The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Schwertleite Set
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Rockstar Spud 18 Jul às 23:55 
best and sexy outfit in Skyrim
Gunslinger 24 Jun às 5:40 
it is impossible to set up CBBE now *for me* Can you help me?
Starless 13 Jun às 2:59 
can you share the preset that you use
I, Darkstar X 10 Jun às 19:59 
May you please make a version that is designated "Heavy Armor"?
Mentolight 7 Jun às 21:57 
how can i found (Selene Aznable) Mod on steam?
Wyrmzz 1 Jun às 0:48 
@reVen let your character age a little. her breasts will start to sag
Your Partner In Science 21 Mai às 7:47 
If i download it do i get the npc and armor or only the armor??
Nurgles Socks 16 Mai às 18:17 
so do I need a mod from nexus before i can use this mod? Do I need to pay for the mod from nexus or to join nexus or something?
bearhiderug 16 Mai às 1:01 
""but being a player myself I do not feel comfortable about others playing with my character.""

The character shown in the pictures looks the same as 90% of female pictures posted.
LennyS 3 Mai às 14:43 
@Reven, why do you want to fix it... lol
ReveN 1 Mai às 17:13 
How can I fix the nipples going out problem ?
Sassy Whooves 27 Abr às 23:06 
is there a ver where the face shield is down?
Mac Gaming Master 26 Abr às 13:36 
never mind its now working
Mac Gaming Master 25 Abr às 20:10 
i have the perk to craft it and the other mod it needs but it wont work HELP!
Dr. Zull (Dr. Love) 25 Abr às 5:32 
Can you make weaker versions of it? The armor looks awesome but I would like to have lower level versions of it. (maybe one with the stats of steel plate and one with the stats of dwarven?)
LORENZZO 4 Abr às 12:09 
i have CBBE and the mod installed but it wont work
whaledriver 30 Mar às 13:16 
She is beautiful! Great looking armor too...
[BB™]Shadow 16 Mar às 17:37 
Holy fuck, I want my character look like that. EXACTLY like that! *_*_*_*_*
RoyOnion 11 Mar às 10:47 
just got to say love the armor look and the most beautiful ive seen made :3
everydayninja 9 Mar às 22:19 
how do i fix the nipples ???? they look so weird
popel 7 Mar às 15:17 
myoukei 4 Mar às 7:03 
the helmet makes your eyes dissapear ;n;
pauldanby3 24 Fev às 17:42 
epic armor freind can you make other armor like this please?
AbadopolGrimspree 12 Fev às 15:40 
The nipples do try to hang out a tad..."You like Rihanna or something?" Besides that..Nice armor set.
Inferno Prodigy 2 Fev às 17:24 
what do you use for the hair and eyes
Riflemen TAB 20 Jan às 14:50 
yeah sofias tits hang out so um lol
|Scimitar| Hellion Nick 15 Jan às 12:02 
The armor may be slightly better then glass with half the weigth, but the sword is absolutely insane. It even outshines most weapons I got through other mods, it is an absolute wrecking ball.
Otakuro 14 Jan às 8:51 
what mod you use for the eyes?
Blackorcraft 11 Jan às 3:17 
guys, before asking questions read the description, it is clearly written that the armor can only be crafted with the ebonite smithing skill
king weewee 7 Jan às 21:24 
awesome bug, if you have naked bodys their tits will show
Tofu 7 Jan às 3:41 
where to craft this? I cant seem to find it in the forging area
HyperX 2 Jan às 19:52 
Forget the armor how do i get the char?
Unknown soldier 1 Jan às 4:03 
how do i get the armor ?
Scorpion wins 30 Dez, 2014 às 0:17 
Nooo I want the character instead the armor :)
derp 29 Dez, 2014 às 13:26 
i have a problem with the hands when walking with spells whats up with that
Garok7 29 Dez, 2014 às 3:19 
Очень красиво, но продаётся слишком дорого.
Sir. Cat 23 Dez, 2014 às 1:34 
How can ya make your character so hot ? =o
Isirion 18 Dez, 2014 às 7:43 
j'ai pas compris comment on la trouve cette armure faut la crafter ? si oui comment ?
licensed_bandit 16 Dez, 2014 às 21:41 
why do u need the skyrim body mod?
GENSEC 7 Dez, 2014 às 0:55 
This is so sexy
Blackwater 2 Dez, 2014 às 6:24 
wish there was a cloth choice to make it look like a legit set that some one would wear but still one of the best sets i can find
kaiser20191981 27 Nov, 2014 às 9:16 
Looks amazing! works very well on Serana!
pokemonfinalfantasy 10 Nov, 2014 às 15:07 
looks cool and well done graphic
That Guy 10 Nov, 2014 às 11:02 
Why not a unp version?
zwart-ader 31 Out, 2014 às 7:36 
I made a mod showcase of the set ,i hope you don't mind.
here's the link:
BTW.Nice set .love it :D
min 27 Out, 2014 às 8:44 
so how is this armour exactly??? if anyone aimed at her chest/stomach/thigh she would be shot down instantly.
ColdusT 16 Out, 2014 às 2:09 
Same nipslip problem on follower mod Sofia
^Σ§Ƈ^AWOL Bday 4days 12 Out, 2014 às 11:23 
theres a major nipslip problem with my modded follower but its a cool armor set
MarleyC Higashikata 12 Out, 2014 às 0:23 
Is that a follower? She's beauty as fuck. Please let me know if i can download that char as a follower <3 <3 <3 !. ty in advance.
RenorDrathir 8 Out, 2014 às 23:53 
I'd love to see a bow and arrow following the design scheme just to match everything up with my playstyle.