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Nangijala  [autor] 16. srp. 2012 v 12.29 odp. 
-Not Updating this mod anymore!-

@Gya - I don't think so I'm afraid :(.
lLeyfon 14. srp. 2012 v 8.43 odp. 
This is compatible com Better Horsers?
Anguis Furor 29. čvn. 2012 v 4.38 dop. 
A little more detail would be cool
Nangijala  [autor] 11. úno. 2012 v 1.38 dop. 
Testing complete with Horse Speed mods and it will be incompatible with those which adjusts Stamina or Stamina Regen!
Nangijala  [autor] 9. úno. 2012 v 1.03 odp. 
Will do some testing on that tomorrow but atm I don't think it does.
sabata2 8. úno. 2012 v 2.51 odp. 
Will this collide with Horse Speed mods?