Warchief Armor
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ϟ antleft GR ϟ 27 iul. @ 8:44am 
this armor works in khajiits?
Asgards Finest 21 iul. @ 3:58pm 
Wolf and Bear helmet lease? <3
"DutchMaster" 19 iul. @ 11:22am 
can you do a wolf helmet ?
gertrudeschmidt 18 iul. @ 11:47am 
The armor has me a bit confused....the "light armor" version has a higher armor rating than the heavy! What happened?
Nuclearpickle1 16 iul. @ 9:48am 
KampfZebra 16 iul. @ 7:41am 
cant craft it -.-
Dr.Wolf 16 iul. @ 6:05am 
You need to craft it under orcish at a forge.
Indiaamy 9 iul. @ 7:24am 
where do i get the armor at?
Gunterfied22 5 iul. @ 1:16am 
hoth could ya please add immersive armor to the workshop. i have problems with nexus mod manager. no doubt this would have to be in atleast 10 different parts but cmon. Please?
alexanderos123 3 iul. @ 7:33am 
is this compitable with bandoliers bags and pouches?
keycase 2 iul. @ 9:21pm 
is this light armor or heavy armor
jwadland 1 iul. @ 11:11am 
Great for my druid char.!
(CZ)_DeadHunT_(CZ) 1 iul. @ 2:02am 
Awesome mod !!! amazing :)
JoeyKid72 30 iun. @ 11:52am 
if you cant craft it try putting help warchief in the console then just add it in
lonewolf12333 30 iun. @ 9:25am 
I feel like hercules slaying beasts with this armor
Subject-Delta 26 iun. @ 1:32pm 
I can't craft it T^T I'm still loving this addon
gargoylefang21 25 iun. @ 11:20pm 
yeah i can't craft it either...
MF Nuruddin 23 iun. @ 7:52pm 
Can you craft it?
RomiraBlaze 17 iun. @ 10:14am 
i have my heavy armor skill full on everything and its legendary
but i cant craft it! :(
RomiraBlaze 17 iun. @ 9:38am 
i cant craft it for some weird reason. :/
Seraphim.EO 12 iun. @ 3:58pm 
Is this heavy or light armor O_o
Commander Shepherd of Leaves 11 iun. @ 1:49am 
man, u always have some great armor mods :)

on a personal note, maybe an assassin/sithis oriented armor set? all black and red and voidish...

u know, sithis? regaurdless 5/5
Iron Horse 7 iun. @ 7:29pm 
how do i cheat it in?
ツ Z☉l☉ ♪♫ 7 iun. @ 2:55pm 
i <3 this armor sooo much. Thanks for making it!
The Big Bad Wolf 5 iun. @ 6:07am 
Where search armory ?
MadMarbleHead 4 iun. @ 12:37pm 
i got this and now my skyrim's glitchy.
HorrorCow3 4 iun. @ 9:05am 
what is the console id for it?
Daddaz 29 mai @ 1:15pm 
I really like that armor on my khajjit.
I'm playing as a hunter/warrior type.
But im wondering what weapons or is there any good weapons mod that would look nice on that armor.
Thanks. :)
Lu@P 26 mai @ 4:33am 
Seriously it's a great armor! Now, I really look like a barbarian. :D
BillyBob McJenkins 25 mai @ 7:19am 
can the armor be found anywhere? I see that some of your screenshots are taken in Whiterun, or the Companion's place.
jsccsmkunz 23 mai @ 10:58pm 
This is Awesome looks brutal like you have been a warrior since you were born
jjay_mat 18 mai @ 12:28am 
so epic, but is hard to craft D:
tact god 17 mai @ 5:21pm 
hoth trooper

can you help me with my wheel of time mod? you dont have to know about the book series just have to be good with making armors i suck at it
servaislouis14 12 mai @ 8:22am 
super mod merci a toi ;-)
Father Down 11 mai @ 12:30am 
This Gear is AWESOME!!!
Knight Templar 8 mai @ 7:50pm 
love it looks coolz
Paint Flavored Gatorade 4 mai @ 11:35am 
Simply amazing.
Famine 26 apr. @ 4:28pm 
Best lore friendly armor in skyrim to this day.
Bewmbox 25 apr. @ 3:58am 
beautiful armor. just wondering why the file is that big. 80 mb is some shit
ii Decay 16 apr. @ 1:41am 
austin.riptide you just craft it in orcish
austin.riptide 13 apr. @ 12:30pm 
how do you get the armor
xXHDrangerHDXx 6 apr. @ 5:54am 
Can i use these armours for my mod?
Wuuffles 6 apr. @ 12:08am 
I would like for someone to just tell me the item IDs for both entire armor sets so that I can just spawn them in for lydia...
CarterTheWolf 2 apr. @ 4:02pm 
Guys just craft it. "The set can be found under the Orcish section at a normal forge. The Orcish blacksmithing perk is required to craft and upgrade this set. The material requirements are similar to Orcish armor, but greater in some ways due to having higher statistics than Orcish."
Ghost 31 mart. @ 7:30pm 
Most original mod I have seen SO FAR.
Ænema 31 mart. @ 9:19am 
hey mate, was wondering if i could use this armor in a mod project im working on?
Dragonbornf898 30 mart. @ 3:05pm 
venturian has this mod
csandlin1 29 mart. @ 6:19pm 
were is it?
Brendan 29 mart. @ 6:08pm 
were do u find it?
ketchaval 24 mart. @ 5:10am 
Could this be implemented into the NPC armour list so that Bandit Chiefs have a chance of wearing this?