Warchief Armor
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ii Decay 16 apr, ore 1:41 
austin.riptide you just craft it in orcish
austin.riptide 13 apr, ore 12:30 
how do you get the armor
xXHDrangerHDXx 6 apr, ore 5:54 
Can i use these armours for my mod?
Moon Moon The Wolf God 6 apr, ore 0:08 
I would like for someone to just tell me the item IDs for both entire armor sets so that I can just spawn them in for lydia...
CarterTheWolf 2 apr, ore 16:02 
Guys just craft it. "The set can be found under the Orcish section at a normal forge. The Orcish blacksmithing perk is required to craft and upgrade this set. The material requirements are similar to Orcish armor, but greater in some ways due to having higher statistics than Orcish."
Ghost 31 mar, ore 19:30 
Most original mod I have seen SO FAR.
Ænema 31 mar, ore 9:19 
hey mate, was wondering if i could use this armor in a mod project im working on?
Dragonbornf898 30 mar, ore 15:05 
venturian has this mod
csandlin1 29 mar, ore 18:19 
were is it?
btst40 29 mar, ore 18:08 
were do u find it?
ketchaval 24 mar, ore 5:10 
Could this be implemented into the NPC armour list so that Bandit Chiefs have a chance of wearing this?
Jak 23 mar, ore 15:41 
Favorite Armor mod very well done. Could you perhaps include a shield on your back?
[Mythycle] OmG_ItZ_JoZiZi 23 mar, ore 12:12 
Item Ids?
WARPIG 21 mar, ore 14:17 
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Raika-Senpai (ライカ先輩) 14 mar, ore 17:12 
I honestly think that bandits and roaming warriors should have some of these armor sets depending on how powerful they are. great job!
Fluttershy 14 mar, ore 10:42 
seadog armor please add it
barmyness 12 mar, ore 14:22 
great armor so are your others
jinsulee6 6 mar, ore 12:29 
can it be enchanced?
cuzz i wanted to enchance to foritfy one handed attacks :/
Caraswen 5 mar, ore 11:13 
by far my favorite armor mod, great job!
sgonya 28 feb, ore 21:31 
your mod looks sweet
Uncle Weird Beard 23 feb, ore 20:17 
By far my favorite armor now. I've always liked the primitive look of fur armors for my Khajiit. Finally a good balance of protection and appearance.
termiguin1 22 feb, ore 17:21 
Hothtrooper I am a masive fan of your mods and love all of them, so I was wondering if you could make a collection mod of all of your armours? It would tidy up my mod list a heap.
rasta monsta 17 feb, ore 22:03 
have you ever thought of putting like an intimidation buff on the armour becuase you would think if ur wearing something called WARCHIEF armor they'd be scared shitless
Xx_=][MaStErMiNdLeGeNdZz][=_xX 17 feb, ore 14:55 
For everyone who is asking, this is how you get the armor (it is in the description): The set can be found under the Orcish section at a normal forge. The Orcish blacksmithing perk is required to craft and upgrade this set. The material requirements are similar to Orcish armor, but greater in some ways due to having higher statistics than Orcish.
Bysshe 16 feb, ore 15:06 
How do you get this?
Sheogorath 16 feb, ore 10:33 
This mod fits PERFECTLY with my werewolf character! The Saviour´s Hide didn´t look so good on my character but this fits AMAZINGLY! Keep up your amazing work! :D
Juggernaut︻デ═一 15 feb, ore 6:15 
Its under Dragon perk in the smithing tree right? I can't make it?
The Brit Gamer 9 feb, ore 6:57 
how do u get it
Cameron's Mom 9 feb, ore 6:53 
can u spawn this stuff in it wont work for me
gamer man 2.0 7 feb, ore 21:33 
sup i was thingkin if you can make a weapon with the armor
Spray 7 feb, ore 18:12 
looks awesome :O
Samuray Chicken ! 6 feb, ore 0:32 
You should try and make and Asgardian Armor Set ;)
Ewokaro 30 gen, ore 12:58 
very nice armour set, looks amazing
christopherwball 26 gen, ore 16:37 
hay hothtrooper I am not able to download from the nexus so could you pos immersive armours and weapons on the workshop? I hope you consider this
predator-57-hugo 26 gen, ore 9:51 
ou s etrouve l armure svp
PIRATEorNINJA 19 gen, ore 20:04 
author- can you do one where we can wear a kaijit head or an argonian head as helmet ';..;'
PIRATEorNINJA 19 gen, ore 20:03 
@nishyone u just press the green +subscribe button and then when the skyrim launcher starts dont press play right away. instead watch bottom ofthat box and u will see a dialog checking for the download and such. then go to the "Data Files" button on the same screen and make sure the mod you downloaded is checked. they usually are by default but i like to make sure before wasting my time loading game. also read the description of every mod before you subscribe to make sure there arent any warnings of conflicts with other mods or requirements.
nishyone 18 gen, ore 21:05 
how do i download mods?
hiltihall 18 gen, ore 14:13 
can i simply subscibe? ty for future answer.
ImTheDerpy 18 gen, ore 13:21 
What Smithing catagory, it says Orcish, but it's not there. PLEASE HELP!! :(
cmd171 18 gen, ore 12:30 
very nice armor, not sure if you are looking for suggestions but there arent enough good armors out there and this is the finest ive seen. if you could it would be nice to add some other hide armors that look this cool
Zephyrmeister 18 gen, ore 2:01 
Keep the scaled leggings. So you don't look like a pants-less caveman. Awesome armor.
PittBill99 14 gen, ore 14:08 
Get rid of the scaled leggings. Looks dumb. Everything else, cool
Dawnguard [Raven Guard] 14 gen, ore 6:39 
can we stuckthe level higher of this clothes?
porkypanky 12 gen, ore 18:29 
I am wearing this right now and loving it! Amazing. Thank you so much.
Chiefox 9 gen, ore 10:48 
One of the B.E.S.T. looking armor out there for skyrim peroid! The texture is amazing!

You should also do this in bear and wolf version.

This mod rock my world and me love you a lot!
Master of Puppets 8 gen, ore 13:06 
Best armor I have seen yet in the Workshop! The textures and little attention to details are outstanding! I really feel like a Dragonborn bad ass when I where this armor, especially with the pouches and bandeliers mod. Not to mention, the armor has a rating comparable to Dragon Bone armor, but you only need orkish smithing perk to create and upgrade the full set!
skagginwagon 7 gen, ore 6:51 
you literally have some of the best mods bro...
AOE 2 gen, ore 19:02 
i like your armor mods thay are really good quallity and i was wondering could you make a fallout powerarmor mod if not i understand but if you could it wold be cool.
Apexus 2 gen, ore 7:56 
love your mods sir!