More Dynamic Shadows with Striping Fixed
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AceNtheHole89 7月26日 13時35分 
makes game crash when u try to enter breezehome
Creature of Purgatory 7月24日 19時26分 
okay i encountered the flashing-light bug as well and un-subscribed but then i still had the bug so i'm confused and worried. got rid of the rest of my lighting mods and it's gone now. maybe a mod conflict? I dunno! I'm very curious about what caused the bug though.
Synthesis 7月12日 10時39分 
Another person confirming the camera angle/light mod. It's extremely noticeable in Breezehome, since it's such a small, confined space--the entire house goes from darkness to bright light with just a little adjustment. Anyone had any luck fixing this?
PuuLoo  [作成者] 7月10日 14時24分 

Have you downlaoded this plugin: from Skyrim Nexus and loaded it after my mod?
Cha 7月5日 17時48分 
Still crashes when trying to enter Breezehome (installed with high all DLC and the hi res pack).
PuuLoo  [作成者] 7月5日 14時45分 
@Akron and Nefere

Thanks for the report guys and expect an update tomorrow. :)
Akron 7月2日 10時48分 
Thanks for the respond @PuuLoo,

I think I have the same issue Nefere has. In specific angles, the light turns off, but switches back on when I move a few steps. In High Hrothgar, it's the lights on the left to the entrance, when you enter and stand in the middle of the room, on the spot where the greybeards teach you Fus Ro Dah, a little room to the left, the fire sometimes lights the entire room, and sometimes only the spot above the fire. Also, te double doors to the outside, not where you enter high Hrothgar, but where you can go outside to meet that greybeard leader dragon (don't know his name in english), and you stand in front of the double doors, a little to the left of it, the light above the right door sometimes doesn't work. I think there might be more issues, but those where the only ones that really stayed in my memory.

Again, great mod, and sorry for my bad english^^
Nefere 7月2日 10時35分 

Mostly dungeons and other interiors, I think.
PuuLoo  [作成者] 7月2日 7時17分 

Do you have the plugin, for which i posted the link in the description, from the Nexus Forums installed? It fixes the Breezehome bug.



Can you tell me specifically which light/s are having shadow bugs so i can fix them? :)



Hmmmm. Can you tell me in which interior you are having the switch off bug?
Nefere 6月30日 9時52分 
Hmm...I think I have a bug. Sometimes the light seems to be switched off when the camera is in a certain angle. For example, I look at a wall and the light just turns off, and when I look somewhere else it turns back on.
Akron 6月30日 3時37分 
Got some shadow bugs in High Hrothgar, fix would be great. Great mod anyway!
icyspecter 6月29日 18時13分 
ruins entering breezehome
Soldiers of YEEAAA 6月28日 21時35分 
thanks. i like my game to be mroe realistic and fun
PuuLoo  [作成者] 6月28日 12時24分 
@Soldiers of WTF?

In the following days i will do my best to show good examples of the ruins. :)
PuuLoo  [作成者] 6月28日 12時24分 

Yes, it functions perfectly. :)
Furuichi 6月27日 4時25分 
Soldiers of YEEAAA 6月14日 18時23分 
but cam you show us some examples on the ruins please?
Soldiers of YEEAAA 6月14日 18時21分 
PuuLoo  [作成者] 6月14日 10時11分 
@Soldiers of WTF?

Yes. :) Evrything is working all of the time with the corresponding effect and light.
Soldiers of YEEAAA 6月2日 3時23分 
and ruins for example nordic ruins?
Soldiers of YEEAAA 6月2日 3時22分 
does it have any effect at night time?
PuuLoo  [作成者] 6月1日 15時34分 

Thanks man! I appreciate it!
lynthepin 5月21日 16時58分 
I had realistic lighting mod and yes it was atmospheric, but having to use nighteye in nearly every indoor scene ( including my archmage quarters ) was getting on my wick.
This mod is brilliant! rated and faved
PuuLoo  [作成者] 5月20日 5時32分 
@Serega ZH

Hey, you should download the mod from this link: - and then load it after my mod in the Data menu :)
PuuLoo  [作成者] 5月20日 5時29分 

I'm afraid that my mod won't work with the CoT plugin... Any plugin that alters lights or other stuff in indoor areas won't work... :(
kjhdocter(같이하실분?) 5月20日 4時46分 
you are boss not big surprise
Serega ZH 5月12日 23時55分 
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!АВТОР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Потрудись перевести мой текст. Из за твоего чудесного мода, который мне очень нравиться, и который я хочу использовать в дальнешем, дом главного героя в Вайтране забагован. Игра вылетает при попытки войти в дом!.
Androme 5月10日 5時25分 
Hello. Does this mod work with Climates of Tamriel with the plugin that makes changes to indoor areas? The shadows of Skyrim really tick me off and this seems like a good bandaid fix for interiors atleast, but there were still some areas indoors that didn't cast dynamic shadows.
PuuLoo  [作成者] 5月6日 5時02分 

I'm sorry, i didn't understand your question. :)
What if I can't get nexus to work, can i still run the mod as long as I dont have any other mods that conflict with it?
PuuLoo  [作成者] 3月27日 13時42分 

If you have any questions always feel free to ask! :)
GoofproofFiend 3月27日 9時11分 

Thanks man, I'll mess around with it and see what works best for me. Thanks for the quick reply too!
PuuLoo  [作成者] 3月27日 2時06分 

Hey man, it really depends entirely on your PC. You should try different numbers and try to get the best quality and best performance.
This mod is entirely compatible with all DLC's. Just when using Hearthfire, you should also download a little mod, which i mentioned in the description here. :)
GoofproofFiend 3月26日 19時18分 
oh, and is this compatable with Dawnguard and Dragonborn?
GoofproofFiend 3月26日 19時17分 
to add to my last comment: I know i could set it to whatever number i want to but, how much of a performance drop will i get. I have a Readeon 7700 btw
GoofproofFiend 3月26日 19時04分 
what is a good number for the .ini tweak for fixing the outdoor lighting? my current is 0.2500? I have a pretty high end pc so what should i set it to?
LEGOs104 3月25日 21時36分 
the whole part about fixing stripes does it mean the stripes on your charictor as shadows
PuuLoo  [作成者] 3月14日 14時42分 

Hey man, it really shouldn't collide with my mod so you will be fine! :D Oh and i really like your username :P
MajesticChicken 3月12日 0時02分 
I've downloaded "Better Shadowcloak of Nocturnal" which relies on the light level to decide if you are invisible or not. Will this mod keep that from working, or do the shadows still have lower light levels. I'm subscribing either way, great mod, just wondering.
PuuLoo  [作成者] 1月22日 8時18分 
@TinBlue It changes during different night-time lighting templates and routines... But i'll take a look at it and try to make it as darker as i can :)
TinBlue 1月18日 13時40分 
The only thing I dislike is light shafts coming in from windows at night? Well at least they do in Breezehome in Whiterun. Haven't looked anywhere else. Can this be fixed to give interior areas a more darker feel at night?
A French School Girl 1月14日 14時14分 
OH jeeze. Derped hard on that one. I skimmed over it because it just seemed like patchnotes. Sorry about that :X But yeah for some reason it doesn't wanna work with the vanilla game but the HearthFires patch works.
PuuLoo  [作成者] 1月14日 5時54分 
@A French School Girl

Well, xD i thought you already tried that because i have put it in the description a long time ago.

-In order to run this mod with Hearthfire DLC you should download this mod as well: - and you should load it after the More Dynamic Shadows mod. "

Anyway, glad you found it. :) Have fun.
A French School Girl 1月12日 8時54分 
Link to the patch I'm talking about:
A French School Girl 1月12日 8時53分 
Now everything runs as normal. No problems inside home either. I guess the CTD patch fixes the Navmesh issue that HearthFires caused with Breezehome and since your mod has the initial Navmesh as Skyrim and Update.esm have, and HearthFires is the last master in the load order to change that, your mod is conflicting with HearthFires and causes a crash due to a missing Navmesh.

Just my theory, but at least I found a fix :)
A French School Girl 1月12日 8時53分 
Yessir, I loaded all the Bethesda produced DLC's. Is there a problem with Hearthfires? Also, I found a very odd fix to the issue where I can still use your mod and not have to make any edits to it: Basically whatever Breezehome mod you have, make sure you have the Breezehome HearthFire CTD patch loaded after THIS mod and then have all player home mods loaded AFTER the Breezehome HearthFires CTD patch.

So basically your load order (in order to have this mod and be able to walk into breezehome) should look like this:

(Any playerhome mods you have)
PuuLoo  [作成者] 1月12日 5時46分 
@A French School Girl

Did you load any DLC's?
A French School Girl 1月11日 16時22分 
Disabled all mods completely excluding Bethesda produced files. Enabled your mod without any player home mods on a brand new game wherein I haven't even touched Breezehome yet. Click to unlock the door and enter and CTD. Your mod is the only 3rd party mod enabled in my game and this page says there's no more CTD's unless conflicting player home mods are enabled.

Maybe I just don't know about an ongoing attempt for a fix?
Merudgark 1月5日 2時54分 
It's a pity this mod is incompatible with player's home mods :(
( but I understand why ! )
RobsAlGhul574 2013年12月24日 7時12分 
What is a good/recommended value to set the fshadowbiasscale setting in the .ini to get rid of the outdoor striping in your opinion? I must ask you this like every 4-6 months xD lmao I'm sorry! I always say "oh i'll get around to fixing it" and forget! hahaha