Faster Aircraft Animations
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revilowaldow 4月2日上午6:46 
Works beautifully.
[MPX] Anarkha 3月28日下午4:28 
One of 'Must have' mod, Real timesaver on endgame.
badkenbad 3月2日下午6:51 
I use two mods with Civ V, and this is one of them. It fixes one of the few things that drives me crazy about the game: slo-mo airplanes. I even edited to bump them up to 3X speed, because I hate waiting for airplane attacks, but I don't like the way the built-in "fast combat" works.
jml 2月25日上午7:24 
Great mod. 'can't play without it.
I only hope it could also speed up aircrafts against aircraft-carriers and subs since those fights take for ever with no meaning to it at all.
What's the point having a bomber bombing a carrier 6-8 times on each strike?

But thanks for that mod already.
[DBH]*Whismerhill*{SSgt} 2月2日上午5:56 
yes air units are a lot slower than others
however a tad faster animations in general (movement & combat) (plus greatly increased air animations with this) would make for faster MP while not disabling animations altogether
enix001 1月31日上午8:42 
i think it only fits air units since their so SLOW
[DBH]*Whismerhill*{SSgt} 1月26日上午2:11 
Given how it's done I believe this could be expanded upon to include all unit types, movement and combat

of course 2x might be a tad too fast for movement and regular combat
but maybe something between +20% up to +50% speed would work
5destroyer35 1月17日下午8:06 
Great for bomber heavy america
MrKKOKKU 1月13日下午8:16 
Subscribed. It's the best mod for me.
I wanna apply this mod to the other units (land, naval, etc)
is it possible?
SWAG_SMOKER_420 1月11日上午8:09 
Cloud 2013年12月30日下午10:01 
Rad 2013年12月29日下午4:08 
Any chance Caravans and Trade ships can be sped up?
confused46 2013年12月29日上午11:47 
Where can i download this mod?
GloomFox 2013年12月28日上午6:03 
Save a lot of time in case of large airforces involvement.
Golfbl 2013年12月25日上午6:49 
One of the best mods, makes the game a lot more enjoyable.
mcdavne 2013年12月21日下午5:25 
Mod isn't showing up in game
Kaiser Roll 2013年12月19日上午9:48 
By far one of the most useful mods out there, an option to skip or speed up aircraft animations should have been implemented in the game to begin with.
ninakoru 2013年12月14日上午7:58 
Great!! I hate to turn off animations, but waiting bomber animations... This is simple and fixes it, thanks!
Galactic 2013年12月8日下午7:33 
I would suggest adding a feature which lets us choose which planes move quickly. Or atleast seperate downloades for them.
LThMT 2013年11月30日下午3:10 
Nice work, man!
The Massacrerer 2013年11月24日下午12:04 
Great idea! Love this mod :-) Thanks!
Clausbs 2013年11月11日下午9:24 
top notch
Achilius 2013年11月8日下午11:25 
Mod isn't showing up in game :\
Col. Hathi 2013年10月15日下午7:32 
@Jojy, I don't mind the default speed, it's just that it's a pain to sit and wait for the animation to finish for every single plane each turn when there's a lot of them.
Shaun The Crazy One 2013年9月18日下午1:47 
I tried this Mod, now I don't think I can play CIV 5 without it.
lockstep 2013年9月18日上午2:59 
moloTov: Yes, it works for BNW.
moloTov 2013年9月12日上午12:47 
Will this work for BNW?
Jojy 2013年9月7日上午10:10 
Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with default animation speed? Personal opinion. Though for those who do think they are too slow, I recommend this.
Brevven 2013年9月5日下午11:39 
Can this be made to affect the AI's rebase animation speed? It doesn't seem to affect those right now. Or even better, is there a way to disable AI rebase animations altoegether?
Gedemon  [作者] 2013年9月5日上午2:08 
see description, and you can open the file with notepad.
stephenmagee7 2013年9月4日下午4:59 
Hi Gedemon,
How do I speed the animations up faster than x2?
My folder is called Faster Aircraft Animations (v3).
In the folder are three files. One is a read me, and the other two I can't open because I don't know what application I need to open them with.
What do I do next?
Also, Thanks for creating this mod. The original aircraft speeds were one of my big complaints with the game.
Mordachai 2013年8月27日下午1:05 
Yes! The aircraft animations are rediculously slow. Thanks!
Gedemon  [作者] 2013年8月24日上午3:03 
yep, correct.
Apheirox 2013年8月23日下午7:00 
The default aircraft animations are insanely annoying. My appreciations for creating this. One question, though: Enabling this disables unlocking achievements, correct?
The [Canadian] F.L.U.D.D 2013年8月21日下午8:14 
Thank you so much!
Gedemon  [作者] 2013年8月20日上午7:25 
steam has f****d up the links in description and it can't be corrected...

remove those 4 caracters after the & to fix the link: amp;
SlayerS 2013年8月20日上午7:18 
please give me proper link it says invalid file ID
heaven.spawn 2013年8月16日上午8:59 
Oh God YES faster aircraft animations!
Traveler 2013年7月29日下午12:15 
This is a great mod. One thing I wish could be fixed is the way aircraft spend forever circeling when they attack subs, it very annoying in the late game.
recklessfire 2013年7月24日下午6:15 
Hmm alright, I just cleared my mods cache and will try again. Thanks for confirming!
Gedemon  [作者] 2013年7月24日下午5:58 
it does, I'm using it right now.
recklessfire 2013年7月24日下午5:57 
Does this work for brave new world? It didn't seem to for me
Makinar 2013年7月19日上午1:30 
Looks interesting,will try it out now.Bye.
dubmasteroriginal 2013年7月15日上午4:34 
worked fine with my previously saved game & bomber attacks with 10 airplanes (each flying three loops over the city) is possible in less than an eternity now! great mod!
Seu Caetano 2013年7月13日上午9:05 
Luca 2013年6月24日下午9:51 
I really like this mod, but is it possible to make a mod to make the flight animations instant (while keeping ground unit animations)? I know that kind of sounds silly since there's an option for no combat animations, but I really enjoy having the animations for ground units at all times. Even with the increased speed I feel that it can sometimes take too long for a turn to end when the AI or myself spam a ton of air units.

High King Zebular III 2013年6月12日上午5:02 
@HappyGayFriend, that just means that you can load it into a game you already have going. Mods that "Affect Saved Games" cannot be loaded into a pre-existing saved game. You should be able to load the mod and your saved game just fine.
HappyG♥yFriend 2013年6月9日下午9:10 
" doesn't affect savegame" so sad,i have a very big savegame and its speed kills me
ImLykinIt 2013年6月4日下午8:47 
I love this mod. It fixes one of the most annoying animations in the game!
Ash 2013年5月29日下午11:01 
This is probably the single best mod for Civ 5 that I've ever used. No more waiting 20 minutes while the AI spams your units with bombers!