Hermit's Tree House
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Renegade 20:16 7 Eyl @ 3:00pm 
i mean...arent treehouses suppose to have the leaves still intact?
TheGlik 4 Eyl @ 3:10pm 
The only thing is I wish the tree house looked as if it was more inside the trees, with more cluttering trees around the area, give a better more treehouse, or hermit feel to it.
Gamer1980Man 26 Ağu @ 5:23pm 
cant find the hermits grave lol why so hard to find
Gamer1980Man 26 Ağu @ 5:14pm 
This cool but what did it give you when you read the book.
Vagineer1 24 Ağu @ 7:30am 
The house is not showing up in my game.
春日野悠 23 Ağu @ 2:19am 
oh!I like it!
アントン 20 Ağu @ 11:02am 
ShougaTouki 18 Ağu @ 6:08pm 
I love the idea of this so much! I just have one problem with it. I can only move around by where you get the journal because there is a tree and rack of dried elves ears and garlic in the way so I can't access the rest of the tree house.
jgl_verstuyft 16 Ağu @ 6:37am 
Verry nice
SpiderLord135 10 Ağu @ 7:27pm 
How is a lame looking home got this popular what does it it do?
Tmka550 22 Tem @ 7:13pm 
what is the data file name ?
Mansooratyale 15 Tem @ 1:04pm 
found it yesterday, thanks for the good work
zombieplaya 14 Tem @ 4:55pm 
love this mod
Gogoritas 12 Tem @ 7:23am 
I just found the Hermits Grave, and really, not only the little treehouse was a cool lore-friendly player home, but this path you made to find the Hermits Grave makes this mod a must ! Thanks a lot !
MLG Fuhrer 8 Tem @ 1:37pm 
I cant even find it..
Wyrdon 30 Haz @ 11:04am 
Nice :)
Maksilidan 30 Haz @ 11:02am 
tell me if Skyrim not with stim fashion will go
Atola 28 Haz @ 9:09am 
Biggest Improvment I can think of is simple - provide a way to easily jump off the back against the hill as an alternate way to get down :) I keep hitting the roof trying to jump over the rails. I like it.
Wanteliç 28 Haz @ 6:21am 
Doesn't work... It's not ont he map ..
Topi 26 Haz @ 5:22am 
Been using it for a while. Straight to the point and no flair, I like. It's always nice to have a simple place to crash in game if you don't wanna bother with big ol houses or questlines to get safe chests.
Papryg 16 Haz @ 3:55pm 
That is a pretty cool house sir
Blacksmith 9 Haz @ 1:00pm 
Is there a way I can actually download this mod? That way I don't have to worry about being connected to the internet to play?
Ody_The_Assyrian 2 Haz @ 7:09pm 
hey guys I am new to the steam com. I downloaded some mods but I don't know how to put them into affect? Do I need to discover this place?
TJ 22 May @ 12:12pm 
So happy I found this, thank you for making it simple, clean, and inclusive.
Lord Velken 14 May @ 8:21pm 
thank you for simple and small <3
madsonphotography 14 Nis @ 10:01am 
nice book of eli reference.
Jedinator 21 Mar @ 3:28pm 
reminds me of cacofonix's house.
Music 19 Mar @ 3:39am 
Love this mod! A really awesome house, I was also able to find it... But there´s one problem... There´s a huge tree in the middle of the house so I can only move in one part of the house, the other part is blocked... Is this supposed to be this way? :')
Ultron 7.2.1 13 Mar @ 11:10am 
TheAdriGame 11 Mar @ 11:57am 
génial !
xTcR | ͜ ͡ Limє [TF-M] 9 Mar @ 6:55pm 
non existant
koyangi 22 Şub @ 3:48am 
And tmm 1 doesn`t work too. It shows everything but no treehouse.
koyangi 22 Şub @ 3:40am 
Lookin tha whole area again there is only one conclusion. This mod isn't working anylonger. Maybe cause of some skyrim update?
koyangi 22 Şub @ 3:29am 
Sry guys. I even started a new character just to test this mod. No treehouse nearby "Flusswald".
koyangi 22 Şub @ 2:18am 
I installed it as described, load a save game and found nothing at that place nor a hint on the map :(
jfajmj07 21 Şub @ 3:48pm 
great detail and work
keep making those awesome houses
[Intertech] [TBB] EpicEpson 18 Şub @ 12:06pm 
This is one of the first mods i downloaded when i got skyrim , its ideal since im starting afresh on a new profile , well done!
Spray 7 Şub @ 6:12pm 
awesome thanks a lot for the great work
mousybabie 2 Şub @ 7:01pm 
Don't know if it's just me but I think there might be a glitch at the gravesite. Since locating it, there's been an enemy dot on my compass pointing to the trees around the hermit's body. Nothing happens but it's a bit odd. Great homestead though, cheers
Elyxa Sin-Fox 29 Oca @ 10:11pm 
@Nskotlas00 If you cant find it, try console command: tmm 1 Should bring up all map markers!
killbot44 28 Oca @ 3:48pm 
Amazing spot for a tree house!
Nskotlas00 27 Oca @ 1:45pm 
its not even there for me its not on the map and ive looked where it should supposidly be. and its not there
Crim5on Duck  [yaratıcı] 26 Oca @ 1:16pm 
@Ruicko - Set position.
the big rulf 25 Oca @ 3:53am 
Does it spawn in a set position or can you choose?
t0m 19 Oca @ 11:10am 
Very nice starter home :-)
HomemadeGrenade 18 Oca @ 5:00pm 
You can't get to the bed and that Blows!!
Ward3n 15 Oca @ 12:41pm 
You are awesome.
Crim5on Duck  [yaratıcı] 13 Oca @ 9:20pm 
@GalaxyMau5- Thanks for noticing, I did hope it would help some people!
Crim5on Duck  [yaratıcı] 13 Oca @ 9:19pm 
Thanks for the comments everyone :D I do still get to check on them every now and then!
GalaxyMau5 13 Oca @ 3:12pm 
I love how you used a video to direct and let people know how to download your creation.(Also, creations in general). Very helpful!! Thanks :3