The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Resurrection Enchantment
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MarcosFelipe94 10 Jun, 2014 às 18:17 
Cool mod, thanks :p
TotalBS3000 18 Jan, 2014 às 16:35 
2 days of scowering the internet and i now find this mod. Werth it.
fluffy™ 9 Set, 2012 às 7:11 
cool, can it be disenchented and re-enchanted on to a croosbow or any weapon?
drillbreaker08 9 Ago, 2012 às 9:42 
perfect just what i need for my lich king character
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 13 Fev, 2012 às 5:48 
I just checked by subscribing myself, the pickaxe is there. Maybe another mod is interfering or you haven't enabled the mod in data files.
Azot☆Punk 12 Fev, 2012 às 14:16 
GUYS CAN ANIONE TELL WERE IT IS? I TO THE PLCE WERE THE MAPS ARE and its not there and i cheked alot of times i have to mod on wtf plz help post how to get it
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 12 Fev, 2012 às 14:08 
Turns out it actually is limited by time, and much shorter than I thought it should be. I am currently looking up how to change that.
w0049749 12 Fev, 2012 às 8:20 
I think this is a great idea. If you feel it is too over powered, can you put a limit on the zombie life to one hour or day or something like that? I think a zombie that's good for one whole dungeon or quest should be good enough. Plus you'd only kill that special someone (something powerful) when you had a plan to use them to the best effect. Could you also make its soul capacity, so, number of uses before recharge, really small, or have it consume lots of soul juice, so you have to fill it with a Grand soul each time you use it? I haven't played with the custom weapons yet so I don't know.
Azot☆Punk 11 Fev, 2012 às 18:41 
WTF i whent there and its not there that wierd
Elder Statesman Irmc 8 Fev, 2012 às 20:04 
Beartracks, the descript says "as your zombie slave". Your dovakiin is a necrophiliac?
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 8 Fev, 2012 às 15:14 
This only resurrects them like a magical spell, not the command you can use in the console.
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:59 
Updated so NPCs can use it (before it would work, but every one of their zombies would be tied to you, now it is not the case)
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:51 
Forever, until you resurrect another person, currently the effect only works for one zombie at a time, I am looking to fix that though
Donnie Darko 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:43 
How long does the effect last?
XenoHomoSapien  [autor] 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:41 
Yes, but won't work as well as she did before.
King_Shaddai 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:38 
can this be used to res Lydia when she inevitably dies?
MKSlime 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:21 
When i first saw the picture i thought it was a diamond pick 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:21 
so tempted...
lumenbeing 8 Fev, 2012 às 14:14