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Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
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threndor 26 分前 
Love the Mod.
The ambient sounds really add a lot to the game for me. Not sure if anyone is planning on continuing this Mod, but if someone does, one suggestion I have for the future is:
a loud, hollowy/echoey, clickety-clack when horses walk over wooden bridges or platforms--and in time with their hoofsteps.

Sorry you have decided to discontinue your modding here, Cliffworms. Were I rich, I believe I would pay you a regular salary just to do this for my games. I'm sure I could have kept you busy. Sadly, I am not rich...
Ketonasarus 1月14日 3時04分 
"LINDA! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" hahaha all I hear in the Thieves Guild when I'm there.
Tornado711 2017年6月12日 9時44分 

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Kraoe 2017年6月9日 6時50分 
This doesn't appear to work with the Towns and Villages Enhanced mods.
vexsen_velsen 2017年5月15日 12時04分 
Any plans on makeing all three mod for the Ps4 or Xbox?
Caddis 2017年4月7日 16時03分 
what if the menu doesnt show. i can here all the sounds but that menu isnt popping up. i used this mod too before, but now im using it on a fresh save, i also have nearly 100 mods. what do you think could be stopping the menu form showing up ?
Max 2017年3月20日 12時04分 
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Nemolas 2017年2月10日 18時36分 
wtf is that crying/fighting children-sound when I am indoors?
You are in Skyrim, not in Austria..
what kind of person made this mod?
maSHup 2017年2月4日 14時59分 
I have Skyrim Spanish version and when I install this mod the name of the places I go change to english, can someone fix it?
Caddis 2017年2月1日 2時45分 
very immersive, thank you for the mod.
Forbidden Fruit 2017年1月29日 20時33分 
I would just like it if you could make the sounds die down when night comes
dumdum[yingiz] 2017年1月19日 8時00分 
I love the Sounds of Skyrim Mods and rly missing them in the Special Edition. Would be great if you could do them for the Special Edition because my Skyrim is not the same without that Sounds.
mechanikilla 2016年12月31日 17時16分 
looks good from the video, but it sounds to compact, the sound files may need a bit more distance between eachother

my question is; will it work with location and building mods etc? or am i only going to get the sounds in the vanilla environment?
戰爭♤NaEbaNYMistrzu♤憤 2016年12月12日 9時18分 
I am of Polish and of the question whether the votes of the game will continue after Polish or English?
lupus_hegemonia 2016年12月3日 1時22分 
I'm simply adding mods from here, no Nexus or so, and I'm "listing" them with LOOT.
Will this run properly, without crashes or anything else? Or, I need to do something else too, to make it run properly?
Xx-JO-xX88 2016年11月5日 13時37分 
please make for xbox one
PRIMALUS 2016年11月2日 4時49分 
This mod is very good. Please make this mod for the special version of Skyrim as well.
Paar'nahkrin 2016年10月27日 9時15分 
Will you reupload the mod for "Special Edition" ?
sothatsprettyneat 2016年10月15日 9時57分 
Really helps bring everything together
Rivox 2016年10月3日 6時33分 
I just LOVE your Sound Mods ^^ Great Work
Rullisi 2016年9月2日 1時18分 
I cannot hear anything, after the setup and everything :o
G-Man 2016年8月31日 15時58分 
Perfect sound changes to the game love it! added to my ultimate no fps loss mods collection 10/10
Courier-Six 2016年8月25日 9時47分 
When i load my game the mod menu appears just fine and i click all options, then i can hear the sounds clearly, but when i get close to a tavern or any building the sounds dissapear, any help?
marcus150127 2016年8月22日 23時57分 
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Hoarmurath 2016年8月17日 9時58分 
I'll resubscribe if I get the information or if the noises of dozens of patrons in an empty tavern stops. Sorry, but it makes no sense for there to be the sounds of crowds in an empty tavern. The other two mods are wonderful and this seems like such a careless decision.
Hoarmurath 2016年8月17日 9時54分 
I tried startquest sosconfigcivilization and a few other alterations and the menu won't come back up. I really can't stand the yelling crowd in taverns with only a handful of people and two rooms. It's horrible. Author, what is the command for bringing up the menu?
Tiny Rick 2016年8月15日 14時18分 
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UnjoGratisTheForbiddenMonkeyGod 2016年7月23日 20時00分 
thank you
Timesplitter 2016年7月13日 17時26分 
This mod has been included in "THE ULTIMNATE LORE FRIENDLY SKYRIM MODS COLLECTION", updated 07/13/2016. Thank you for your wonderful addition to this collection. Please check it out at .
th 2016年7月8日 8時22分 
The cats fighting sound effect scared my cat. 10/10 would scare my cat again.
[FR] Magnum180 2016年6月29日 11時03分 
I actually play in French and this mod translate the names of different places in English (like Shrine of Talos; Understone Keep...) How can I fix it ?
faulder 2016年6月23日 18時12分 
I love this mod! it adds so much realism to the game! I will NEVER be able to play skyrim without this mod!
Boovy 2016年6月11日 10時19分 
This should be titled "Vindictus Civilizations"
想抱抱你 2016年6月8日 17時01分 
Supreme White Boi 2016年5月28日 21時34分 
this is soo fucking cool
Ghost 2016年5月25日 15時22分 
I have used this mod for about a week now. First impressions are that it's pretty good and some good efforts were made. But the interior weather sounds are headache inducing. Like really bad. So far my only complaint.
A Google User 2016年5月8日 18時41分 
if you download this you hear a lot lot people shouting in game there 4-7 NCP in inn . _ .
Parkway Drive 2016年5月3日 18時53分 
Кому как, а мне не хватало этих кошачьих воплей :steamhappy:
Bearinator 2016年4月24日 7時52分 
Just in case you need to reopen the sound config utility, the command is:
StartQuest SoSConfigCivilization
Mr Equilibrium 2016年4月12日 12時23分 
gonnna be honest here the civilization is very uneeded lmao it honestly feels like its poking fun at the low population of the game maybe if there was a population mod this would be more realistic but im literally standing inside a tavern with 3 other people and I feel like im in a mall with 300 people and i SWEAR i hear a telephone ringing LMFAO so its gonna be a no from me :) the other sound fx are good though :P
bruiser514 2016年4月4日 22時16分 
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Tiber Septim 2016年4月2日 16時00分 
For those who think there is too much noise, remember there is an in game menu to turn some of those sounds and noises off. But, it would be really KICK A$$ if you could set the sounds per town/region.
Sully 2016年4月1日 9時32分 
Works GREAT!
I Love the feeling that there are more people in the distance I can not see.
mpmoeG 2016年3月25日 14時46分 
SevenSama 2016年3月18日 8時42分 
TheObvious1664 2016年3月17日 10時36分 
I agree, adds a little more to an already awesome game.
Rabaru 2016年3月13日 23時47分 
Gonna be honest mate, but since there aren't many people in the towns, the noises sometimes sounds like the spirits of old wandering the streets of skyrim...
Karkath 2016年3月8日 13時30分 
I love these mods they make the world of skyrim feel even more alive!
Manifesto 2016年3月3日 16時49分 
Cool. (;
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