Warchief Armor
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Devil's Aggregate 15 июн в 14:34 
Love this mod. After subscribing ages ago I'm still consistently using it when I play Skyrim. Thanks so much for making it!
folpho 28 мая в 14:44 
Are you planning on uploading the Mantle of the Silver Hand mod here, as well? I like having it all in one place and that mod is just stunning... I don't use Nexus anymore, unfortunately. :/
gummylou 26 мая в 18:48 
The skulls were my favorite part but I'm a girl.... T-T
colsonblade 26 мая в 14:04 
where do you find it
=PB= Cronus 19 мая в 18:24 
when i put it on it makes my body vanish
SwagMCDonuts 12 мая в 19:48 
Hothtrooper44, your armor mods are always great, keep of the good work!
André 9 мая в 9:20 
Hey, looks great! :) Finaly some cool armore :P What song is this btw? Pretty cool!:P
Phone Buscemi 29 апр в 21:13 
Desloth 29 апр в 7:48 
Gods! good job !
Tycer 26 апр в 6:07 
wintersoldier 26 апр в 5:03 
how do you add mods im new to this if someone can send me a detailed message please
Skrub 25 апр в 7:35 
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Xx Killback xX 30089 12 апр в 17:55 
you should add the spellbreaker armour :)
DeFuzz 2 апр в 8:55 
im having the same problem as digital :(
Digital Mind 28 мар в 16:37 
Digital Mind 28 мар в 16:37 
Cant find it. i have the orcish crafting perk but i cant find it in the tab. help plz. i looks awesome
MadiiNeko 23 мар в 16:32 
Question, I have the Frostfall mod and I was wondering, since it technically is an armored version of fur armor, would it provide exposure protection?
elemental_prod 19 мар в 22:18 
This is GREAT armour! I have this as permanent kit for my female barbarian. After outfitting her with it, I can't see her wearing anything else.
Pierce 18 мар в 15:38 
I'm offering a challenge to make the Guy Fox outfit from V For Vendetta to anyone how will accept it. DO NOT answer this comment I will know if you accept or not.
Game2786 17 мар в 22:44 
Can you make an Achilles style armor? Like the penitus oculotus armor without the undershirt?
Dwyane Jones 2 мар в 21:03 
wdreese_1 2 мар в 11:55 
are the pouches seperate? how many pieces is this set?
Dwyane Jones 2 мар в 6:36 
Who can tell me where can I find the Yggdrasil Bark?Please,thanks a lot! I cant find it,and I cant craft it too.I really love this mod,anyone can help me?
Gambit 16 фев в 11:15 
You're amazing at making armors
jeremytaylor7 6 фев в 10:35 
use console command
Mr.Sweeper42 6 фев в 2:52 
How can i get this armor in the game?
Its Never Ogre 28 янв в 16:43 
RIP Lydia Skyrim Tale 2014
gooberblue432 15 янв в 16:39 
yass the best good work
Bob Bob The Gamer 12 янв в 11:32 
Hey guys Bob Bob The Gamer here! If you are interested in this mod be sure to check out my Mod Showcase about it on Youtube. I go over alot of what this mod has to offer and give you my opinions on how I feel the mod and the Author did. I want to give a special thank you to the Author for the time and effort he took into creating this mod. So check out my Mod Showcase below and as always be certain to uprate and endorse any mods you enjoy!

godrik555 9 янв в 10:36 
Great looking stuff. Made my day!
Vidaren 6 янв в 9:15 
does this work with the matching set perks?
foreman 5 янв в 11:04 
art is awesome!!!
kaiser20191981 1 янв в 9:36 
didnt show up for me under orcish. nice looking mod though.
datucha 9 дек, 2014 в 5:51 
where can i equip
datucha 9 дек, 2014 в 5:51 
i liked this mod very much,but i cant find,can you halp me?
Mr.Melon ^.^ •ω• 7 дек, 2014 в 10:18 
The set can be found under the Orcish section at a normal forge.
Solus 4 дек, 2014 в 18:40 
Love this armor mod, its by far my favorite mod out there. Is there a weapon mod or weapons in the game you'd recommend to be used with it? At the moment I'm using some Forsworn stuff.
Tony Masama 28 ноя, 2014 в 23:01 
Frosty 26 ноя, 2014 в 21:28 
your mods are the best
allyraej 26 ноя, 2014 в 8:00 
I really cannot put into words how much I love this armor. It's so radical in it's design and I cannot tell you how freaking hard it is to find some female armor that isn't basically a battle bikini. Just as rad as the male's and just a really awesome idea for a design. All the stars. All the thumbs. Way to go :D
NoOneMod 19 ноя, 2014 в 20:10 
Love the Armor but can't find a way to get it to work with SkyRe. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Pappy-nator Guy 25 окт, 2014 в 19:48 
why you no just put it in some base or somthing XD
Zonikia 23 окт, 2014 в 14:20 
I need Hercules's armor from the film plz ;)
Ruftinator 18 окт, 2014 в 11:25 
can you buy this armor somewhere too?
sebwiers 10 окт, 2014 в 20:30 
Very good looking armor, and balanced. The hug amount of Orichalcum required means you can't just crank out a full set at whim - dragonbone is actually easier in some cases.
sundog1981 8 окт, 2014 в 8:01 
-={UIA}=- [R.E.A.C.H] Laz0r$hir 4 окт, 2014 в 7:34 
Can I craft both kinds of the armor?
Khelavaster76 29 сен, 2014 в 16:52 
do the npcs wear this?
Feels Filthy 26 сен, 2014 в 22:14 
you need the orc perk to make these
hopecreelman 26 сен, 2014 в 15:30 
i can find it or build it WTF