Schwertleite Set
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Neon Lion 18 Set às 11:07 
Yah but we have to pay for the player model HAH fuck that >.>
afsgtsson 14 Set às 12:30 
where can i find her
Some Guy 14 Set às 10:06 
Damn she's hot. LOL Nice armor tho
{MODH}xXSLEEP_WALKERXx 10 Set às 12:21 
Thank you works like a charm!
Baltharan 3 Set às 16:25 
Cool armor. Gave it to a follower though and she's now showing nothing but nipple with the armor coming in just below her bust. Kept it that way because it's funny ;)
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR 2 Set às 23:41 
This is a cool mod! You should add it to the Skyrim Mod's Wiki.
lania_le 22 Ago às 22:52 
what is the pose mod?
Darkcake 18 Ago às 13:31 
sword too strong pls nerv it a bit ;)
PlasticGeezer 18 Ago às 8:14 
Fantastic job on the armor. The sword is a bit over the top, as has been mentioned, but no other complaints. I hope to see more from you!
KittyCatCookie 16 Ago às 6:19 
pls make a male version
Egemaster 11 Ago às 8:52 
Thanks, works fine :)
Doggie-San 10 Ago às 21:29 
can you add a helm ver ware the face shield is down?
begformymercy 8 Ago às 18:50 
Very disappointed, I have the last version of CBBE 2.3, and HDT, this doesnt work.. at all, I actually updated my CBBE because i had the 1st one just to try this armor out. wtf
Rambo 8 Ago às 13:45 
i cant craft any of the armor or the sword.
IronHellaKitty 2 Ago às 18:53 
I really like this and I would love to see you do a collection. It's hard to find good female armor that is appealing, but doesn't stray to far from the rp of skyrim. I also love to be able to craft my armor. I prefer it that way. I like that I can make armor for my female friends in the game as well as upgrade my armor as my skill in enchanting improves.

I also understand that developing takes time. Please take this as a suggestion and not a demand. I would love to be able to develop for myself. But, I don't have the money. So I appriciate people like you. Especially ones who put more thought and quality into their work.

So far I only use steam to add mods. I am still trying to figure out nexus. I'm pretty new to all this. So anything you add to steam will be appriciated here.

Keep up the great work.
**[BA]**Ginger Beard 24 Jul às 21:59 
I am getting wierd black textures on the skin when i have the full set equipped, i am using CBBE from the workshop and this from the workshop. Please help
Nitro The Pyro 15 Jul às 20:25 
I see tits whenever it gets worn by a follower
Senpai Plz 9 Jul às 20:11 
The sword is incredibly OP. It makes Master and Legendary difficulties a joke even with the Enhanced High Level Combat mod.

Good mod though. Hope you make more.
Nitro The Pyro 8 Jul às 22:28 
type help "item name here" if you want to learn it.
EliHunterBow 2 Jul às 12:22 
ĆŁØŇ€Đ, I'm waiting until I get the mod creator's permission before I can release this type of info.
łυsт 1 Jul às 21:52 
Whats the item ID?
EliHunterBow 1 Jul às 13:48 
I figured out the item id for the armor but I won't tell anyone without your permission. I'm leveling up my smithing ligit to get the armor.
Blau Blitz Wolf 28 Jun às 13:14 
This mod and your character are beautiful. I really like your character, she's part of the reason why I want to make myself an elven glamazon. I hope you keep making lovely mods. <3
Toxic 26 Jun às 16:32 
What mod is used to have the face like that?
TylerTheCreator 25 Jun às 7:42 
2 things. 1 the armor along with the weapon is incredibly game breaking, so if you are still updating this, it'd be great if you could lower down the OP aspect of it. 2 What is the face mod that makes the faces look a bit anime-ish? Other than that its a great mod, good job!
frank3000 20 Jun às 23:30 
itam id?
shroudedeclipse 12 Jun às 22:48 
You know who looks really great in this armor? Serana.

And for any who are wondering, it works fine with the CBBE Body Mod here on Steam. You don't necessarily have to have it through Nexus.
G20 12 Jun às 13:55 
Hi, I added this mods to a collection a while ago, like febuary or something, totally forgot to give you link,
please accept my compliments.
Baron Dangalf 11 Jun às 19:15 
Corvo, default CBBE makes people naked. You need to use the Nexus Mod Manager to reconfigure it.
corvoedevon 11 Jun às 15:37 
Did you realize you might have added a naked model? I downloaded a Companion mod and when one of the items glitched the girl was totally naked. Was this you, or some other mod?
Bapzangi 9 Jun às 16:09 
as a wagnerite, i recommend this mod
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey 8 Jun às 8:49 
Really nice armor set, but it does seem a bit over-powered. The sword also looks very cool but I killed an Ancient Dragon in 4 hits......which seems maybe a bit much.
Eren'Jaeger 6 Jun às 17:14 
very beautiful woman would have loved to have her as a companion
padfoot 31 Mai às 20:10 
tested the armor out with a different mod called morgan venture and it works and looks great. By the way that sword is amazing but for some odd reason the blade showed up in the enchantment section but when i created it the elemental quailities could be seen but did not cause the frost damage i created it to do.
Father.Erik 教父 27 Mai às 1:54 
face looking good what is that mod?
[DFS] Guniea Pig Luvor 24 Mai às 15:31 
its light armor read the description
ArCher 20 Mai às 9:45 
it is heavy armor?
Xantiana 20 Mai às 1:24 
its awsome armor ty. [question..] can you add hair style ?
Valencia 16 Mai às 7:12 
greatest armor i have<3 I wear it all the time:D
[AUSI]Foxy346 3 Mai às 1:46 
But it's still a great armor that i used for half of my skyrim gaming.
[AUSI]Foxy346 3 Mai às 1:46 
V Disagreed. The eyes and hairstyle ruin the pictures of this armor.
~*SKULL*~ 28 Abr às 13:36 
damn,she look good.
Jaeger Bombastic 28 Abr às 8:11 
@Draeike you mad bro?
Lone_Devil_Wolf 23 Abr às 14:28 
downloading on nexus due to limitations of steam. great mod tho :)
Allen The Fallen 19 Abr às 17:42 
where can i get that hair and eyes? *.*
mathis.lerch 19 Abr às 10:27 
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░
Master of Shadows 6 Abr às 9:25 
Is the sword included or is it a seperate mod?
Alpha_516 2 Abr às 17:12 
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░
Juggernaut 1 Abr às 6:26 
Does this armor set work on a normal female character without the body or face mod?
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 31 Mar às 11:52 
@Toxinism: Console coding might help! If not, find it under ebony, or any where near it in that case.