Schwertleite Set
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Master of Shadows 6. huhti 9.25 
Is the sword included or is it a seperate mod?
naderman1 2. huhti 17.12 
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ ░░
▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░
Okami Ryuu 1. huhti 6.26 
Does this armor set work on a normal female character without the body or face mod?
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 31. maalis 11.52 
@Toxinism: Console coding might help! If not, find it under ebony, or any where near it in that case.
Toxinism™ 27. maalis 19.26 
I'm actually having a bit of trouble actually finding the armor in order to craft it. Any help?
darkrazor20 20. maalis 18.16 
what CBBE Body Mod are you using?
†Rouge † 19. maalis 19.50 
What's your face mod?
lostinlife42 16. maalis 10.48 
I realy like the sword. Do you think you could make some other wepons? Maybe a dagger and a bow?
ryo_oki 11. maalis 19.01 
standard fantasy femalearmor..... the less you cover teh better the armor class :>
Chiefox 8. maalis 17.05 
Excellent armor mod but i dislike the leg armor. :(

greghorn97 8. maalis 14.59 
nice armor but i wish the pretty girl came with it
lelanduk 7. maalis 14.46 
Why would any female go into battle wearing what is essentially an armoured bikini?
Baka nya 5. maalis 17.19 
What is the hairstyle called? :p
victor.emmen 5. maalis 7.19 
i use a CBBE body mod from the steam workshop, does dat work as well?
fatbiscuit395 26. helmi 21.32 
how do u get your character to pose
Chiefox 23. helmi 16.03 
No UNP version.... me a sad panda. :(
Plasmatreck 23. helmi 13.23 
Your charakter is unbelievebil beautiful love your mod you have my gartitude :D
G20 19. helmi 7.20 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
Le Duck on Quack 18. helmi 22.27 
Could you add the code for this armour? You know, for the console?
Totalrock 18. helmi 14.13 
stop bieng a rage,Obi ! the person made it powerful so legit players can kick ass and look sexy doing it. and btw awesome mod.
Neo - MewDeiKai 15. helmi 17.12 
Neo - MewDeiKai 15. helmi 17.12 
Obi-Patates 15. helmi 10.36 
Omfg, in all my life, this is probably the WORST mod ever. Not only does the armour EXIST to begin with, but you make it twice as powerfull as the glass armour ? What the fuck man ? if you had made it half as powerfull as the Hide armour, then it would barely have been acceptable! You might as well go on and make a second Nudity mod, (worst nod ever, btw)
zerox27_55 11. helmi 10.04 
warning if you use a female frost elf with this armor...let just say it doesnt cover everything
catherine.collette 11. helmi 8.36 
merci superbe armure change du traditionnel
Foxy346 <3 Stefan 10. helmi 23.38 
i wear the armor for the stats, so its a bit revealing for me...
RainbowMeMeDash 7. helmi 1.16 
where do i get the red eyes??
|●| Xsafro |●| 6. helmi 14.28 
I love this mod, thanks so much for making it man. Sexy and protective, two useful things in mySkyrim experience!
IronWarrior 4. helmi 22.07 
TrueLizard, you don't have to pay for a mod to download mods on Nexus. Just click the button at the bottom of the page to register.
TheChocobo 4. helmi 6.45 
Wish people would stop making mods that require nexus only mods im not gonna pay for a ******* mod.
fenrar28 25. tammi 23.59 
Great armor, feminine without being trashy, covers all the bits and pieces nicely.
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 25. tammi 11.08 
Slim or curvy?
Goldcat99 19. tammi 20.33 
Such realistic armor.
[MxP]Sgt. Dragonborne 19. tammi 16.34 
do i actually need CBBE or can i just use it without CBBE?
^9[LAG]^1RyanM360 19. tammi 7.51 
the character in the pics is CBBE curvy.
Нянта 17. tammi 10.06 
how to make the same character model?using CBBE Body Mod I could not get.
RadMystical 15. tammi 11.54 
Is that a custome modded race in the pics? ._.
Xabu 14. tammi 19.38 
Really nice set; little on the OP side for armor but it does require a massive investment into Blacksmithing as well as a ton of Ebony/Quicksilver so I guess it is at least justified.
FtuuLynx 12. tammi 5.19 
pls give codes of this items
ღRuby Roseღ 11. tammi 20.11 
downloaded it and downloaded the thing u need and i cant find the armor
\/\Korrupt/\/ 10. tammi 5.12 
perfect it shows just enough skin to look dam right awesome but not enough to get a boner every 5 minutes
PK_RaZer™ 8. tammi 8.34 
Sexy !! I use it !! Nice +1 !!!
[TW]0912942260 5. tammi 10.15 
good nice
gamefreakx1 4. tammi 15.33 
are there texture mods your using to increase the detail of your character?
RioT_FoX 4. tammi 0.37 
ı cant find this mod in game
ı have legendrary edition but ı cant find
kiki2007tx 2. tammi 14.40 
i s-ubscibed & have ebony smithing perk. What steps do i take to see this show up somewhere?
Fox 31. joulu, 2013 19.15 
very good set,
Selene 30. joulu, 2013 3.05 
Love this armor ! the only thing i am working on atm is trying to hide the helm.... i have the show/hide helm mod but it just ignores it for some odd reason.. i have the cbbe curvy and its fabulous :)
-Mission Complete- 22. joulu, 2013 11.20 
aaronshall 10. joulu, 2013 17.36