Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

Faster Aircraft Animations
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Allowed me to "not" use Quick combat due to stupid bombers taking centuries per turn.
Thank you!
JM 14. huhti 1.39 
Whiskey_inthejar 2. huhti 4.14 
Fragproof 17. maalis 19.29 
Been using this mod a long time. I consider it a must-have. Thank you!
GalSpan 23. joulu, 2015 2.26 
Would you can do it work in JdH's CiV MP Mod Manager?
Podari 13. joulu, 2015 12.13 
I'm often a late-game player, so without this mod I'd probably die of boredom.
Degrelecence 11. loka, 2015 3.35 
This is infinately better then the default, which is painful to watch. That said, I do wish this was slightly slower. I feel like default is painfully slow and this is absurdely fast. Like I said, still 100x better then default, so upvoted. Just saying though.
The Massacrerer 10. loka, 2015 17.22 
Indispensible. Thank you!
lythium8d8 22. syys, 2015 17.29 
Using Advance Air and Naval packs. InfoAdict, IGE.

Gedemon  [tekijä] 20. syys, 2015 13.02 
Had a few occurence of that in my WWII mod when I made the submarine more resistant to air attack, but none in the normal game. Are you using other mods that make aircraft weaker or land/sea units more resistants ?
lythium8d8 20. syys, 2015 12.38 
it doesnt work for me, not sure why, aircraft speeds are increased, but aircraft circle enemy unit over and over and over and over. Then just disapear. Reinstall of game will not help.
AlyG69 20. syys, 2015 10.51 
Gedemon  [tekijä] 20. syys, 2015 10.44 
it works.
AlyG69 20. syys, 2015 10.20 
so110k subscribed people an no one can confirm if this works?
Forceman 31. elo, 2015 20.50 
The new Double Speed Aircraft mod should work like this one used to.
lythium8d8 24. heinä, 2015 15.53 
Mod just makes the animation faster, the airplane circles the enemy unit 80 times before
XxXMinecraftmemerXxX 7. touko, 2015 22.07 
Now i will now use a air force lol
Velatriss 5. touko, 2015 4.24 
Gabagoo 14. maalis, 2015 17.25 
Don't play late game without this.
Rehnskiöld 9. helmi, 2015 16.27 
Great mod, works just like it says
Ledd_Bate 27. tammi, 2015 16.35 
Thank goodness. It no longer takes a half-hour to blitz enemy cities with my bomber wings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
may the fourth be with you XDDDD 13. tammi, 2015 1.46 
Yep! It's a mod, of course it will. Kinda sucks, really.
Mjollnir Omniknight 10. tammi, 2015 15.52 
An important question is: Will this prevent me from earning achievements?
Biohazard Gamer 1. tammi, 2015 11.24 
Great mod, works great and greatly reduces waiting around when playing with a large number of civizations.
Bonkers Billy 21. joulu, 2014 23.41 
It speeds up multiple bombing runs.
Lord Ghetsis 21. joulu, 2014 17.24 
thank you. It now doesnt take twenty years per airstrike now. :)
dziedz 7. joulu, 2014 10.38 
You saved my life, it works, it is great, thanks
Pekarewsky 5. joulu, 2014 10.18 
Simple and useful.
MakcEXPLO (RUS) 4. joulu, 2014 7.22 
Must Have
ZojakOwnith 22. loka, 2014 16.59 
same problem as kingchris20, using communitas also
Quboid 5. loka, 2014 17.46 
I'm getting the same problem as kingchris20. I'm using the Communitas Expansion Pack and R.E.D. so there could be a conflict there.
kingchris20 20. syys, 2014 7.11 
I just added this as it worked for someone else "UPDATE ArtDefine_UnitMemberCombats SET AttackRadius = 2*AttackRadius WHERE MoveRate > 0;", but that still didn't change it for me, the bombers still do like 18 circles over its target before heading back to base....
kingchris20 20. syys, 2014 6.11 
I see a difference with this mod installed, but I'm not sure it's giving the right effect.

When air units are sent on missions, they still take the same overall amount of time to complete as they do without the mod, but the units just move faster. For example, a Bomber will quickly get to its target, but then it will fly in circles crazily (like an angry bird) for a long time bombing the target, and then return to base quickly.

Is that what it's supposed to do? or do I have some sort of mod conflict?
Drake Mallard 4. syys, 2014 11.39 
A must have for any Civ player. Can easily save you hours.
A Bullfrog's Worst Nightmare™ 23. elo, 2014 12.40 
you are a god
Calphoon 19. elo, 2014 12.19 
Retz 16. elo, 2014 13.24 
Nunca entendi porque no lo colocarón dentro del juego o al menos una opcion para activarlo.
Un mod muy recomendado sobre todo cuando la ai saca un monton de aviones y te gusta la animacion de las otras unidades al atacar
Alexander The Great 8. elo, 2014 22.40 
this is just Brilliant i highly advice this if you hate how slow the planes move
[NL]Why not Zoidberg? 2. elo, 2014 13.54 
thanks :)
0xc13bfe 30. heinä, 2014 1.35 
Thanks,I needed drugs for my aircraft.watching them go sanic speed is enlightening
DeputyRickGrimes 4. heinä, 2014 21.48 
Thank you jesus.
SpartanSpear10 4. heinä, 2014 10.57 
slow aircraft animation was so annoying, this is so much better
HalfPint 3. heinä, 2014 18.47 
FINALLY! No more sitting around while a Civ takes fucking 5 hundred billion years to attack somthing!
Bullwinkle 2. heinä, 2014 18.56 
X2 speed increase is the perfect amount. No more eye-rolling while waiting and planes don't look silly at this speed. My favorite mod so far.

I have had some compatibility issues with the Supercarrier mod, but as long as that one is subscribed to before this one, everything is fine.
Rainbow Eater 28. kesä, 2014 10.24 
peasleekids 23. kesä, 2014 15.54 
I just Love this
jccohen 23. kesä, 2014 7.41 
Most necessary mod ever.
Dmooch 21. kesä, 2014 7.38 
lucencyber 21. kesä, 2014 5.41 
Horray, a fix for one of the most annoying issues in Civ 5
nhx 20. kesä, 2014 20.55 
Favorite mod!