The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
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Raiden Jul 22 @ 8:55am 
Quick question, is this mod compatable with color changing mods like CLO?
The Mun Man Jul 17 @ 9:17pm 
so much malukah right now I LAV AT
Kyaranir Jul 4 @ 10:40pm 
Отличный мод, он должен быть установлен у каждого игрока в Skyrim.
Master Malakai Jul 3 @ 11:05pm 
damn.. that cover of the theme..... damn @.@
[LV]PYR8 Jun 30 @ 3:49pm 
Nice weather effects. Though I havent seen lighting yet. Looking forward to it. Took my awhile to figure out why Riften was always so "blurry" looking. Thought it was some bug with another mods. Turns out it was Fog. Also nights with no moon, cloud cover and fog are pitch black. I had to wonder if my graphics had b0rked. Until I used a torch. Really like this mod so far. :D
Asalezand_Wilddragon Jun 29 @ 5:33pm 
For those of you who cannot see at night, check your brightness setting under the ingame menu. If you turn it up it will help with that. You can make it so night is pitch black, or super bright depending on where you put that slider at.

Btw, realistic night, when no moon is present, is actually pitch black. So in a rainstorm at night, you would not be able to see anything except your own torchlight. However, for practical purposes I can understand why that would be troublesome. lol.
AELDIN Jun 12 @ 9:08am 
I've noticed that when i use climates of tamriel the glow cast upon the ground, buildings, snow and my character from auroras or my nebula mod is gone. Is this a bug or an intended part of the mod as i did hear something about CofT getting rid of ambient light but can't remember where.
opusGlass Jun 8 @ 7:45pm 
It's completely impossible to see at night. I'm using Steam mods only, to make it easier to move from computer to computer, so downloading the Nexus version is out of the question.

If there's only one download option, it should be the one that everybody can use, not just vampires and kahjiits. I will be unsubscribing from this mod, unfortunately.
Backpain Jun 7 @ 7:53am 
what other mods can be combined with this one?Pls some1 tell me..
Chili May 30 @ 7:08pm 
@SkyVail I just checked, apprently not. Only supported in the full version.
SkyVail May 25 @ 10:14pm 
Is "real shelter CoT" compatible with the lite version of CoT??
30K May 23 @ 1:50pm 
how do i know if its working? because i was playing for about 10 mins and noticed nothing different about the weather?
Mecha Leo May 14 @ 2:22pm 
I heard that the mod had a problem with lighting. I assumed it wasn't too major... but then...
Seriously guys, no point in having a mod if I never put it to use since I ca-*crashing, banging, and angry cats* OW!
MarsNGuns May 11 @ 4:10pm 
I also have to ask: will you update this to the full version now that the Steam mod size limits have changed? I have used this mod for a long time so I would love to try the full version straight from Steam (Y)
Nachoguy5 May 2 @ 5:20pm 
Beautiful but has the "whole world turns black during anything more than a sprinkle" problem been fixed?
The Iron Weasel Apr 30 @ 3:12pm 
With the new mod size change are you gonna update this to the full version?
Lexper Apr 26 @ 9:18pm 
Q: Do you accept GabeN as your lord and saviour?
A: You dare question my loyalty!?
Spoderman Apr 25 @ 10:29am 
Man, I wish there were a version without these dark nights. It splits the game in two. And changes my playstile drastically. It`s like playing a vampire all the time. The mod is great at day but these nights ruin it for me.
pauldanby3 Apr 24 @ 5:22pm 
perfect mod can you please add tornadoes and hurricanes ?
QBall Apr 4 @ 7:24am 
So how much does this drop preformence or framerate?
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Flubbenger Mar 23 @ 10:14pm 
So it adds like 2000 new skyboxes?
castlerea12 Mar 21 @ 8:02am 
For some reason your mods dont seem to load and say I am not subscribed to you yet clearly I am, is there anyway to fix this
Chasios Mar 11 @ 1:10pm 
is this mod still being worked on
K I L L E R 89 (FIN) Mar 10 @ 4:31am 
Will you release full sized textures, now that the file size limitation is being ditched?
Luna Mercury Mar 6 @ 11:03am 
I can't see rain effects. ._.
Ade Mar 4 @ 3:19am 
@ZxRogue6 That's not caused by this mod, I'm sure of it. I had that problem on my old computer, the problem could be with your gpu or drivers.
Just a Box Feb 27 @ 6:39am 
in my personal opinion, the game looks worse with CoT installed :/
ZxRogue6 Feb 25 @ 3:44pm 
Water, Fire, fog/smoke are all really glitchy. plus the flame spells occasionally come up with a purple square.
Chasq1 Feb 22 @ 4:01pm 
great mod thx plus i agree with Gingerguygamer the night time is great thx.
LokiTheSuperSaiyan Feb 22 @ 4:33am 
Does this work in Solstheim? From the DragonBorn DLC
lasvegasxavier Feb 21 @ 9:22pm 
N64. (I'm sure most people won't get the joke.)
GingerGuyGamer Feb 21 @ 9:30am 
night time is more real and yeah just get a torch or candle light
LokiTheSuperSaiyan Feb 17 @ 2:42am 
@Aric It must be your PC.

I have both an ENB (Real Vision) and CoT installed and I get 45-60 FPS in all areas.

Even with the 300% grass density mod I have on.
aric Feb 13 @ 11:39pm 
crashes almost instantly
aric Feb 13 @ 11:38pm 
too lagy for me :(
Dovakiin Spencer Feb 13 @ 9:59am 
People who think this mod nights are to dark and want it lighter I say to you... Stop being lazy and find a torch. Torches are in the game for a reason.
Washout Feb 8 @ 2:34am 
All this mod needs is a feeling wet penalty, other then that, its near perfect.
I love the dark nights
Soviet KZ Feb 7 @ 11:28pm 
why no update
Mr. Lemon Feb 2 @ 9:34am 
Does it alter textures of night sky / auroras / falling snow, or is it compatible?
VanillaMuff1nz Jan 29 @ 2:50pm 
it said it doesnt affect any mods that affect weather, does that include sound?
MarsNGuns Jan 27 @ 1:38pm 
It would help a lot if there were an SKSE Menu for this mod because this is actually a REALLY GOOD mod (Y)
Pumisis Jan 11 @ 9:40pm 
Using Nexus mod manager allows you to choose your settings and BOSS fixes load order problems. Jan 11 @ 5:37pm 
One look kinda tells me you shouldn't confuse polluted nights with realistic. The night skys you see in Skyrim is pure. Light pollution blocks out stars and galaxies.

Without light pollution we could see every star and galaxy that is possible. The sky would be lit up and not dark like the polluted, night sky. Learn some science yo. Science is cooool.
NatitimoNation Jan 11 @ 4:29pm 
I enjoy the mod and its awsome but it rains too much so plz fix the nonstop rain!
Aeon Jan 11 @ 3:43am 
I like this mod, but night TOO DARK. Absolutely can't play. Torch light useless and spell Candlelight too! I can see only first 1-2 metres in front of me! I often hit guards, but not vampires in towns! Please fix it... i know it's more realistic, when night dark, but if player CAN'T PLAY and enjoy game (and this mod) what's a point?
deadlyifrit Jan 4 @ 11:33pm 
is it compatible with relighting skyrim?
Carlos Spicyweiner Jan 3 @ 2:45am 
Been using this for a while with frostfall and just recently It started getting pretty buggy. I'd walk indoors and hear the rain hitting the roof with my sounds of skyrim mod, then I would walk outside and it wouldnt even be cloudy, but my feet were soggy with the wet and cold mod and apparently I was getting drenched according to frostfall, yet this mod would produce no visual rain, but the game thought it was raining. Unfortunatly due to this bug I'm going back to Pureweather. Seems to be far less buggy and works much better with frostfall.
RedRose14441 Jan 1 @ 3:42pm 
does this work with other mods like it (mostly weather mods)?
A Llama Dec 31, 2014 @ 3:16pm 
I honestly see no difference between this and the vinilla game... Can somebody tell me what changes?