Hermit's Tree House
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Ghost™ 3月25日上午5:27 
Love it.
Я СКРИБ 3月8日上午12:29 
FlOoDer 3月2日上午7:36 
Pretty amazing Treehouse, thanks a lot for quality mod. The search for his grave was short but still pretty nice. Only thing though: since I arrived to his grave, a red dot appeared on my minimap, like there is a threat nearby, but there's no enemy! I tried TCL and looked in the mountain, checked if there was something stuck in it, but there's nothing. When I teleport far enough, it disapear, but everythime I walk down the road to the treehouse, or just out of Riverwood, the dot reapears. Anyone else has the same problem?
ypap 2月27日下午11:08 
looks so cool!
[DAWG]Frozen Dino 2月27日下午8:29 
A little small but in all THIS IS SO COOL!!!!! good work :)
torquelover23 2月21日下午3:31 
Seriously the most beautiful view of any house in Skyrim, just wish that it was a tiny bit bigger with more to it! Would be awesome to have the option for music somehow as you sat in your chair and enjoyed the view. Maybe a second story? Keep up the awesome!
Raven 2月20日下午9:04 
Number 1 house mod out there
dragonmail222 2月19日下午8:21 
Amazing mod, and a pretty good place to live too...
Your mom is back 2月18日下午6:37 
i can't find the house.......
Curiouscatlearns 2月10日下午11:02 
it's so nice, love the view. I want one in real life please
Pingu 2月8日下午4:07 
Treehouse is great
Teenymcweeny 2月8日下午2:07 
Great job, thanks.
shtkicker 1月30日上午9:15 
no treehouse, causes my game not to load
Jake from the cake farm 1月27日下午2:37 
Richard Harrow 1月26日上午11:21 
incredible good job Thx.
Arctiboa 1月19日下午3:02 
dont know*
Arctiboa 1月19日下午3:02 
I dint kniw if its just me buut, the treehouse isnt there
kuogem 1月2日下午7:22 
easy life with easy house . I like it !
Lee Gutsy 1月1日上午9:29 
Valenwood Ranger Roleplay here i come!
EvoStition 2014年12月28日下午4:37 
I love it :D
El Comandante 2014年12月23日上午8:06 
простой и с хорошим видом, то, что нужно
Remi 2014年12月19日上午11:53 
Nice house
The Friendly Heavy c: 2014年12月15日上午6:10 
Why is this mod even more popular than the Asteria and Castle Volkihar redux? xD
BenNJere 2014年12月9日上午3:27 
have problems with items, items placed in the chest are red, as though I am stealing them, except a few that are the normal white text names. I also cannot use the inventory (tab) whenvever I'm in the tree house. The entrance ladder could also be abit smoother, instead of a ladder that leads to 'skyrim' and one that says 'open/close ladder'
Blown Wolf 2014年11月23日下午12:41 
I love it bows a bit basic loking but i just put it above the bed to honor the dead bag of bones who "built" the house hahaha love the back story you gave the house great mod
Phosphorus 2014年11月20日上午9:04 
Some help would be nice, y'know >3>
Phosphorus 2014年11月15日下午1:41 
There is a tree growing right in the house! The shaft ot the tree is piercing through and I can't enter without noclipping Dx
Haimes 2014年11月3日下午2:32 
i installed this and when i uninstalled it it was still there
Danjeux 2014年10月26日上午4:12 
This'll be perfect for my Nord huntress :) Thanks! Rated up :D
Alpha-methyl 2014年10月15日下午1:33 
I really like this home. It's got some real style, a nice atmosphere. I also like that it doesn't have every single thing (i.e. enchanting table, alchemy lab, blacksmith stuff) like most of the smaller or "beginner" houses that people have made. It always ruins the house for me, when I am using the "beginners shack" or some other custom house and I realize that it has everything you'll ever need in the game in the yard...

Hey, I'm a big immersion fan and enchanting tables and alchemy labs don't exactly scream "Beginner" to me. I got no problem going to the blacksmith to use his forge, or to the resident alchemist to use her lab... in fact I would rather, at least until I'm rich and popular.

This treehouse rocks! Very cool, great job! I use it for every character at the start of the game. And I stop there to rest even later-game.
UWin 2014年10月8日上午8:45 
On the first page of the book it says 'loosing' instead of 'losing'

Just noticed it and made me agitated. :)
Kennard 2014年10月4日下午8:06 
Found it. Got to use 3rd person perspective to see where to jump. :)
Kennard 2014年10月4日上午10:34 
Can't find the hermit grave. Can someone advise where is it?
General War Napkin 2014年10月2日下午6:18 
JustAGamer 2014年9月26日下午3:58 
LeChuck 2014年9月22日下午12:20 
simple and great ;)
Renegade 20:16 2014年9月7日下午3:00 
i mean...arent treehouses suppose to have the leaves still intact?
TheGlik 2014年9月4日下午3:10 
The only thing is I wish the tree house looked as if it was more inside the trees, with more cluttering trees around the area, give a better more treehouse, or hermit feel to it.
Gamer1980Man 2014年8月26日下午5:23 
cant find the hermits grave lol why so hard to find
Gamer1980Man 2014年8月26日下午5:14 
This cool but what did it give you when you read the book.
Vagineer1 2014年8月24日上午7:30 
The house is not showing up in my game.
春日野悠 2014年8月23日上午2:19 
oh!I like it!
アントン 2014年8月20日上午11:02 
ShougaTouki 2014年8月18日下午6:08 
I love the idea of this so much! I just have one problem with it. I can only move around by where you get the journal because there is a tree and rack of dried elves ears and garlic in the way so I can't access the rest of the tree house.
jgl_verstuyft 2014年8月16日上午6:37 
Verry nice
SpiderLord135 2014年8月10日下午7:27 
How is a lame looking home got this popular what does it it do?
Tmka550 2014年7月22日下午7:13 
what is the data file name ?
Mansooratyale 2014年7月15日下午1:04 
found it yesterday, thanks for the good work
zombieplaya 2014年7月14日下午4:55 
love this mod
Gogoritas 2014年7月12日上午7:23 
I just found the Hermits Grave, and really, not only the little treehouse was a cool lore-friendly player home, but this path you made to find the Hermits Grave makes this mod a must ! Thanks a lot !