Hermit's Tree House
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Remi 13 uur geleden 
Nice house
The Festive Engineer c: 15 dec om 6:10vm 
Why is this mod even more popular than the Asteria and Castle Volkihar redux? xD
BenNJere 9 dec om 3:27vm 
have problems with items, items placed in the chest are red, as though I am stealing them, except a few that are the normal white text names. I also cannot use the inventory (tab) whenvever I'm in the tree house. The entrance ladder could also be abit smoother, instead of a ladder that leads to 'skyrim' and one that says 'open/close ladder'
Blown Wolf 23 nov om 12:41nm 
I love it bows a bit basic loking but i just put it above the bed to honor the dead bag of bones who "built" the house hahaha love the back story you gave the house great mod
Jero 20 nov om 9:04vm 
Some help would be nice, y'know >3>
Jero 15 nov om 1:41nm 
There is a tree growing right in the house! The shaft ot the tree is piercing through and I can't enter without noclipping Dx
Haimes 3 nov om 2:32nm 
i installed this and when i uninstalled it it was still there
Danjeux 26 okt om 4:12vm 
This'll be perfect for my Nord huntress :) Thanks! Rated up :D
Alpha-methyl 15 okt om 1:33nm 
I really like this home. It's got some real style, a nice atmosphere. I also like that it doesn't have every single thing (i.e. enchanting table, alchemy lab, blacksmith stuff) like most of the smaller or "beginner" houses that people have made. It always ruins the house for me, when I am using the "beginners shack" or some other custom house and I realize that it has everything you'll ever need in the game in the yard...

Hey, I'm a big immersion fan and enchanting tables and alchemy labs don't exactly scream "Beginner" to me. I got no problem going to the blacksmith to use his forge, or to the resident alchemist to use her lab... in fact I would rather, at least until I'm rich and popular.

This treehouse rocks! Very cool, great job! I use it for every character at the start of the game. And I stop there to rest even later-game.
UWin 8 okt om 8:45vm 
On the first page of the book it says 'loosing' instead of 'losing'

Just noticed it and made me agitated. :)
Kennard 4 okt om 8:06nm 
Found it. Got to use 3rd person perspective to see where to jump. :)
Kennard 4 okt om 10:34vm 
Can't find the hermit grave. Can someone advise where is it?
a napkin 2 okt om 6:18nm 
JustAGamer 26 sep om 3:58nm 
LeChuck 22 sep om 12:20nm 
simple and great ;)
Renegade 20:16 7 sep om 3:00nm 
i mean...arent treehouses suppose to have the leaves still intact?
TheGlik 4 sep om 3:10nm 
The only thing is I wish the tree house looked as if it was more inside the trees, with more cluttering trees around the area, give a better more treehouse, or hermit feel to it.
Gamer1980Man 26 aug om 5:23nm 
cant find the hermits grave lol why so hard to find
Gamer1980Man 26 aug om 5:14nm 
This cool but what did it give you when you read the book.
Vagineer1 24 aug om 7:30vm 
The house is not showing up in my game.
春日野悠 23 aug om 2:19vm 
oh!I like it!
アントン 20 aug om 11:02vm 
ShougaTouki 18 aug om 6:08nm 
I love the idea of this so much! I just have one problem with it. I can only move around by where you get the journal because there is a tree and rack of dried elves ears and garlic in the way so I can't access the rest of the tree house.
jgl_verstuyft 16 aug om 6:37vm 
Verry nice
SpiderLord135 10 aug om 7:27nm 
How is a lame looking home got this popular what does it it do?
Tmka550 22 jul om 7:13nm 
what is the data file name ?
Mansooratyale 15 jul om 1:04nm 
found it yesterday, thanks for the good work
zombieplaya 14 jul om 4:55nm 
love this mod
Gogoritas 12 jul om 7:23vm 
I just found the Hermits Grave, and really, not only the little treehouse was a cool lore-friendly player home, but this path you made to find the Hermits Grave makes this mod a must ! Thanks a lot !
MLG Führer 8 jul om 1:37nm 
I cant even find it..
Wyrdon 30 jun om 11:04vm 
Nice :)
Maksilidan 30 jun om 11:02vm 
tell me if Skyrim not with stim fashion will go
Atola 28 jun om 9:09vm 
Biggest Improvment I can think of is simple - provide a way to easily jump off the back against the hill as an alternate way to get down :) I keep hitting the roof trying to jump over the rails. I like it.
Wanteliç 28 jun om 6:21vm 
Doesn't work... It's not ont he map ..
Topi 26 jun om 5:22vm 
Been using it for a while. Straight to the point and no flair, I like. It's always nice to have a simple place to crash in game if you don't wanna bother with big ol houses or questlines to get safe chests.
///Papryg 16 jun om 3:55nm 
That is a pretty cool house sir
UnDeadXVII 9 jun om 1:00nm 
Is there a way I can actually download this mod? That way I don't have to worry about being connected to the internet to play?
Ody_The_Assyrian 2 jun om 7:09nm 
hey guys I am new to the steam com. I downloaded some mods but I don't know how to put them into affect? Do I need to discover this place?
TJ 22 mei om 12:12nm 
So happy I found this, thank you for making it simple, clean, and inclusive.
Lord Velken 14 mei om 8:21nm 
thank you for simple and small <3
madsonphotography 14 apr om 10:01vm 
nice book of eli reference.
Lord Gibus 21 mrt om 3:28nm 
reminds me of cacofonix's house.
Music 19 mrt om 3:39vm 
Love this mod! A really awesome house, I was also able to find it... But there´s one problem... There´s a huge tree in the middle of the house so I can only move in one part of the house, the other part is blocked... Is this supposed to be this way? :')
Lord Ultron 13 mrt om 11:10vm 
TheAdriGame 11 mrt om 11:57vm 
génial !
xTcR | DJ Kawaiian [TF-M] 9 mrt om 6:55nm 
non existant
koyangi 22 feb om 3:48vm 
And tmm 1 doesn`t work too. It shows everything but no treehouse.
koyangi 22 feb om 3:40vm 
Lookin tha whole area again there is only one conclusion. This mod isn't working anylonger. Maybe cause of some skyrim update?
koyangi 22 feb om 3:29vm 
Sry guys. I even started a new character just to test this mod. No treehouse nearby "Flusswald".
koyangi 22 feb om 2:18vm 
I installed it as described, load a save game and found nothing at that place nor a hint on the map :(