Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
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Whats up with the grass at night.
BIGASS GUN Aug 20 @ 1:49pm 
Actually its dark in many parts of Skyrim.
Agent 0-7-0 Aug 20 @ 3:36am 
BIGASS GUN Aug 19 @ 4:29pm 
Having a problem in Dawnstar and part of Riften. It's too dark like black fog dark. Walk a little ways and it gets bright again.
Meanim Aug 12 @ 1:19am 
Finally :3
High_Roller Aug 7 @ 2:22am 
I like this very much! Thank you!
Rune Jul 31 @ 6:19pm 
I'm reading on the Interwebs that other people use collections with hidden, mandatory items as a work around to the size limit. Wouldn't that be the solution here? Hope so, 'cause I want the full experience (incl. customizable night time brightness), but the Nexus seems too confusing to me :)
Fullback Jul 31 @ 2:39pm 
it looks awesome specaly with that ENB what im using! the nights look realistic but its to dark for playing.
Gh0$T Jul 31 @ 1:40pm 
Very nice!! GOOD JOB!!
Les Grossman Jul 29 @ 4:07am 
Great mod, but it's hard to see at night with bad weather (Low brightness)
Seth2pt0 Jul 25 @ 9:54pm 
Can you please add the dungeons and interiors to steam plz and thank you. :) This mod is uber awesome.
AndrameDA! Jul 25 @ 9:59am 
когда идёт дождь, трава светится как фонарь.частая смена погодных явлений. ночь ну очень тёмная. тьма в ночи заглушает факел , так что даже патч на усиление радиуса света неспасает.
Cellar Door Jul 24 @ 3:21am 
Awesome mod, but I can't use it however as it seems to make my rain completely invisible, which kind of defeats the purpose somewhat... Hopefully that will get worked out at some point and I'll be able to reinstall this mod. Shame really, it added some much needed variety to the experience.
katyhatesnake Jul 23 @ 6:01pm 
Best mod I've ever had for Skyrim! I abusolutely love the darkness in the night; it adds another level of immersiveness for me since now I have to use torch or candlelight spell or night vision to do anything at night.

Great work! Is there a donate button I can click? :D
Nico Jul 23 @ 2:04am 
rossignoli.m Jul 21 @ 4:23pm 
Wonderfull effects in daylight but in the night it is too dark...It could be perfect if the night light was not so dark but a bit more lighter
[DFS] Spaceman Stew Jul 21 @ 6:16am 
Awesome but night is too dark
jpfoshizzle Jul 19 @ 8:40pm 
Don't know if it's this mod that's making my frame rate drop, but it's still pretty damn awesome. 10/10.
Gwisam_pootis In da butt Jul 18 @ 6:27am 
i dont like this mod, nights are so dark and im trying to delete this mod but it still working...
jonnyb508 Jul 16 @ 10:38am 
any1 else having the problem where this mod makes rain inviable
olderthanyou85 Jul 15 @ 9:20am 
A absolutely beutiful work. This mod give you a reason for night vision. Weathere it's through character abilities, alchemy, or spell. Much like the U.S. Military. If you have night vision, you rule the night. The only problem I have is managing the games memory limit. I am close to the max. I would have to remove several other mods to run yours. Thumbs up , and good work.
SecondDrip Jul 14 @ 8:06am 
i have the brightness down to near minimum anyway. I walk outside and it's like playing russian roulette with cliffs, trees and vampires. I literally cant see my own sillhouette
Nik Jul 12 @ 9:34pm 
"welcome to the real world"- an excuse for why the nights are dark (according to people in the comment section). next thing you know, theyll add the option to breathe, piss and mandatory sleeping in skyrim. nice one haha
Hallthorr Jul 10 @ 5:49pm 
Really like the Night now!
Since this mod, i actually go to sleep in this game :'D (Really nice with the Camping Mod)
Realistic as hell, thanks !
WLM~GasconFedaykin~ Jul 9 @ 3:25pm 
If you are having trouble with seeing at night then another mod effecting the brightness of light sources is your best bet. Such a change is not really this mod's forte.
I don't mind the extreme darkness at night, but I would really like it if torches could improve visibility at night time.
Barloc Jul 7 @ 5:47am 
if you live somewhere where there is a large forest with no lights around for at least 500 meters.. It will be dark.. VERY dark.. unless you got fullmoon.. When you use a lighter.. can you see what is beyond that lighter or just the surronding areas?? You can only see the surrounding area cause you are blinded by the light from the lighter.. A flashlight on the other hand witch has its light directed AWAY from your head will be able to light up a large portion of the area.. A torch would do the same as a lighter.. blind the user..
Sorry, Im bad Jul 6 @ 5:19pm 
does this work with the mod pure waters?
jwadland Jul 5 @ 2:38am 
I kinda want my night to be dark, but its normal, so darn. I guess its just since its a "unique night" or is it not working atall?
Shiz Jul 5 @ 12:07am 
Also tried the Nexus version CoT V3, also doesn't work.
Shiz Jul 5 @ 12:06am 
Can't get this mod to work AT ALL, I turned off all other weather mods, still doesn't work. Any help?
Kisa Merula Jul 3 @ 9:40am 
for everyone complaining that night is too dark. welcome to the real world, if there is no lights around besides a torch or a one single light outside, news flash. it is DARK. its suppose to be DARK.
Grim_Revan Jun 30 @ 5:06pm 
I like the realistic darkness at night, but hate the fact that lighting effects don't produce much light. I think if the light sources can be enhanced to cast light to enable better visibility near light sources like in Dragon's Dogma. I loved playing at night on that game as it was crazy dark, but the light sources had great effect when used.
M1GU31[ABK] Jun 30 @ 2:42pm 
at night even with a torch
M1GU31[ABK] Jun 30 @ 2:42pm 
I like it but it's super dark!
NuclearCat Jun 26 @ 6:16pm 
People, sleep at night. Also I don't know if anyone has had this issue but I can Skyrim and all DLCs on ultra high easily, but when I am in a storm I have slight lag like my framerate is too slow. Various spells and torches also work for night people, those and adjusting your screen brightness in settings.
Peasant Slinger Jun 26 @ 4:41pm 
i like the night as a kitty, its very immersive and i have night vision
jimi the janitor Jun 26 @ 9:48am 
night time is unplayable for me other than that awesome mod,maybe fix that please
Derek Jun 25 @ 11:56pm 
Pikachu Jun 25 @ 11:18pm 
Will my computer be able to run it??
CPU i5 mobile
GPU Intel HD 4400
4 GB of RAM
Stone Wall Jackson Jun 25 @ 11:14pm 
i dont see the difference between the normal game and this mods for the game
Swag Duck Jun 24 @ 11:47am 
Its working with Wet and Cold?
*Scotty*Cosmos* Jun 22 @ 6:38pm 
makes the game to dark, good effort thoe
Nefere Jun 22 @ 4:04am 
I don't know, but I don't really notice any difference, except that the sky sometimes turns white for a second and then -boom- weather has changed. It feels so unnatural if the sky is dark and it rains and suddenly the sun is shining. Same with the sunset, it's suddenly there.
Elder Jiggs Jun 13 @ 11:30pm 
is it supposed to Rain on High Hrothgar? and fog/mist around Whiterun?
Shurban Jun 12 @ 7:37am 
Does it work with Realistic Lighting?
Plasma Raven Jun 9 @ 1:23pm 
@ Jeffgame13 Just turn your brightness up
seanpiercy42 Jun 5 @ 1:26am 
This is the only weather mod I use and haven't had one issue with it, which IS saying something. If you're going to use this check out the "Real Rain COT" mod that compliments it. I've also had no problem playing this mod at night (hokum80), just turn your brightness up a bit and use torches or the light spell. Also download "Relighting Skyrim" (one of my top 5 must have mods) that removes fake lights and compensates by placing more actual lights (lanterns, fire pits, etc.); as well as "Lanterns of Skyrim" which gives you lanterns on the roads. Brighter torches would definitly help too... Anyway with this mod and the others mentioned, you will have much better lighting and weather system going.

The purpose of my comment was actually to thank the developer for the great mod. I definitely couldn't imagine plaing with the vanilla weather and your mod adds much needed changes. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this!
jeffgame13 Jun 4 @ 11:30pm 
makes the game unplayable at night or in storm conditions. had to use a "night eye" ring nearly all the time, which defetes object of mod
Verry spectacula sunrises IF you could see the sun
Csilk3997 Jun 4 @ 6:46pm 
awesome mod it add a very good change the vanilla climates and also found amazing sights to be aproved with this mod