The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Build Your Own Home
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The_Destroyer_Reborn 3 год. тому 
oh i love mods like these... where u have to find it yourself and u can never fucking find it anyway no matter how much u fucking look... no journal in shed, when in shed doesnt appear on map... FUCK MY LIFE
Maddog -HH- 5 год. тому 
you have to wait out the transition after build
nb111968 25 лип о 17:43 
sometimes when completing a build step it puts me in 3rd person and wont let me change back to 1st
God of Calamity 24 лип о 11:34 
you dont need hearthfire and the instructions for building the home are in the book you find in the shack near the broken house its a good mod but he needs to update it the mod can crash your game
Coconuts300 24 лип о 0:37 
Or you could just get Hearthfire
chrisl692002 23 лип о 14:00 
wheres the instructions
chrisl692002 23 лип о 13:50 
ill try it without and ill know
chrisl692002 23 лип о 13:48 
needs hearthfire right?
[GzMf] Klodziak 22 лип о 2:56 
Damn, I have the materials for foundation, but I really can't build it, idk why.
emersonsand3 21 лип о 8:27 
I have Hearthfire but this mod is still way up there on my list.
Ball_sbs2 14 лип о 11:49 
my sleeping guy is gone :(
Morgoth 9 лип о 14:29 
I dont fond lucky journal !
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 8 лип о 8:01 
Sarcastic Me Is Sarcastic 8 лип о 8:01 
ur face

xXjcivilsXx 7 лип о 10:20 
This mod was made before Hearthfire came out dumbass. And the modder kept it up for the few people out there who don't have Hearthfire.
Gandalf The Badass Wizard 4 лип о 11:54 
uhh hearthfire ?
Ace Of Spades 29 чер о 19:52 
I have some sort of problemy problem. After finishing the houes (the walls n' all that), I'm stuck in third person, and can't view my inventory. If I enter the completed house, or save the game, I crash. It's just the house frame, the foundation works fine.
Del9 27 чер о 11:55 
Make the Hunter and Warrior different furnishings plz, im a warrior but love nature.
The Doctor 26 чер о 10:20 
Directions unclear, Head stuck in toaster
nightmare_goddess 25 чер о 22:51 
Out of curiosity, how do I set it up so that a player has to build the home themselves?
chetytapner 22 чер о 19:54 
enron i have the same problem as you let me know if u figure it out please
Beige Lantern 22 чер о 10:50 
LcsFletcher's solution worked. However, it's a whole new broken house. Everything in it - hours and hours of gameplay to acquire - is gone.
Beige Lantern 22 чер о 10:43 
My whole house went poof, along with LOTS of really expensive and rare stuff in it...
The 11th Doctor 21 чер о 8:16 
I cant build a training area.....
jakenbell3 19 чер о 22:06 
I cant find his journal in the shed, what do i do or where is it
The grim reaper 17 чер о 9:53 
Also can you please get the spouses can live anywhere on the workshop
The grim reaper 17 чер о 9:48 
LcsFletcher 14 чер о 18:24 
@Rykona @Alduin041 Had the same issue, fixed it by changing the mod load order under "data files" to the very top
DogeyDogeWow 14 чер о 13:15 
i have hearthfire

the house building in hearthfire seems better
Alduin041 14 чер о 12:59 
it be kind of cool if you know...the shed was there.
Rykona 13 чер о 1:18 
Erm.. The shack isn't here? I mean the place where Lucky's body is here but the place where you get his journal isn't @_@
kangas.phaedra 10 чер о 16:37 
i can't find lucky's journal..
sukie0205 10 чер о 13:56 
What about children? How can I move my children and spouse here?
Winterwolf 9 чер о 15:00 
love this mod
Super-Mauno 7 чер о 12:45 
This file contains 2 deleted NavMesh redord(s)
BroxCZE 5 чер о 9:19 
Very nice mod ! But one request - can you change it from elk deer hides to normally skins ? And can you add to the workshop the recipes too ? These "Lucky´s plans" are so annoying...
commander_ryan 4 чер о 22:08 
Fantastic mod, but one request. Can you change it from elk deer hides to deer deer hides? I went hunting and found 26 deer as opposed to 1 elk
Captain Ohmy 25 тра о 4:18 
Even though I have all the materials for the frame work it still tells me I do not have enough. :( I tried quitting and coming back but it still wont let me build, how do i fix this?
genghis1964 21 тра о 9:21 
hey there Supernastypants, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic mod. Love the design and ideas you had with it. one gripe is the damned Elk skins? why oh why? just spent 3 wasted hrs trawling the wilds of whiterun and falkreath and not a sign of a deers turd let alone a full blown elk.
Nobody Likes My Stew 18 тра о 18:32 
@Flaming Elements No you donot need DLC 2. I have no clue.
test subject _ALPHA_ 10 тра о 18:44 
I cant find the work bench, and the other workbenches only list armor
🔥Flaming Elements🔥 6 тра о 8:52 
Two things, ONE Do you need any DLCs? TWO I can't find the Prison ANYWHERE
Divine 5 тра о 1:34 
So it's hearthfire?
ExoGenesis 4 тра о 2:51 
i dont need dawnguard or any other dlc do i?
mina-law 4 тра о 1:47 
Just wonderful ! Thank you :D
BlendedToast 2 тра о 12:58 
This mod works perfectly. Thank you!
TheWhiteWizard 1 тра о 9:48 
This "mod" is a piece of shit! I can't build the foundation. I have 9 iron ingots, and 16 firewood! What the hell?!
jake8snake33 30 кві о 17:20 
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Casimir III the Great 28 кві о 19:49 
if this works like you say it does THANK YOU VERY MUCH, havent tried it yet
ayy lmao 26 кві о 9:54 
is this mod only for that ruined area or i can do my house on other places?