Shadow Striping Fix (Indoor/Outdoor)
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Arthedáin 2014년 4월 19일 오전 8시 05분 
thanks for your tips :)
BowedYapper  [제작자] 2014년 4월 19일 오전 6시 47분 
@Arthedáin: I think this might be a problem with your INI file, if you don't have any custom modifications, I'd recommend deleting your INI's hopefully this will solve the problem, if not it might be another mod (perhaps outdated?) so you may need to disable one by one to find the exact cause.
Arthedáin 2014년 4월 19일 오전 2시 34분 

what can I do when having a line in front of me which loads the shadows really near to me?

its like a line in front of me which loads the shadows only 5 feet away from me and while I move it moves with me, it looks very ugly, plz help!
SocoJoe 2014년 3월 23일 오후 3시 53분 
Works Great where it is important, I did notice some outdoor Striping, but I'm guessing this wasn't meant to fix that, thx for the mod.. :D
Light_112 2014년 3월 20일 오전 1시 36분 
simple but cool mod, thanks for the mod
Not Me 2014년 3월 17일 오전 8시 22분 
looks good :)
Wolodyjowski 2014년 3월 7일 오후 8시 26분 <--- check that out, lol. that's striped shadows using this mod on vanilla textures ultra graphics quality. Other than that I didn't see any other occurences of it (yet) but I started the game just today on that playthrough with the mod.
maclever 2014년 2월 26일 오후 7시 07분 
@jhnwht, look at the mod dates man, of course it wont work in miraak's temple. dragonborn was released feb 2013, the mod was last updated aug 2012. mr smart man folks
jhnwht 2014년 2월 15일 오전 5시 10분 
Doesn't work in Miraak's Temple.
paulzuk 2014년 2월 9일 오전 8시 51분 
Fuchsschweif. Thanks for the info. Perhaps BOSS is glitched, which is very possible. Wish I could play my game and find out. I keep starting a new game & it crashes just when the dragon appears, during the second flash on the screen. Google keeps coming up with dead ends, so the solution eludes me.
Fuchspfote 2014년 2월 9일 오전 3시 52분 
funny thing is, even though it is included in the unofficial skyrim patch, and i certainly do have all those patches activated, it does not work for me.
so, i downloaded this mod, no more striped shadows! but as soon as i deactivate it - back to the stripes.
paulzuk 2014년 2월 9일 오전 2시 11분 
Just a heads up. If you already use the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, there is no need to download this, because it's already included. BOSS picked it up as an error and advised me to delete it as a result. Perhaps this is worth mentioning in the description. All the same, appreciate what you have done. I just want to help people avoid conflicts in their game, especially those who don't know enough to use Nexus Mod Manager, Wrye Smash and BOSS.
Tiktaalik 2014년 2월 7일 오전 10시 26분 
I almost miss those striped bastards now. They were my steadfast friends way back in my sneaking days, as I crept over rocks in the moonlight . . . but that was before the arrow.

Great mod. It is almost unnerving seeing clean surfaces.
Darth_Stu 2014년 1월 24일 오후 12시 21분 
one day i was in my home looking around at my creation and thought f**K me i hate those shadows i wish there was a mod to fix them. and then you came along and rocked my world with your simple but effective solution.
nice work buddy.
TaistifulRainbowKen 2014년 1월 12일 오후 8시 48분 
Thank You,Almighty Lord Of Graphics ;-;
merel_17 2014년 1월 11일 오전 5시 23분 
It didn't work for me:(
Shogun YogKnightDiamond 2014년 1월 4일 오후 9시 10분 
Sir, you are being hunted, by people who love your work!
Genji 2013년 12월 17일 오후 5시 41분 
Thank you for your work.
psouba 2013년 12월 15일 오후 3시 30분 
THANK YOU. If you're ever in the Reno NV area, I owe you a beer.
Doctor D. Ildo 2013년 12월 11일 오전 9시 04분 
Thank you! Finally my Solitude house doesn't look like a waste of munny!
Brelovix 2013년 12월 10일 오후 1시 50분 
Thank you for fixing this with your mod. Was super annoying.
Noudbuk 2013년 11월 22일 오전 6시 13분 
how i can undrstand, this fixied strips an all locations?
Dr.Sawbones 2013년 11월 21일 오후 3시 33분 
thank god im tired of seeing pure beauty then BOOM handicapped shadows
Zathmi 2013년 11월 3일 오후 5시 40분 
Works like a charm. Thanks for getting rid of that annoyance! :)
WTFASAURUS 2013년 10월 30일 오후 2시 13분 

BIG PROPS! You made the stripes go away outside! Thanks!
danielmedfors 2013년 10월 3일 오전 11시 20분 
not working
Silverhawk 2013년 9월 8일 오전 2시 11분 
Spent a 100 hours playing and whenever I go home to breeze, the shadow bug really ruined the atomsphere for me. Doesn't work in other areas but meh. Thanks for fixing this, have a thumbs up
Tserq 2013년 9월 2일 오전 9시 45분 
That shadows at home pretty ugly...
...but couldnt enter breeze home after installing this fix mod :(
|rB| BeasT 2013년 9월 2일 오전 12시 10분 
Guys just go into your SkyrimPrefs.ini and set Shadow Bias Scale to this


That will fix all your outdoor shadow striping. To fix indoor shadows you have to use a mod like this
Metis 2013년 9월 1일 오후 3시 47분 
Gave this a shot and it dosent seem to work for me either. Spotty at best. Will check back love thave those pesky shadow fixws (out & Indoor)
karateboyjk 2013년 8월 16일 오후 4시 49분 
it isnt working for me either
littlefiredragon 2013년 7월 31일 오후 5시 11분 
It doesn't always work, but when it does, it makes things look twenty times better. It is... the most interesting mod in the world.

Seriously, though. There are a lot of places this mod doesn't work. There are, however, many places where it DOES work, and those were the ones that needed it most. Radiant Raiment, the house in solitude, and probably other locations look a LOT better. I'm hesitant to install ANY mod at all, even through steam, and even I recommend this mod.
Lucius Romanus 2013년 7월 27일 오후 4시 15분 
This is also not working for me, I can upload some screenshots if needed. I'll stay subscribed hoping this will be fixed soon :(
Video James 2013년 7월 24일 오후 3시 35분 
Works fine indoors, but outdoors you still see it on rocks and snow.
Agent Luthardt 2013년 7월 21일 오후 1시 40분 
not working
Vertronic 2013년 6월 26일 오후 3시 44분 
Does not work for me
Iamyew 2013년 6월 25일 오전 10시 26분 
not working for me either. still subscribed, but needs work. I'm having issues in the outdoors, and I deactivated all other lighting mods to see if there was a conflict. The issue persisted. Please update, thanks!
Qtop 2013년 6월 24일 오전 3시 49분 
Good stuff, thanks dude.
Assassin Piggy 2013년 6월 20일 오전 10시 36분 
Thanks man this bug really ruined my game at first I went into SkyrimPrefs and turned off shadows from there but it made crashs happen time to time when saving etc... Thanks.
Higuera 2013년 6월 19일 오후 6시 34분 
vvvv how is this worse than before,its better than black lines going trough stuff even tho theres alot of light hitting the item,if u rly dont like it then dont get it
cRs ツ 2013년 6월 13일 오후 2시 26분 
isn't working :(
[TIM] Vernerl 2013년 6월 6일 오전 6시 07분 
im saved my riverwood looks like sonic hope it works
MTF13 2013년 6월 5일 오후 12시 16분 
not working perfectly yet needs some bugs to work out
Yekul 2013년 5월 25일 오전 11시 49분 
Worst than before D:
Outlander 2013년 5월 20일 오후 3시 28분 
made my game crash
BowedYapper  [제작자] 2013년 5월 19일 오후 4시 45분 
Thanks, I know its been a while since my last update, will try to get one rolling out soon :)
Enzyme 2013년 5월 19일 오후 1시 13분 
I've looked high and low for a mod like this and now i have found it
Thank You.
SHARKuk 2013년 5월 19일 오전 8시 35분 
Been using this for a while and never got round to saying thanks. Great mod makes everything look nice.
Lord Kryos 2013년 5월 18일 오후 5시 04분 
Didn't work at first for some strange reason (must be something on my end, not the mods fault) buts its working perfectly now, thanks so much :D
Monobrow Fly 2013년 5월 13일 오전 9시 13분