Brother in Arms
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Paranaue 2013年5月26日上午10:00 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░VALVE ADD ░ █
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░THIS PLEASE! █
<<GT500>> JZeeba 2012年7月11日下午3:52 
not bad actually, but the strap seems a bit small, thumbs up anyway
Sero 2012年7月3日上午9:38 
TF Classic in avatars :О
Sero 2012年7月3日上午9:37 
So so :D
Responsive Hydra 2012年6月29日下午4:15 
it should be the brother in harms
› Blue Falcon :o3 2012年6月29日下午2:55 
Cool :D
addairav 2012年6月29日下午2:55 
cool but needs a little work
Big_Bertha 2012年6月29日下午12:51 
it looks kinda weird
Da Atte 2012年6月29日上午11:23 
Not bad, not bad.
Inaba (My acc was hacked :c) 2012年6月29日上午11:14 
best to up that to the workshop XD not just show me. looks good
SiPlus  [作者] 2012年6月29日上午11:12 
DeadRevenant, (I know I could optimize the rounded part a bit, but it's too late now).
Le Marchand De Glace 2012年6月29日上午10:55 
I like it. Much better than all the troll entries the workshop had lately.
Inaba (My acc was hacked :c) 2012年6月29日上午10:41 
Because it helps to provide details like that. Alot of people who made items for tf2 added in model screenshots and look where they went. in the game.
SiPlus  [作者] 2012年6月29日上午10:40 
Inaba (My acc was hacked :c) 2012年6月29日上午10:39 
I mean soem in model screenshots from the program you used to make this. that you can use in the workshop.
Inaba (My acc was hacked :c) 2012年6月29日上午10:36 
Looks oversized... there is no model pictures either could you provide some in model shots and maybe a video?