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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator
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cgoddard239 May 6 @ 7:07am 
Please make this available on mac!
W.D.Gaster Apr 19 @ 8:27am 
Man respect to you XD.I downloaded this game from the site. Started to play but then there is the explosions that says "Yarrr! :D". I did not understand the joke and then I remembered... the Pirates shout "YARRR!" and I pirate games because I downloaded the game) It's cool because it's not quite protecting and in my opinion if you're not a developer you don't take this crap))) Please leave it so)
The Banana Man Apr 13 @ 10:01am 
Will this game become available on mac sometime soon?
_SergentSeb_ Apr 13 @ 1:40am 
so expensive dommage
The Burrito Alchemist Apr 12 @ 4:40pm 
Im going to become lower and ask for a key, so, can I have a key?
The Burrito Alchemist Apr 12 @ 4:37pm 
Theres so many begers for keys lol
The Burrito Alchemist Apr 12 @ 4:37pm 
I say make samurai troops if not already made.
OZ4 Apr 12 @ 1:39pm 
workshop coming someday? :)
czarny biały (Sahrotaar) Apr 12 @ 6:20am 
I ask you brilliant studio game for a key to the beautiful game
Delta_Knife 2k18 Apr 11 @ 10:15pm 
heh doubt im gonna get anything from this comment but why not you know yolo anyways.

Can i get a key? mostly to just see if my machine can handle this
Deus Apr 11 @ 9:03pm 
Hello Brilliant Game Studios, i would like receive a key from your amazing game, I promise that I will give you a good mark, please))))
Lord_Voldemort Apr 11 @ 11:56am 
pls give me a key, this game is so AMAZING
KaGeN Apr 11 @ 5:02am 
я серьёзно
KaGeN Apr 11 @ 5:02am 
а я знаком с винди и у него дома играл крутоооо
пожалуйста дайте ключ
locospooki Apr 10 @ 10:39am 
its 14.99$ for a limited time after release, then afterwards 15.99$
dalgox100 Apr 10 @ 5:40am 
блин хочу ключ
MAD_MANGO Apr 9 @ 6:15pm 
cant wait
beta2320 Apr 9 @ 5:07pm 
how much will this game cost ? (im blind, just in case its actually listed somewhere)
qenten05 Apr 9 @ 3:19pm 
i really like this game and i think the choice between units its awesome the formations and the units are awesome and if i get a key that would be awesome love the videos on the game anyways have a good day
TimesOutReloadN Apr 9 @ 1:10pm 
This GAME LOOKS AMAZING. If you dont mind may i get a key to check it out and how well it runs!
Gunter Apr 9 @ 11:21am 
Im so Hyped can i get a key My cage Broke THIS IS SO AMAZING
Fard Apr 9 @ 10:10am 
Can I review this game? You can give a key
Jacket Apr 9 @ 9:00am 
Please give me a key this game looks more magnificent then hitlers mustache
Eublepharis Apr 9 @ 8:35am 
This Game looks EPIC! :D
Dust Sans Apr 9 @ 8:08am 
can i get a key????
game is very god
please give me key
zebra03 Apr 8 @ 11:25pm 
will i work for mac
MannCheez Apr 8 @ 4:13pm 
Can't wait! :D
sotamies Apr 8 @ 9:40am 
Im so hyped about this game, i wish i could already recreate a WW2 battle with the WW2 soldiers...
Stille Willem Apr 8 @ 7:45am 
Stop asking for keys. It releases in 4 days, for christ's sake.
_SergentSeb_ Apr 8 @ 7:43am 
Can i have a key please because the game looks very good ?!
I saw a video of this game (SuperKonar)
This game is very better than totally accurate simulator
Sorry for the spelling mistake i'm french ;)
KekecDrekec Apr 8 @ 7:13am 
Well Hello the game looks like its going to be successful good luck on release! Don't mess it up atleast!
Would it be possible for me to get a key? This looks epic as all hell @.@
Luzgar Apr 8 @ 6:29am 
can i get a key please
[NL] chemonlgames Apr 8 @ 12:44am 
on my birthday nice
dman354 Apr 7 @ 9:56pm 
april 12 cant wait
Yoman Apr 7 @ 7:27pm 
can i get a key please, that's game looks so freaking nice
bennywoo06 Apr 7 @ 2:56pm 
yeah it seems really fun
xxxspyxxx Apr 7 @ 2:42pm 
hi download is key ?
Maphie54 Apr 7 @ 2:02pm 
is there any way to get a key?
_SergentSeb_ Apr 7 @ 1:32pm 
Can i have a key please because the game is very very good ?!
I saw a video of this game (SuperKonar)
This game is very better than totally accurate simulator
Sorry for the spelling mistake i'm french ;)
Stille Willem Apr 7 @ 1:28pm 
Also: Holy shit, people! Just be patient for the game to release.
Soldierhero Apr 7 @ 1:28pm 
It'd be lovely to supply the community with a demo of the game for us to test it and fall in love with it even more
Stille Willem Apr 7 @ 1:25pm 
How do I report spammers?
_SergentSeb_ Apr 7 @ 1:20pm 
Can i have a key please because the game is very very good ?!
I saw a video of this game (SuperKonar)
Sorry for the spelling mistake i'm french ;)
KyuUbi Apr 7 @ 1:15pm 
Puis-je avoir une clé s'il vous plaît ???
Can i have a key please :D ?
Lorkham Apr 7 @ 1:13pm 
Can i have a key,please?
Juste un brie doux Apr 7 @ 1:12pm 
hi i'd rly like to get a key please