.13 
the mudcrab sold me
kc7lzk 19. huhti 7.41 
Hi gg77 This mod has a hagraven in it but i keep getting kicked out of my game so i had to take it out that's why i would like to summon a hagraven.
Godfather of Illuminati 16. maalis 3.19 
bets piggy back riding mod of the century i rate 8/8
fih223 17. helmi 23.44 
how do you make the dragon fly?
ERUORUM 17. helmi 2.42 
i found bug
Share Khan attacked me in battle
jannevellamo 9. helmi 11.44 
Thanks for the mod, I like it. The mounts are beautiful and I can tell you one of my best Skyrim moments ever was seeing your magnificent beasts scattered around the Whiterun countryside. So far, I've only tried Kong, which is an extremely amusing ride for anybody who likes the idea of running over people, small buildings, walls and mammoths. The only problems with it are the massive turn radius, the tendency to slide down slopes when parked on an incline steep enough, the need to keep your weapon drawn and the fact that Kong seems to prefer to be mounted from behind. I guess this all comes with the huge size. Do you suppose it might be possible to fiddle with the turn radius, so that you don't have to fall off a cliff or a bridge while trying to turn Kong around in the wrong place?
Sleggerthorn 23. tammi 11.16 
The "lets sit on everything" mod
RavenBoy 18. tammi 20.23 
Ok, so I had to many mods and i deleted this mod and I cant seem to delete this mod.. i unsubscribed and i tried to go into the data files on the start up screen and i deleted it from there. yet it still is in my game and everytime I walk by the mounts my game just crashes. HELP!!
lovedasquid 15. tammi 18.25 

lovedasquid 15. tammi 18.25 
ƝǂƓḦҬ₥ĀƦȩ 30. marras, 2015 10.51 
there is a bug that u can get trapped inside the dragon mount but still the mod is pretty cool xD
Ming the Merciless 22. marras, 2015 9.15 
Not where you said, but I found a dead giant if that means anything?
Wolfie 18. marras, 2015 5.19 
please tell me where I get the Mounts?
Leo 10. syys, 2015 4.39 
The maker of this mod is a God amoung Men!
Noob warrior 27. elo, 2015 6.05 
needs mount of yourself
gg77  [tekijä] 19. elo, 2015 20.22 
optimustobi 19. elo, 2015 17.50 
also i whant to fly with the dragon and stuff can you add that????
optimustobi 19. elo, 2015 15.14 
1: i am not dumb 2:thanks for the help gg77
optimustobi 19. elo, 2015 15.14 
assaultkid 19. elo, 2015 13.50 
Maybe these guys aren't clicking the check box for the mod before loading? Kinda hard to miss 70+ mounts of varying sizes chilling south of whiterun.... Unless these guys are just dumb.
gg77  [tekijä] 18. elo, 2015 19.08 
? They are all around outside the south of whiterun
optimustobi 18. elo, 2015 17.49 
i cant find it
assaultkid 12. elo, 2015 11.06 
GREAT MOD! Some of those mounts are just ridiculously awesome, however it likes to freeze on me and minimzing/opening the task thing to force close doesn't work. The program stays black and stays open. So i had to unsubscribe, i'll leave it +1'd for ya since it was awesome though!
assaultkid 12. elo, 2015 11.05 
@Pink Guy : That's silly. They are all around outside the south of whiterun. Go to the white run stables, look south, and you should see several random units chillin everywhere. Those random dudes are mounts.... Pretty easy to find.
Future China Man 19. heinä, 2015 16.41 
or do they just like, roam free?
Future China Man 19. heinä, 2015 16.40 
what does the place you find them look like exactly bc i cant find it
jdsibley16 16. heinä, 2015 3.27 
that helped lotsthankyou. it is a really good mod to be fair. i am fairly new to pcgamming coz i have always gamed n my ps3. when i found out how awsome moddng is i got loads of mods. i then sent my freind a picture of my charecter in skyrim on a dwarven spider and he was like... thats awsome. haha thanks though
jdsibley16 16. heinä, 2015 3.22 
gg77  [tekijä] 15. heinä, 2015 9.54 
Two possible explanations for the CTD:

1) Too many creatures/ companions / followers for your configuration in this area. No solution sorry
2) Conflict with another mod at the same location. You can try to uncheck this / these mods one by one and see !

First, mods with textures! : HighResTexturePack01,02,03 of Bethesda…

Other solutions: you can move the mounts to another location so that there is less creatures in the Whiterun area or you can download my other mods with LESS mounts :)

My mods "Summon...."

Last solution: unsubscribe ! + in data files when you launch the game you must delete ("delete selected") the .bsa and the .esp of the mod
jdsibley16 15. heinä, 2015 8.12 
makesmy game crash. really anoying coz i spent a while on the world and now it wont work. idk if anyoe else had this problem but tell me if u did. judging by the other comments maybe its just me but yeah.
gg77  [tekijä] 3. heinä, 2015 14.22 
In ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data, have you the .esp and the .bsa ?

have you "Montures Monstres " checked in the data files when you launch the game ?
munga 3. heinä, 2015 14.13 
they won't show up i tried uninstalling and installing it again but it didn't do anything. idk why it stopped working i had it before and it worked fine.
Tacocat777 27. kesä, 2015 21.15 
oh ok thx
gg77  [tekijä] 26. kesä, 2015 20.56 
"Drago flying"

Fully Flying Dragons 1.4 NO DLC version

Fully Flying Dragons 4.8 DLCs version

Tacocat777 26. kesä, 2015 15.53 
hey gg77 can you add attacks and Drago flying? that might be OP for a start but it'd be awesssoomeeeee
gg77  [tekijä] 10. kesä, 2015 22.35 
This is an “automatic” installation: you have to… 1) Just click Subscribe and when you start skyrim it will automatically download the mod. 2) Wait that steam download the mod (85 Mo ) 3) verify that when you start the game, in "data files", you have check "Montures Monstres.esp" at the bottom of the list (look at my last screens)
kevota11 10. kesä, 2015 13.45 
how do you unstall it
Jack | 31. touko, 2015 11.18 
i have a question

Mr.Bubbles 27. touko, 2015 20.24 
A would mount a fucking skeleton xD
Galaxee 25. touko, 2015 7.06 
LOL mount's i tryed to i mean UPDATE TEH FOX AND FLYING FOX
Fatherdom 23. touko, 2015 19.05 
bros. the mounts are frikin evrywear
Sneef 16. touko, 2015 23.17 
Whenever I get off Drago I get stuck between his wing and torso.
Mega 14. touko, 2015 6.51