Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization
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IronHellaKitty 26 Μαϊ @ 2:26πμ 
I like this mod. No issues here.
Sir Redentor 25 Μαϊ @ 5:40πμ 
Some of those town shouts are from the Baldurs Gate series, I'm pretty sure :-) I'm getting this.
DrDoomLord 25 Μαϊ @ 3:19πμ 
DrDoomLord 25 Μαϊ @ 3:18πμ 
Antoher awesome dsound mod great job guys and Cliffworns Make more your doing great
dabstab 23 Μαϊ @ 8:06πμ 
;-; Was King Lysandus' surprise voice necessary
The Wild Wolf 22 Μαϊ @ 6:32μμ 
Wow! That's Amazing!
MrPyro 22 Μαϊ @ 4:10πμ 
is there anyway to turn off certain sounds after you have done the start up configuration??
ChainPuLze 20 Μαϊ @ 12:01πμ 
does this effect performance?
Dan¡e! ☠ 18 Μαϊ @ 7:10μμ 
Una pregunta, por que cuando instalo este mod, todos los textos pasan a estar en ingles? o al menos solo los textos de los lugares, como las casas, las cuevas, las tiendas, etc....
Linus Grimm 18 Μαϊ @ 2:15μμ 
Is SKSE required for this mod to work because it is not working for me at ALL.
Mecha Leo 14 Μαϊ @ 11:36πμ 
I know there's an option to change sounds, but I can't find any menu option or hotkey. Do I have to restart to change, and will the menu pop up every time I start the game?
Protoss Pylon 12 Μαϊ @ 12:14μμ 
This is a realyl good mod. my only gripe is that the potion boiling is realyl realyl loud, and the cats never ever shut up. THE FUCKING CATS!!!!!!
WuffiDJ ChiappeD'Oro 9 Μαϊ @ 8:30πμ 
this mod is just amazing *.*
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Elias1620 5 Μαϊ @ 5:12μμ 
Casper 3 Μαϊ @ 4:49μμ 
i cant play without the sounds of skyrim its awesome, it adds so much immersion with all these small sounds and they blend in nicely with the original sounds.
The Rioter 27 Απρ @ 5:14μμ 
I forgot to mention here aswell after dropping my spam on your comment section. Best sound mod ever I always use it now keep up the good work.
LynxMcPaws 26 Απρ @ 9:22μμ 
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Tycer 26 Απρ @ 5:41πμ 
Stuffastocking 24 Απρ @ 5:55μμ 
What is the command to implement then, i accidentally shruged them off and i need the console command
#HOP# Loetikk 3 Απρ @ 1:59πμ 
Finnish Patriotism 29 Μαρ @ 8:05πμ 
So if i download the civilization sound mod then i'll hear 24/7 barfing?
Captain Vern 26 Μαρ @ 12:47μμ 
Nice stuff adds a sense of life to areas that otherwise seem oddly quiet.
a nice addition would be controls to tweak the frequency and volume of select sounds from the list
Khaoz 15 Μαρ @ 9:33πμ 
Pretty good mod aside from a few minor bugs but I think its just down to the basic programing and nothing can be done about it. Like when the tavern is empty but it sound full. theres no way to calculate how many npcs are in one area that i know of... A few tips for those having trouble hearing the mod. There seems to be some conflicts with music addons and/or replacers. So if you set this mod above all your other mods it should work better.
logynusera 13 Μαρ @ 5:16πμ 
Juicyyy. Surely can be recomended.
yrmama 13 Μαρ @ 1:30πμ 
I didn't like this one. Too noisy in pretty empty places, & i became aware of repetitions.
Wolfie | Confused Celery 5 Μαρ @ 9:08πμ 
I love all your mods, Nice work!!!
Jogi 20 Φεβ @ 9:59πμ 
Vermilicious 16 Φεβ @ 8:11πμ 
Some really nice sound additions. It's just that you expect the sounds to originate from something/someone real.
Mr.Jon3s115 14 Φεβ @ 7:32μμ 
I dont like the vengeance guy... why do this?.... why?!?!?!?!
pennz256 9 Φεβ @ 9:02πμ 
Ubersupersloth 30 Ιαν @ 9:34πμ 
I have minor complaint about this mod: There's snoring in a house at night even when all of the occupants are awake.
VanillaMuff1nz 29 Ιαν @ 3:55μμ 
ive subbed to this mod, but i dont hear any other sounds except for the default sounds, help
Kagome 15 Ιαν @ 2:11μμ 
Just great! I love it really much :)
rosiecheeks1980 13 Ιαν @ 11:49πμ 
Well, I don't know what happened!!! I really really scratch that loved this mod...until it stopped working on me. I had to reinstall all my games cause of some updating on my computer and games. So when it came time to install this mod, it stopped working entirely. My game won't even start up, I"m stuck looking at a black screen. This mod really goes well with the populated cities mod, so when I installed this mod, it made it made the cities and towns so lively and unboring. Now I can't have it cause it keeps making my game non-responsive. I don't know what happened. Is there a way to fix it? I already have SKYUI and SKSE installed, and I've used the "ClearInvalidRegistrations" console command several times and I keep getting a message that says 0 commands or something like that now what else could be causing this mod to mess up my game?
脂肪庶子 9 Ιαν @ 10:49πμ 
Amazing work!
The Milkman 3 Ιαν @ 9:38πμ 
I was sold on the distant cat fights
Resplooge :^) 2 Ιαν @ 6:41μμ 
Everything sounds unnatural and feels unnatural when all of the npcs are just walking around with their lips closed. Not a big fan of this sound pack.
Kaithlin 2 Ιαν @ 11:57πμ 
This mod gives me the feeling of beeing in a real city. It creates a perfect atmosphere.
AnimeSama88 29 Δεκ, 2014 @ 10:15μμ 
Wow, I feel like im actually in a populated city! Spot on.
Markus Something 29 Δεκ, 2014 @ 11:54πμ 
The cats in the city is annoying IMO.
SIR SERGEANT DAOX 29 Δεκ, 2014 @ 3:28πμ 
its sounds so cool but i dont liek that the boats have horns
Vincent_Valentine 28 Δεκ, 2014 @ 11:45μμ 
Just wanted to say, Very great work on all three of these audio enhancments! i am very impressed and i enjoy them immensely.
AvoxJake 25 Δεκ, 2014 @ 10:16πμ 
How do I get on to the config menu? As I have already started the mod, I can't go back to the menu at the start.
DMTR_Metal 25 Δεκ, 2014 @ 7:13πμ 
Suggestion: The Tavern sounds, just have too much going on. There aren't enough NPC's in any of the skyrim taverns to justify that much noise. It feels unrealistic.
Samurai Conditioner 24 Δεκ, 2014 @ 9:35πμ 
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SgtWolf 23 Δεκ, 2014 @ 4:46μμ 
i have to give you that these are some realy nice, atmospheric and realistic mods you have made here. i salute you
Fozzug 16 Δεκ, 2014 @ 3:47πμ 
C'est un tres bon mods les bruit sont bien fait je recommande
lionwar 14 Δεκ, 2014 @ 4:10πμ