Magic Duel
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lostcause7000 1 órája 
you should watch epic battles of skyrim part 5 it uses this mod
squidex ápr. 13. @ du. 9:45 
Just found out it works with modded spells and it looks awesome!
squidex ápr. 13. @ du. 9:26 
Does it work with modded spells?
lltimelessll márc. 16. @ du. 4:52 
could someone tell me if this happens to them,i loaded my game exacly like seb said and it will let me spawn in and say blablabla about what u got and when i go to look at it my game crashes
NuclearDragon márc. 13. @ du. 4:31 
does it work with mod spells?
RainbowFortress márc. 12. @ du. 7:57 
I can tell that this is a good mod just from looking at the videos.... Can't wait to try it out at some point next time I'm in a wizard duel!
JasonDoesGaming márc. 12. @ du. 1:29 
i die when as soon as i do it at the same time
MightOfGuts márc. 10. @ de. 4:09 
does this mod work?
AlienxReturn febr. 27. @ du. 2:38 
This glitched up my game and i removed it. For some reason it made enemys not able to detect me.
Draconem febr. 22. @ du. 12:03 
Thank you seb. :)
Seb263  [készítő] febr. 22. @ de. 11:41 
@Draconem :
1. Disable the mod on the launcher
2. Load your latest save
3. Save your game
4. Enable the mod on the launcher
Draconem febr. 22. @ de. 11:16 
I loosed the book! :O How do I find another one please?
MarioToast febr. 20. @ de. 5:11 
How the hell are you supposed to do this?
ExpolorenZ febr. 19. @ de. 10:21 
Seal of Aprovach
barmyness febr. 19. @ de. 3:18 
this is EPIC
HardcoreSausage febr. 18. @ de. 8:12 
The file isnt showing up in my Data files on the launcher? Idk, any help?
CactusBoy febr. 11. @ de. 12:11 
Dude this is epic! ty, and ty again :D
unleashed1284 febr. 10. @ de. 7:57 
for this mod are you able to use an xbox controller in the duel?
Braeblayde febr. 8. @ du. 9:46 
I enjoy this mod, but I had a pretty funny bug. Might not be this mod but.... In one battle I was wearing a bag over my head in the magic duel view but had it unequiped in real time. It was the ones you get from the Dark Brotherhood intro, did not think much of it, Later on I got married and a copy of myself came wearing the bag. It was very weird, the copy did not take damage nor respond to the 'kill' command. Now it lives at the Riften Temple,
austinjblades jan. 31. @ du. 7:52 
ok so Ive recently subscribed to the mod and when i get intom a duel occassionally the the camera starts moving away from my characters position to the point i can no longer even see the room im in it is as though ive hit tcl and walked through the wall next to me ive tried hitting debugg but it still refuses to work on occasion any suggestions?
Seb263  [készítő] jan. 27. @ de. 11:03 

No, Magic Duel: Reborn require SKSE to work.

Three quarters of steam workshop users do not even know what is SKSE, and half of those who know what it is will refuse to install and use it.

If you carefully reread the page of the mod on Skyrim Nexus, you will see a "Mirror" tab, and you will be able to download the mod on MediaFire.
CUBANEWYORKER jan. 26. @ du. 1:29 
Can't you put the Magic Duel Reborn mod on the Steam Workshop for this game? i haven't gotten my validation e-mail in order for me to register to the Skyrim Nexus website, therefore no way to download the newer version of the mod -_-.
carloss53 jan. 19. @ du. 3:28 
i dont see the beam during the duel i see ice shards flying but i cant see the beam everything else works finne plz help
robinsonpablo20 jan. 17. @ du. 7:05 
Makes the graphics go weary! Like seriously, it turned my Skyrim into minecraft. Not kidding, this just happened.
IncubexDelwraith jan. 16. @ du. 7:15 
I had to (unfortunately) Unsubscribe because I use Random Alternate Start and it gets rid of everything. I've tried my best to work with it but sadly, nothing seems to work.
kage74 jan. 12. @ du. 8:53 
Reminds me of the battle between SSJ2 Gohan & Perfect Cell.
Teikai jan. 12. @ du. 3:25 
Is Reborn on the workshop?
Mr. Blue jan. 12. @ de. 9:58 
Fat Fluffy Switchblade Duck jan. 8. @ du. 3:24 
i cant start a duel! i believe the conditions for it are all good and i set the change to the most it can be for it to start but nothing, i cast as soon as he does ( well try to ) and it doesnt work
quentin.girault1995 jan. 5. @ de. 8:28 
I would know if the rain of fire that fell on me just after the duel is with the mod ?thanks
Inconspicuous jan. 3. @ de. 10:50 
Do both the opponents (the player and the NPC) need to be using spray type spells for a duel to start or doesn't it matter?
>>TTK<< | Void jan. 2. @ du. 1:21 
Oki.. so i really wanna try this mod out right??
but... is there anny way to make this mod work with the ''Random Alternate Start''
after all the book with all the settings and such is removed right from the start when you use this mod..
soo... is there like anny NPC's or anny places where its possible to find the book?
Ambitious Animator jan. 1. @ de. 6:52 
Those innovative mods are rare...
Benputt 2013. dec. 31. @ de. 3:22 
i does not work everytime i start a duel my enemy explodes
Mastodon 2013. dec. 26. @ du. 12:40 
seh, dragonball...
Blackwolf_swe 🐺 2013. dec. 24. @ du. 2:43 
Is it possible to get the same kind of kill scene as in the second video? i allways keep getting a explosion at the end right after i win but no killcams like that one..please say yes :P
Madclearjack 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 8:08 
Correcction its only the Destruction spells that dont work
Madclearjack 2013. dec. 19. @ du. 8:04 
ok so I tryed using this mod today n now my Magic dose not even work WTF do I do now?
HEFCAGRAMANCANJENKINS 2013. dec. 13. @ du. 10:10 
Oh god, button mashing.
Grimdude 2013. dec. 9. @ du. 8:38 
I began a duel with another caster, and they died somehow while the duel was initiating/occurrig. I think it was a trap they were near or something. Problem is, now all the enemies in the game won't really fight me. They sometimes notice me and draw a weapon, but they will just stand there and let me kill them. Kinda ruining my game that I've put a lot of hours into.
Richard 2013. dec. 8. @ du. 3:26 
bug found - the enemy wizard died from a rune while he was casting a spell at me, the screen duel-flashed and now I'm stuck in the duel-camera-angle without being able to move :/ (and no, I can't open the inventory and use the book to debug :( )
Colt 2013. dec. 4. @ du. 4:37 
When i logged onto my character i looked in my inventory and the configuration book was not there
Booker 2013. nov. 30. @ du. 5:50 
Harry Potter style fuck yeah!!
TheBlackSwordsman 2013. nov. 28. @ du. 1:02 
the config book does not appear for me
FoFoJoe 2013. nov. 26. @ de. 11:28 
Lol I love the videos and trailers. What a boss!
SparklyFurball9 2013. nov. 24. @ de. 9:29 
Revolutionized the skyrim magic system
Sebi4Life 2013. nov. 19. @ du. 1:15 
Tyvm for making this mod, it is truly one of the most epic mods for this game I have ever seen. It gives the magic system of Skyrim just the change it needs and I consider it a must have for anyone who likes playing as a mage!
The Doctor 2013. nov. 15. @ du. 4:47 
Awesome! Nice work.
Gallifrey 2013. nov. 4. @ du. 8:04 
my friend dobe*
Gallifrey 2013. nov. 4. @ du. 7:52 
hey dude, can you help my Dobe with his mod?