Invested Magic - A Better Spell System [Current]
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dewblaster95 13 hours ago 
alright thanks, I might have been forggeting to include the casting cost, stupid me.
NineInchNall  [author] 16 hours ago 
Well, your current magicka (taking into account the casting cost of the spell) needs to be greater than the investment cost. So if something costs 100 magicka to invest and 10 to cast, but you only have 105 magicka, it's not going to work.
dewblaster95 Jul 23 @ 3:31am 
some of my conjuration spells are saying i dont have sufficiant magic to sustain the spell when i have more than enough, anyone have any ideas why.
Aziraya Jul 18 @ 8:06pm 
Ah, found the source of the problem. There was another mod going on that for some reason wasn't showing up on the load order. I took it out and now it works just fine. Now that I figured out the problem, 5 star rating from me. Excellent work!
NineInchNall  [author] Jul 18 @ 10:53am 
It sounds like you have it properly set up, so I don't know what's causing the problem.
Aziraya Jul 18 @ 12:12am 
The conjuration spells don't seem to have been changed by this. I just started a new game, but so far Familiar and Flame Atronach seem to have the default text and behavior in game. I tried not loading/reloading it and it is last in the load order. Only other spell mod I have is spell sneak attacks so no conflict should be occuring. Any suggestions to get it working?
A Little Bit Good Jul 17 @ 3:02pm 
Great idea. Finally a way to buff up for the day. More like a AD&D style buffs. Thank you for the mod!
xDAxPIMPxPANDAx Jul 13 @ 5:42pm 
This mod is great but it makes it really easy to level up your Alteration, because you can just cast the spell over and over and get your mana back really quickly because it only cost 10 mana to cast. You should look into it by balancing the cast cost per Mage Amour spells. I think Ten for oak flesh, 20 for stone flesh, 30 for iron flesh, etc. Great Mod though.
NineInchNall  [author] Jul 12 @ 3:51pm 
Because Steam is being dumb about parsing links, I put the source for both scripts in one file.
Putrid Being Jun 29 @ 4:16am 
Dragon Age style magic? Brilliant! I love this mod. Actually made being a mage fun and engaging.
NineInchNall  [author] Jun 28 @ 4:16pm 
Resetting your magicka
In the extreme case where you no longer have any active invested effects (e.g., you've used personal dispel magic already) and still have reduced magicka, you can use the console to fix the problem. The console command for this is player.modav magicka X, where X is the amount of magicka you're being shorted. If you are unsure of what X should be, then go to a safe place, remove all equipment and other effects that modify your magicka total, and add (positive or negative) values of X until your magicka total displays as white (rather than red or green).
Black Arrow Jun 28 @ 3:07pm 
I got a problem with the mod, even after disabling my spells, magicka is still low (around 100, instead of 300+). I do not know how to fix it, since I tried to disable the mod or uninstall it. But nothing worked.
Can someone help me to fix this bug ?
MiG-Mog Jun 26 @ 11:44pm 
I like it. This mod helps balance out the magic system in the game, which I found to be a little weak in vanilla. Now, I can play as a mage and not feel outpaced by leveled enemies.
Prince of Lusitânia Jun 26 @ 4:01am 
is this compatible with the apocalypse magic?
NineInchNall  [author] Jun 25 @ 6:14pm 
Unsubscribing doesn't disable mods, despite how intuitive that would be. You have to actually deselect the mod in the load order. This can be done in either the game's launcher or in Nexus Mod Manager.
dan.crowe91 Jun 25 @ 5:40pm 
How do I remove this mod please? I have unsubscribed and updated the normal launcher but when I run the game (at least with SKSE) it is still in effect. This is a good mod, just not my style so I'd really like to have it disabled.
NineInchNall  [author] Jun 24 @ 9:12pm 
Thanks for pointing that out. For some reason Steam treats 'C0' as a special character. It's rather annoying. I'll try to put a fixed link up sometime tomorrow.
kotetu4649 Jun 24 @ 5:14pm 
This MOD is very good. Favorite.
I download a script, in order to make a patch to other MOD.
However, the script 2 is not downloadable.
Hiccup251 Jun 22 @ 6:00pm 
This mod is beatifully done. Certainly not balanced well to vanilla, but it's balanced within itself - all difficulty issues can just be fixed by turning the game difficulty up a notch or two. I'm using this on a new character along with a few other spell mods (not midas, that's horribly balanced) and am enjoying it immensely. Never actually used the alteration tree before.
Fizban Jun 20 @ 12:53am 
awesome mod. one thing though, none of my upkeep spells are working. armor or conjuration spell are not charging any upkeep.
dstuck69er Jun 16 @ 4:39am 
really love this mod would be even better if u could reduce the cost of spells with enchants there is just not enough mana to use everything as intended so cost reduction from enchanting would make this mod amazing
Timesplitter Jun 5 @ 11:14pm 
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sangfere Jun 4 @ 4:09am 
really enjoyed the mod, definitely helped since im addicted to using candlelight so i dont miss loot, but it started crashing my game once i got the additional upgrade mod for it. not sure if my specs arent up to snuff or if anyone else had this issue? its a shame, its a really good mod.
BlackWolf May 31 @ 12:48am 
Dont know if youre looking @ nexus. i found a solution. and it realy was a problem with another mod. Called "No More Glow with Armor Spells" from popoipo (Nexus) that removes all graphic effects from flesh-casts. It seems to block the exp gain. The armor increase works, also the magicka-skills. everything works great. Just the exp is wasted : P so i'm using your alternate skins now too. Thank you for the quick answer. I'll try some other alternate skins, because yours make my femal battlemage look a bit ugly. Oak and Stoneflesh at least.
NineInchNall  [author] May 30 @ 12:01pm 
@BlackWolf: Well, you do actually have to get hit with the spell up. If you're not getting hit, say because your summons are tanking really well, then you don't get much in the way of skill ups.

That said, I don't think I made the skill increases dependent upon the amount of incoming damage, so it doesn't make sense that only high level enemies would give you xp. Maybe - MAYBE - there's a load order issue. So I'd try moving the mod to the bottom.
BlackWolf May 30 @ 11:34am 
i have a problem with this great mod. if i use armor spells, my alteration wont level up. Not if i fight against enemys on my level. After 15 levels, im still on alteration 20 and used oakflesh the whole time. even dispelled it and used it again. no help. But if i spawn some dremora Lords around me and go into godmode, it works. after every third hit, a alteration level up.
BHPoweɌ™- sirus May 26 @ 3:41pm 
spell cost reductions gained from enchanting dont work on the spells. ie. 15% reduction in alteration doesnt reduce the cost. this should be changed so that it does.other wise great mode, has made playing a mage a lot more fun. would be better with the above though
Carejo May 19 @ 9:28am 
Does Conjuration Dual Casting just increase the length of the summon?
SolarShadow May 16 @ 10:14pm 
The font in your picture looks like Law & Order.
NineInchNall  [author] May 15 @ 3:47pm 
"Not working" is pretty vague. Details would help, but as always, try moving this mod to the bottom of your load order.
Darvon, Dealer of Pots May 13 @ 6:33pm 
For some reason my flame atronach is not working with this mod, anyone know why?
a duck named bill May 12 @ 4:55pm 
Forgot the name at the time, what i meant was the DragonBorn DLC.
NineInchNall  [author] May 12 @ 4:40pm 
@Pedigree-Addict: Solstheim? Is that ... Dawnguard? 'Cause there's a Dawnguard patch linked in the mod description.
a duck named bill May 12 @ 4:00pm 
Is there also a patch for Solstheim? I dont know if its necessary but I think theres also some spells added by it.
NineInchNall  [author] May 12 @ 2:59pm 
@applied thanatology: Nope. I got the Dragonborn DLC (as a gift) loooong after I stopped working on the mod. It wouldn't take that long for you to set up a patch yourself, though. The requisite scripts are linked above.
Applied Thanatology May 11 @ 6:03pm 
Any version for dragonborn dlc?
NineInchNall  [author] May 8 @ 6:32pm 
... It's already set to

1) increase Conjuration xp every X seconds you're in combat while you have a something summoned.

2) increase Alteration xp whenever you're hit while you have a ****flesh spell active.
jslemons May 8 @ 5:27pm 
Is there a mod that changes the way you gain experience from spells that use this mod? For example, if I cast summon flame atronach, it lasts forever so I don't need to re-cast it (great!). Problem is, I will never gain experience in conjuration. Same goes for oakflesh. If I cast it once, it will never go away so I'll never have to re-cast it, but I'll never gain experience in alteration. Is there a mod that gives you experience in conjuration every time your summoned creatures deal damage, or every time you take a hit when stoneflesh is on?
ThatSchadKid Apr 23 @ 2:05am 
Or could you work on a version that will? I tried to self teach myself to make them work together so I could have the extra things in bound weapon redux. Also can you get the bound shield from to work as well? I would really love to have all this mesh together but have no idea how to do it myself. ;~;
ThatSchadKid Apr 23 @ 1:56am 
Would this work with the bound weapon redux mod as well?
Silver Apr 14 @ 3:03pm 
@NineInchNall Thanks for the reply, its cleared a lot up so thanks :)
NineInchNall  [author] Apr 14 @ 2:38pm 
The Workshop's kinda unintuitive: unsubbing a mod doesn't deactivate it. I'd say to try loading a save from before you installed the mod. If the game is crashing on startup rather than upon loading your save, then that means you've got a dependency problem or conflict. (That is, you've got a mod set to load that requires another that isn't set to load, or you've got two mods that are incompatible.)

As for the appropriateness of the mod for new mages ... That's kinda where I think it shines, since it gives those mastery perks HUGE impact. Yes, it means that a level 1 mage doesn't have oakflesh up every fight, but when you get your first perk, say Novice Alteration, it saves you like 50 magicka, and suddenly you're like, "I'm awesome!" Whereas with the normal set up, you're like, "Meh." It makes leveling something significant rather than just a minor, incremental upgrade.
Silver Apr 13 @ 4:23am 
Okay so 3rd (and hopefully final) update, ive deleted the .esp file and the other one, unticked it from the mod list and unsubscribed, but now my game just crashes my when I load it .. so yeah help would be appreciated
Silver Apr 13 @ 4:16am 
Wait.. Oops, scratch that. I didn't look through the comments for a solution.. ended up finding one, so sorry about that. Its a good mod but just not for new mages in my opinion who dont have many perks or much magicka to invest
Silver Apr 13 @ 4:12am 
I've subscribed to this mod, and it worked, but in the end I didn't like it so I unsubscribed. But now in game the mod is still in effect even though it is set not to load and even when I dispelled all current magical effects before unsubscribing. Somebody help? I don't know how to get rid of it ;-;
Rabbitfrog Apr 11 @ 1:43pm 
Oh it is? Well ok then. I think it might be due to the fact that my game is at level 50 so maybe the monsters have more HP then I think. Thanks
NineInchNall  [author] Apr 10 @ 10:32pm 
@Rabbitfrog: It should display the correct value. You need to get the Novice Destruction perk in order to enable scaling for novice spells, though. Since the scaling is a percentile, smaller base values will take longer to see any actual increase. If it says 13/sec, you're already getting a significant boost. (The base is 8/sec, as I recall.)
Rabbitfrog Apr 10 @ 8:25pm 
I don't know how people play pure mages, all the high level spells are slow and easy to avoid. Thanks to this it's a viable option now. I actually started late at around level 35 dropped my two hand and just started using magic with heavy armor. I love Novice spells. The only wish for this mod is to somehow know how much damage I am capable of. The text always says my damage for novice spells is 13 pers sec. Can you maybe post a formula that you use for scaling (with and without perks) so we could at least get an idea of how much a spell can do based on magic skill levels?
PezOfDoom Apr 7 @ 8:21am 
This has got to be one of the best mods for casters for Skyrim. It's balanced and not having to recast buffs constantly is a must have for players.
NorseEngineer Mar 25 @ 7:53am 
I've been thinking that the conjuration changes of this mod kinda negates the strength if the master spells, except for being able to use it on stronger creatures. but I had a thought that perhaps it could be like the invested magicka would lessen over time, and like a month after would be free. I know it would be a strong buff, but it is supposed to be a master lvl spell