Dota 2
The Breaker's Blade
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MGod Aug 14, 2012 @ 4:44pm 
Really well done
Draxx Them Sklounst Aug 11, 2012 @ 9:06pm 
Very beautiful and simple.
Thévenin Jul 19, 2012 @ 6:47pm 
I like the curved handle, the broad blade, and the wrapping on the blade. It's unique, a bit exotic, but elegantly understated. However, it is difficult to tell if the blade is made of copper, some magically glowing metal, or a large piece of amber. I'm fine with whichever, just as long as it's clear which one it is.
[WSB] Bodyarm Jul 13, 2012 @ 7:23am 
Not bad
Pvt. Cobra [2RB] Jul 13, 2012 @ 6:31am 
Nice. Need to polish the blade to look more like metal.
Shinbaka Jul 12, 2012 @ 10:23am 
Whoa thas nice!
Mr.RoBoT Jul 12, 2012 @ 8:53am 
57 Pixels Jul 10, 2012 @ 2:44am 
same as the orginal and dont says thats the cool. No i dont gonna vote 4 items how almost more copy cat then a dudes own idea
dorsh Jul 9, 2012 @ 11:55am 
delete Jul 9, 2012 @ 5:40am 
oh, nice!!
Svyaga Jul 8, 2012 @ 11:37pm 
Quite the same as the original one, see only different shape