Magic Duel
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Wildcard 13 de Dic a las 22:57 
Hey Seb, would you upload your Magic Duel: Reborn mod here; as the Nexus still refuses to allow your mod on there?
calvincheeto33 30 de Nov a las 16:15 
I feel like im fighting voldemort every time...
Knight-PaladinDarion 29 de Nov a las 7:45 
is this supposed to be like harry potter instead of wands it's just hand brought spells
talon391 17 de Nov a las 9:00 
Eragon mind duels, anyone?
That Guy 9 de Nov a las 19:26 
Book should be called "The Great Magic Duel."
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) | Big Brother 2 de Nov a las 16:08 
Hey man, you should have put a warning before the trailer saying that you might get a boner while watching this.
Lednev 20 de Oct a las 9:03 
I'm destroy my fingers, gamepad and mouse, but this is very, very very cool!!)))
Я сломал пальцы, мышку и геймпад, но это просто офигеть какая крутая вещь!)))
MaliciousRainbows 12 de Oct a las 15:42 
Wow, harry potter much?
Mecha-Frank Sinatra 26 de Sep a las 18:08 
it makes the game feel like Dragon Ball Z x3
Mecha-Frank Sinatra 26 de Sep a las 18:07 
this is fuckin' amazing!!!
Donalpower ® 21 de Sep a las 15:09 
Astrael 19 de Sep a las 2:59 
I can´t find the settings book in my inventory...what would be the additem code?
ZalrokChaos 14 de Sep a las 16:20 
If this was good with SkyUI that'd be awesome.
PinkiePieXgames 14 de Sep a las 12:36 
so awesome
[I.E.C]Space Engineer Xexcel 12 de Sep a las 18:45 
well ;/ make crash my game everytime there is a mage vs mage XD think it may not be compatible with another of my mod yea goods chances for it cuz i got the limit XD
G20 7 de Sep a las 12:15 
Hi. I added this to a collection.
I thought you might like to know, maybe lend a thumb ;)
With compliments!
bartcusters475 4 de Sep a las 2:45 
To much hassle
jayonne.williams 1 de Sep a las 14:31 
This is dope!!! im addicted!
Roboris 26 de Ago a las 12:23 
like prior incatatio
bernhard97 24 de Ago a las 1:10 
I don't really understand how to fight there... do you just klick one the mouse "left-right-left-right...." as fast as you can?
CaptainDerp 23 de Ago a las 10:09 
can i make it where the notification stops when i start the game?
Tycer 21 de Ago a las 22:43 
Im trying to duel with ancano but he keeps coming close to me and running out of mana. Is there a command to start a duel?, if not tell me how to fix this
spartacus spirit 21 de Ago a las 11:08 
il l a deja
SkyLegend 20 de Ago a las 12:46 
Bravo, faudrait proposer ce mod carrément a Bob Lennon ;)
Swekkerboy88 18 de Ago a las 2:18 
Nice mod :)
Dark_Ansem 17 de Ago a las 5:13 
there was a Reborn version of this... why is it down? :(
Solitary Stigmata 13 de Ago a las 19:51 
How I managed to fix this was to make saves before and inbetween unchecking and re-checking the load box under data files.
Solitary Stigmata 13 de Ago a las 15:08 
I managed to get the book through the console, but no menu pops up when I go to read it.
bernhard97 3 de Ago a las 5:20 
extremely cool teaser :) now i have to try it out
OhhhhMama 2 de Ago a las 6:19 
Any chance this will be getting an MCM?
Ice Cube 29 de Jul a las 7:24 
I cant even find the book ;_;
anyone else?
<Revolution> 14 de Jul a las 0:26 
hahahaha great comment salmr!xD
A Festive Space Butterfly 9 de Jul a las 22:31 
ooooo, reminds me of Harry Potter.
caractacus98 7 de Jul a las 8:28 
Does this work with Midas Magic?
madbeats.cb 3 de Jul a las 20:03 
@Haris Tendragon:You cannot mod console games.
Retard-Man 22 de Jun a las 22:09 
Where the fuck do i go to change settings? All i can do is read the book
Altan 21 de Jun a las 14:46 
why do i lose all duels wtf i cant cast during the duel :/
supergreenperson 15 de Jun a las 22:34 
I can't get the book due to other mods I'm using. If anyone knows the ID for it, I'd appreciate the information.
Seujiro 11 de Jun a las 10:52 
I can't get it to work.
Deivis 9 de Jun a las 1:16 
This mod is great. Had it from nexus site. There was even a better version in there I think. But the proble is the same. After firs duel looks like I cant use anything. Scripts are messed or something. Cant use forge, alchamy table and so on. So I was thinking: is Steam version of the mod has the same bugs? Anyone getting them?
Michael 3 de Jun a las 19:20 
All of the magges I fight get closer than 7.5 meters before casting their spells, so the duel won't initiate.....any thoughts?
Feeelgood 14 de May a las 15:14 
@Haris Tendragon: Do you mean on a PS3 controller? How would any pc mod work on PS3... You should know that console games don't have mod support period, for any game.
Haris Tendragon 13 de May a las 9:29 
does it work on PS3?
TheSmartestIdiot 5 de May a las 11:18 
I lost the book, whats the console command to get it back?
ZalrokChaos 4 de May a las 9:12 
I like how when your duel wielding the same spell your character does a Turtle Destruction Wave motion with his hands.
rocheman953 26 de Abr a las 17:24 
I dont start the game with the book in my inventory and when I command the book in it wont bring up the settings menu, why is this?
Jellal 21 de Abr a las 11:11 
I can not make killcam despite configuration mod ...
Solution please ?
chughes911 19 de Abr a las 12:17 
lostcause7000 16 de Abr a las 20:27 
you should watch epic battles of skyrim part 5 it uses this mod
Squidex 13 de Abr a las 21:45 
Just found out it works with modded spells and it looks awesome!