The Autumn of Whiterun
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WightKing hace 19 horas 
danbellchambers 30 de Jun a las 15:23 
Love this mod just wish there were some more colour in there like red or fading green (as if it were in the proccess in changing colour) anyway love the mod and love how its not to hard on your graphics card like most town retextures.
Amp_Russell 20 de Jun a las 17:01 
Good work, Thanks!
Ironporter 9 de Jun a las 20:43 
Wonderful!! Extremely well done for a first mod. Keep up the fantastic work!
MangoAssassin 1 de Jun a las 13:58 
looks sweet!
Baro  [autor] 30 de May a las 18:40 
Nope! Some people reccomend ENB and other graphics mods but I have never tried any before.
stballa2 29 de May a las 14:53 
anything I need before I use this mod?
dimgel 17 de Abr a las 19:34 
Dos_Kneebrace, +100500. :) Best Skyrim graphics mod (together with "Realistic lighting", I must add).
Dos_Kneebrace 14 de Abr a las 21:45 
Made whiterun 100000000000x better.
Garrett 18 de Mar a las 22:15 
This is a great mod with nice little details around the place. Recommended.
cyan432 12 de Mar a las 19:35 
Beautiful. It adds just the right amount of foliage and I really like that it recedes as you get further from the city. Thank you! :)
amylynne960 2 de Mar a las 15:49 
Very nice far my favorite Whiterun mod.
Atrophos 24 de Feb a las 19:09 
Teshub10 16 de Feb a las 6:52 
Great mod,looking forward to more, alot of the citys can use this kind of upgrade.
Gre( G_G )les! 13 de Feb a las 18:08 
Great mod. I like it better than the towns and Villaages enhanced version only because of one reason..when i got to a high level. 90+ whiterun stopped loading. swaped to this one and it works just fine.

The only thing im pissed about on this mod. The lamps dont actually light anything up. and considering i use RCRN a light that doesnt actually light anything is anoying. spent hours trying to figure out what mod did it. and it turned out even by its self the lights didnt work.

Plz fix this.
BrickermanPalooza 6 de Feb a las 15:12 
So beautiful. I'm wondering if it's compatible with the "True Skyrim" mod.
ZyRo ShockY 2 de Feb a las 11:56 
This is absolutly incredible! I can never take this mod off. It just makes the city look so much better than it already was!
deron.morris 20 de Ene a las 7:27 
One of the best mods out there. Makes it very nice. I do agree with comments suggesting reducing the number of some trees. Some areas have so many it's hard to navigate, which makes it seem less cozy and more unkempt. Just a thought. Overall still one of my favorites and I appreciate you sharing your hard work with everyone.
Baro  [autor] 19 de Ene a las 9:53 
@izaea & @yoshi467
Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you guys like it :D
I am currently working on a new mod so you can expect more!
AGuyNamedPepsi 18 de Ene a las 7:56 
Amazing, can never play Skyrim without this. My favourite mod for my favourite city!
izaea 17 de Ene a las 3:56 
This mod? This is fantastic. I'm currently using it with Improved Outskirts to give the surrounding farms, etc. the same kind of autumn feel. This mod is wonderful, and makes my favorite city even better; it makes it feel cozy, and well-loved, instead of the blight on the empty landscape that was the old whiterun. I hope you'll do something similar with each other city, and not just by adding new trees to each one - I can't wait to see the city/village improvement mods you continue to do.

All of my yes.
Baro  [autor] 3 de Ene a las 15:01 
Thanks! :D
I just got a new pc that can run Skyrim much better so I plan to make more soon!
ItsSnsy 3 de Ene a las 14:09 
ya i tried both of them together and they work perfectly and by the way great job this mod makes it 10 times more realistic it is amazing continue making mods
Baro  [autor] 3 de Ene a las 11:46 
This mod adds the trees in along with the lanterns and other details. If the seasons are changing the things in this mod probably wouldn't dissapear each season unless the mod specifically replaces trees and leaves and other seasonal objects that were used in this mod. However, there shouldn't be any compatibility issues because this mod does not change anything in Skyrim; it adds things in.
ItsSnsy 3 de Ene a las 9:05 
i just subscribed to another mod witch is snow in whiterun it makes it like snowy ok and if i get this mod also will the seasons change by itself or would i have to delet one of them? someone help please
Baro  [autor] 23 de Dic, 2013 a las 22:47 
You bet :D
Youpala 23 de Dic, 2013 a las 22:21 
That's a shit load of tree.
Godking1255 22 de Nov, 2013 a las 13:32 
I haven't tried this out yet, but it does look like an overkill on the trees. Maybe release another version with slightly less trees? I dunno. Your stuff. I like it a lot though. Does it have the Skyforge filled with the other needed items?
[Tight] C9H13NO3 ツ 20 de Oct, 2013 a las 5:09 
Looks nice, but there's a floating tree at the Bridge at the Main Entrance outside
DaisyInTheMiX 10 de Oct, 2013 a las 0:34 
Very nice, but it can be a little bit better when there no trees next to the guard towers.
Robert Lutece 6 de Oct, 2013 a las 5:53 
This mod is beautiful, you must be very proud of yourself.
naiyaru 19 de Sep, 2013 a las 3:17 
So gorgeous! Thank you!
Marcasum 12 de Sep, 2013 a las 13:24 
Very nice job! Looks really nice!
HaloBoyvsMinecraft 7 de Sep, 2013 a las 8:15 
RUN lol
The_Legendary 1 de Sep, 2013 a las 18:14 
Cool Mod But Do It For All The Citys Please
Taleonas 1 de Sep, 2013 a las 4:47 
Really awesome looking mod actually. Ever think of doing it for other cities? Riften could need a bit of help.
Frenderbro 27 de Ago, 2013 a las 13:23 
If you are running Ultra, Be wary if you decide to stop and stand at the top of Whiterun and look across the city. The amount of foliage will cause SOME freamrate drop if you are looking down from Dragonsreach but other than that, it works very well and I love the mod :D
[XF]Clader 22 de Ago, 2013 a las 17:56 
I love it! It reminds me of where I live (Oregon) in the autumn. Lots of trees and beautiful colors!
scorpion745 9 de Ago, 2013 a las 10:25 
I unsubscribed, my computer was lagging. I loved the mod, but I had an issue, it was still there after I unsubscribed :(
[VF4] Emi Ibarazaki 2 de Ago, 2013 a las 10:18 
Wonderful, beautiful mod... Haven't noticed many errors with trees in odd places (the two I've seen weren't bad, I screenshot them). The only thing I could recommend to make it better is slightly less tree, especially around the entrance to the city. That aside, minimal FPS loss for a very pretty mod.
scorpion745 1 de Ago, 2013 a las 18:19 
Wow... Looks great! Keep it up Baro!
FemaleLink 1 de Ago, 2013 a las 13:43 
Could you bring the tree amount down lol
Lt.Sponge 17 de Jul, 2013 a las 8:23 
>.>lot of tree slendermen might be there<,<
kittykatlover 13 de Jul, 2013 a las 12:11 
it looks nice but there's trees ontop of roofs and trees in the middle of stairs and some trees are floating in places, really bothers me x_x
farnham.derek 11 de Jul, 2013 a las 10:23 
This is a pretty rockin mod, especially for a first timer.
I did find a bug though with the water flow. At most angles that you're turned at the water looks strange, and honestly I think the water in Whiterun is BIG part of it. Maybe if you could fix that..
aurus22 7 de Jul, 2013 a las 5:26 
really cool, makes whiterun a beautiful city instead of the boring village it is without this mod.
Vertronic 3 de Jul, 2013 a las 17:04 
Great mod but, I notice a decrease in FPS while I'm in the city.
Dlf 18 de Jun, 2013 a las 9:18 
Would have been nice for Bethesda to give the entire game a season looking based on the time of the year your playing. Perhaps someone could make a mod of that.
DarkBrotherhood-363 13 de Jun, 2013 a las 19:38 
you should make a mod for a breezehome torture room I hate ysolda LOL
Baro  [autor] 13 de Jun, 2013 a las 12:46 
@Spartan! I am not sure I don't think my computer coould handle screen recording while playing at the same time haha. I know there are some free softwares out there though but I don't know of any.