Invested Magic - A Better Spell System [Current]
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Macho Man Jun 24 @ 8:19pm 
This mod doesn't seem to be working for the Frost/Storm Atronarchs as well as the Dremora Lords.
Mr.Porkington Jun 7 @ 5:22pm 
Does this work with mods that change perks?
askarian May 31 @ 2:35pm 
What about the Bound Dagger (Dragonborn DLC)? There is the Invisibility, Muffle and the Flesh-Spells allready, the only thing missing for a (perfect) invisible Assassin would be the Bound Dagger. Sure the Bound Sword is nice, but a dagger is much better ^^
Emnio May 27 @ 5:27pm 
It's bugging out the fight with Vilkas you need to do to become part of the Companions.
Keeps breaking the fight because somehow it registers me as a magic user.
Dispel won't do a thing about it.
The Russian May 23 @ 9:06am 
could you get this to apply to illusion?
Purly May 21 @ 7:59am 
Is it possible to make this mod compatible with mods like the Floating Torch Spell? I personally don't like the vanilla candlelight spell. It's blindingly bright XP But I also can't carry a torch around all the time, since I'm an archer. Also, steam workshop does not (yet) have a wearable lantern mod :(
hellotherepaulchavez May 17 @ 11:06pm 
how do you put something at the bottom of the load order? are we talking about my mod subscriptions on steam?
Gamer416 May 11 @ 2:02pm 
Great mod, but what does dual casting at the conjuration-spelltree?
Tandem Unicycle May 8 @ 8:29pm 
Is this mod campatible with Perkus Maximus? The merchants wont sell the right spellbook
regardless of load order. I had it working earlier, It broke very suddenly and without change.

Also, Why wont you add me? Why is that so much to ask
Just BIll Apr 28 @ 1:27pm 
Oh nvm I just reread the whole mod post and found out thats was moved to another perk. Sorry.
Just BIll Apr 28 @ 1:26pm 
Hey NineInchNall I have a issue. Before the mod I had two dead thralls on my own. I just installed the mod and I used the "dispell all spell" Spell. I revived both of them ... but now I can only use ONE dead thrall. The second I revive it's like I don't have the perk to use both conjuration at once. Sorry for bad english.
Dalek Zero Apr 25 @ 12:17pm 
Just a heads up, if your summons get stolen and then you kill them you don't get the mana back......
sabingriphtono Apr 24 @ 6:44am 
I have been looking for a good mod that will make the magic of skyrim worth using and i got it here in spades. this mod alllows a player to play higher levels of difficulty while using magic, and at the same time it keeps your character balanced. this is a great mod THANKS!
jrm5465 Apr 14 @ 6:32am 
Have really enjoyed your mod.... Thank You :)
whycolors Apr 9 @ 6:07pm 
I have it at the bottom, and i even attempted loading in just this one mod.. It might be something on my end, I don't know. I will continue to mess with it :p Besides my personal issues, it is a wonderful mod and kudos for it ^^
dukelego Apr 9 @ 5:41pm 
was that a reply to mine or someone else? :P
NineInchNall  [author] Apr 9 @ 12:27pm 
Um, usually that happens because the mod isn't at the bottom of the load order.
whycolors Apr 8 @ 11:59pm 
I am absolutely in love with the idea, but for some reason i cannot get it to work.. The spells have extended duration, and the perk trees are modified, but the mana doesn't invest. I get longer duration spell effects but the mana still regens. I have tried loading only this mod, to see if it was an interaction problem, but even alone i am having the same issue. Any thoughts? Again, the idea is amazing, would very much love to use it ^^
Amish IT Guy Apr 8 @ 12:46pm 
One of my absolute favorite mods.
dukelego Apr 7 @ 5:38pm 
did you purposefully make it so efficiency enchants dont register or is that a glitch?
The_Darth_Bilbo Mar 21 @ 2:08pm 
Nevermind. Just ignore me. I figured it out.
Codex Mar 21 @ 10:44am 
Nice mod
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 21 @ 10:31am 
Not sure I understand the question.
The_Darth_Bilbo Mar 18 @ 3:53pm 
Do you get Experience from the magic armor perks?
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 16 @ 8:44pm 
Thanks to all those who've given a thumbs up, favorited, subscribed, or downloaded/endorsed on the Nexus! You make the time I spent figuring this shiznit out worth it.
drakefyr Mar 14 @ 9:28pm 
I consider this mod essential and have been using it from the beginning.
Even when not playing as a full mage.
Endorsed on Nexus so I thought I'd give a thumbs up here as well.
Markadis Mar 8 @ 9:16pm 
Hey! Loving the mod! Definitely making my Necro-build a lot less of a headache.
Codex Mar 4 @ 11:51am 
Love it
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 4 @ 11:42am 
This mod "works with" other mods inasmuch as it doesn't interfere with them. It does not, however, make spells from other mods work the invested way.
Demon Bean Mar 2 @ 11:24pm 
Ahh, well it's something you could improve if you ever figure it out, I do love the mod though ^_^
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 2 @ 11:19pm 
As I said, I have no idea why they don't. Since I don't, I can't do anything to help. :(
Demon Bean Mar 2 @ 7:46pm 
Well, to have it work well with the ability to more easily have long lasting/permanent followers, could you possibly include that all followers go through transitions with you? It'd work well, it sucks to lose a good ressurected follower. Not a demand or anything, but would be helpful.
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 2 @ 7:41pm 
That bit seems to be a bug with Skyrim itself. I'm not sure why it happens, to be honest. As far as I can tell, nothing relevant was changed, so it mystifies me.
Demon Bean Mar 2 @ 5:57pm 
Oh, I didn't think that personal would include other, targeted creatures, do you have any comment about the zombies not following you through doors to transition to other areas
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 2 @ 3:02pm 
Lay to Rest is specifically for getting rid of individual zombies. If you want to get rid of all of them at once, use Dispel Magic, Personal.
Demon Bean Mar 2 @ 10:13am 
Seems I can't edit my last would be good if youcould make Lay To Rest affect all of your raised creatures instead of needing to aim it, in case you lose them...
Demon Bean Mar 2 @ 10:12am 
I'm not sure if this is a problem with this mod, or Skyrim in general, but my ressurected followers from spells like raise dead won't follow me though doors that transition to a different area.
NineInchNall  [author] Mar 1 @ 10:38pm 
It's compatible with them, and it does not affect them. (Aside from unintentionally powering up a small number of those mods' spells due to how perks work.)
ZapZebra Mar 1 @ 8:52am 
anyone know if this mod is compatible with Midas Magic, Apocalypse Magic, and other mods that add spells to the game?
NineInchNall  [author] Feb 28 @ 6:05pm 
@TheDeadDude: It's the same mod, but I'm not sure if the version on the Nexus is fully up-to-date. *shrug*

@</3 Soz: I'm not sure how you come to the conclusion that the thralls are useless, given that (1) their stats are, ya know, better than a dremora lord's, and (2) they grant elemental immunities. Jus' sayin'. ;)
I'm sure it's been said before, but here goes. The mod is amazing and very helpful when it comes to mage armor. The only thing I genuinely dislike about it is that it makes thrall spells rather useless. I know that the thrall atronachs have different stats than the normal conjuration ones, but still, having unlimited Dremora lords totally negades any reason why I should even summon the thralls. It's a bit OP in my opinion. Nevertheless it's still a worthwile mod, and It's not that big of a deal. I'll fav and rate it highly ofcoarse, still, shame about the thralls though.
TheDeadDude Feb 28 @ 2:48am 
It's been about 2-3 years since i've last posted and commented/rated +1 and faved. I just gotta get this out there, THANK YOU so much for this mod!! I still use it today and it works just as good as it did when you released this shortly after skyrim released.

If anyone is skeptical about this mod i highly suggest you download it and try it out right away!

BTW i got 1 question, is the invested magic on skyrim nexus the same as this? I'd like to convert as many steam mods to skyrim nexus as possible because of that stupid mod limiter on workshop.
Burning Cookies Feb 14 @ 3:07pm 
As a conjuration mage, I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS!
[19th]MoonBurner Feb 14 @ 5:45am 
ojaiike -

However, it's possible that the vanilla spells themselves are modified only by Invested, and not by bound weapons redux, which could mean that the duration remains the same (over ten thousand seconds), but without the magicka being 'invested', or other effects added by Invested Magic.

And any magic currently invested will lower the total extra damage the weapon receives from the soul stealer perk, once you have the perk (gives extra damage depending on amount of magicka available + normal effect).

Hope this helps, but unless you are proficient in the use of Tes5edit, I can't help you further.
[19th]MoonBurner Feb 14 @ 5:45am 
ojaiike - I don't use Bound Weapons Redux, so any advice I have to offer should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, I have made some assumptions based on the description of bound weapon redux.

Invested Magic won't affect any spells that are added to the game. It also doesn't affect the bound weapons that are summoned.

I'm fairly certain that Invested Magic doesn't affect the 3 perks modified by bound weapons redux, but it does affect the vanilla bound weapon spells and their magic effects. That being said, if you place bound weapons redux lower in the load order, it's changes will take priority, meaning Invested Magic will not affect the areas that both mods modify (likely only magic effects (the effect that links the spell to the weapon)).
-Continued in next comment up.
ojaiike Feb 8 @ 1:29pm 
is this mod compatible with the bound weapons redux
rruurruu6o Feb 8 @ 8:47am 
what is that cloak of your's
[19th]MoonBurner Feb 1 @ 11:56pm 
Override priorities, if you want to call them that, are determined by one thing only, the last entry in the load order wins. I'm just putting an empty esp at the end of my load order and having it override the thrall spells, and the magic effects that link the spells to the relevant NPCs I'm summoning. I'm worried that by removing the MagickaPenalty property, I'll have only removed half the equation, and will receive extra magicka when the spell dispells.

That instead of removing x amount of magicka, and then receiving x amount back upon dispell, it will not remove x amount, but still give me x amount upon dispell. Meaning I'll have to use player.modav magicka [number] every time the thall dispells, to change my magicka back to what it should be.
NineInchNall  [author] Feb 1 @ 10:40pm 
I'm not sure. Skyrim's mod inheritances and override priorities are as inscrutable as any wizened master of ancient kung fu.
[19th]MoonBurner Jan 31 @ 10:32pm 
Hello NineInchTall. I have a question about the mod I'm hoping you can answer for me.

If I wanted to use Tes5edit to change the thrall spells (using a blank esp to copy as override) so that they would cost the vanilla amount of magicka, didn't invest magicka, but still kept their perks, would I simply need to restore the base cost in the spell to the vanilla value, and remove the MagickaPenalty property from the magic effect associated with the spell to achieve it? Are there other issues I'd need to contend with to avoid creating errors or unwanted side effects?