The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Autumn of Whiterun
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Baro  [créateur] 23 juil à 13h29 
Cuando Lorald visita los arboles de Whiterun, siempre traiga su lavaplatos ;)
Lorald 21 juil à 16h24 
Cuando unos lavaplatos estan en los arboles... Pega malo
Talented Spaghetti 21 juil à 15h17 
Raised by the trees, die by the trees
Baro  [créateur] 21 juil à 15h05 
@OJ Especially when they are blinding you right? :P
Talented Spaghetti 19 juil à 18h06 
You can really feel the trees
Baro  [créateur] 17 mai à 15h53 
Thanks Lorald :P
Lorald 17 mai à 10h21 
@Hrrisn Did you try turning it off and on again?
Baro  [créateur] 6 mai à 12h27 
@Hrrisn Not sure why that is happening but if this mod is uninstalled then it shouldn't have any affect on the game. Be sure to check the load order of other mods that you might have installed or attempt to load the game with no mods and gradually add them in to find out which mod is causing the issue.
This happened to me once because I unknowingly downloaded a loading screen clock mod and a loading screen interface mod at the same time that caused the game to crash unless one was loaded above the other.
Hrrisn 6 mai à 12h03 
I installed this mod, didnt like it and then uninstalled it and now my game crashed everytime I try to save or do something that requires a loading screen.
Baro  [créateur] 30 avr à 14h25 
@Haydunce Not by me, but there are plenty here on the workshop! To my knowledge, none of them have the same autumn theme that mine does though.
Haydunce 28 avr à 11h04 
is there anything like this for other cities?
Lorald 23 avr à 20h05 
I'm assuming that my contraction of AIDS from the radiation of the explosion is part of it as well?
Baro  [créateur] 23 avr à 19h21 
@Lorald You found the easter egg!! :D
Lorald 23 avr à 18h52 
I used this and my computer exploded... now I can't play Skyrim at all :( THANKS A LOT BARO! >:( #ImSoMad
Baro  [créateur] 20 avr à 14h14 
@Jaime I'm glad you like it :D
Jaime Lannister 20 avr à 11h29 
Even though I had started a play-through with totally new mods, and used the Beautiful cities, whiterun mod, or w.e the most popular cities mod for whiterun is originally, I came back to this one just because it was the smoothest and most immersive. It doesn't need a million trees and objects strewn about haphazardly, just very nice touches here and there! (:
Baro  [créateur] 4 avr à 10h55 
@Tank Dempsey Thank you! :D
Death 2222 31 mar à 17h00 
I like this mod make whiterun wonderful
Baro  [créateur] 27 mar à 18h51 
@edr3458 I'm happy I could help! Thanks for the support man, get well soon! :D
Baro  [créateur] 27 mar à 18h49 
@yrmama Potato potato :P
edr3458 27 mar à 5h57 
my dad bought this game for me a couple of years ago im recovering from a surgery you guys that create these mods are very talented thak you for allowing me to enhance my game an make it better have a good one
yrmama 26 mar à 14h36 
*Greymane (couple beers that night)
Baro  [créateur] 26 mar à 12h24 
@edr3458 Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Its great to hear from people who are still enjoying the game even though it came out in 2011
Baro  [créateur] 26 mar à 12h23 
@yrmama Yeah that might be it :P
edr3458 25 mar à 19h30 
this mod works awesome whiterun is great thank you happy gaming no lag either thought you shoud know
yrmama 21 mar à 10h30 
Well, I probably can fast travel straight to my boyfriend, Whitemain.
Baro  [créateur] 19 mar à 12h13 
@yrmama Thanks! I though it would be strange to have a forest that just ended all of the sudden. Also I am not sure why that shows up as a house but if that isn't just a bug with Skyrim it could be a different mod thats causing the problem. This mod doesn't change anything it only adds in objects.
yrmama 18 mar à 18h50 
I like that the birch trees didn't just end at the city walls, that would've been weird.
The new, improved Skyforge shows up on my map as a house, now,
Baro  [créateur] 18 mar à 13h49 
@yrmama I still get lost! :D
yrmama 16 mar à 21h01 
Didn't even recognize the place!
Dr.Phil 14 fév à 20h28 
compatible with wet and cold?
Baro  [créateur] 6 fév à 19h22 
anytime bruh
LEEROY 5 fév à 14h56 
thanks bruh
Baro  [créateur] 1 fév à 14h26 
@Morgan Freeman (nice name dude :D ) It shouldn't crash your game or anything but if the mod adds trees some might end up clipping through one another. If the mod just changes textures or models it should be all set. Either way it should work, might be a little funky looking though. It just depends on what the mod does.
LEEROY 1 fév à 9h40 
could i use this with the whiterun enhanced mod?
Baro  [créateur] 23 jan à 15h58 
@beefshoes Now that I think of it check to make sure that you do not have Open Cities running. This mod is not compatible with it
PenguinMan26248 23 jan à 13h57 
@beefshoes go to the steam directory, go to Skyrim, in steamapps, common, and go to data. there you must delete the two files that are named after this mod. when you start it up again, everything* will be gone. *by everything i mean the things the mod adds.
Baro  [créateur] 13 jan à 13h45 
@beefshoes Sounds to me like your game bugged out or your save file was corrupted somehow because that has never happened before and I'm not aware of any trees inside buildings either.
beefshoes 7 jan à 11h36 
This mod looks great outside of the city, but the trees inside of the city look horrible (grow on buildings, don't even connect to the ground in many places). To my knowledge, there is no way to fully get rid of the mod either. Even if you unsubscribe the mod, the content still stays in there.
Cherry Bomb [Agent 47] 14 déc 2014 à 8h11 
Mores city's would be nice if u could do it
Baro  [créateur] 26 nov 2014 à 9h27 
@NaughtiusMaximus Not sure how to fix your issue but take your question to the forums I'm sure you can find some help there :D
NaughtiusMaximus 26 nov 2014 à 0h03 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Baro  [créateur] 24 oct 2014 à 9h32 
@Storm_at_Sea Yeah I froze the carts because i wass annoyed that they killed me every time I pushed them haha. I'm still working on spreading the forest more on the outside. I often find that I only fast travel to Whiterun so the scenic root outside the city becomes kind of obselete. Its still on my mind however. And no I didn't change the smoke at all. I wouldn't be surprised if the forest is to blame for it though; the yellow trees make many parts of the city look completely different. Sometimes I even get lost in Whiterun :D
Storm_at_Sea 20 oct 2014 à 1h15 
I like it for the most part- the main irritation in town is the wooden carts cluttering up the scene- I didn't let it bother me at first thinking I'll push them away but they're stuck in place! A few extra trees outside the walls would be nice, I know you've mentioned trying to make it receeding forest, but just feels bare in spots (of course, my previous mod added a forest outside the town.

Is this mod making the braziers smoke more? I don't recall them smoking that much before trying this mod, but I'm not sure.
Faerie Fable 15 oct 2014 à 5h48 
Lovely mod!
Shane Pizza 8 oct 2014 à 23h09 
It seems there's a tree blocking the khajiit caravan camp. Please fix this.
Balthias 7 oct 2014 à 5h55 
I love it! The trees really changes my outlook on the city. Now it looks more unique and I'm happy to come to whiterun because of the amazing scenery rather than feeling obligated to go to whiterun.
~Angelo~ 5 oct 2014 à 15h07 
This is a awesome mod!
Baro  [créateur] 26 août 2014 à 13h26 
@mommafroyo They were always in Riften and around the Rift. There are mods that decorate Riften but this one only affects Whiterun. The trees from the Rift are the same models I used in Whiterun.
Sausage the Sausagesen 26 août 2014 à 13h16 
didn't work, the trees are removed from whiterun but they have moved on to riften