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Build Your Own Home
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2,630 Yorum 16 Ara @ 9:58

The Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 Ara @ 9:46 
hello, i have a house yes, but i don´t have the book now :( where can i finde a new one? console command?
JellyJack 30 Kas @ 12:22 
Is every form of storage added by the mod (interior/exterior) save or will some reset over time for whatever reason? PLEASE ANSWER! I just wanna be sure. BTW best house mod i came across so far.
Kickstaff Gaming 19 Kas @ 12:48 
what do you need for themes i have the iron steel and hide but its not working
add2Kart 15 Kas @ 18:02 
My friends and I are eagerly awaiting the release of Skyrim Together. One of the things we want to accomplish is to build a house for all 3 of us to live in. Each of us are playing as one of the 3 main playstyle archetypes (Warrior, Mage, Thief), and would like our own cozy corners for each of our playstyles.

As the mage, I'm hoping to construct a tall tower either beside or central to the main house, complete with an enchanter, alchemy lab, and massive library. Our thief will most likely want a hidden (underground?) vault to stash all of our gold and valuables, and our warrior will most likely prefer to have a smithy for crafting weapons and armor.

Can all of this be done in one house with this mod? And can the appropriate themes be applied to the preferred areas?
gonzo.jenny 15 Kas @ 15:35 
I absolutely ADORE this mod and have basically left my adopted children to starve in the big city. I am using the Mage decorating interior, and I was wondering how, if possible, there could be more bookshelves, mannequins, storage of some sort and furinishings added to the basement and dragonborn lair? I am a horder, and, well, I pretty much pick up everything that isnt nailed down in the game and need a place to put it all besides a big pile of junk in the basement. lol
Spidernickel26 14 Kas @ 12:18 
looks decent enough hopefully it will not disappoint me
Strider 12 Kas @ 1:20 
I hated the building process of this one and unsubscribed. If it were already established I would probably have kept it.
madelyn724 16 Eki @ 16:55 
DAMN i am SOooo Blonde, lol NVM

madelyn724 16 Eki @ 16:37 
on a different character, i dont have the Book. How do i get it?
madelyn724 4 Eki @ 6:00 
nvm the post before, where can i find info on the different daedra shrine blessings, Plz
madelyn724 3 Eki @ 21:41 
can it have an alchem station??
grubol13 22 Ağu @ 9:06 
its just a hearhfire lol
Melkor 6 Ağu @ 9:40 
Can you put a list of all the resources you will need and their id's plz. I know this seems like a cheep way to build a house I just don't want to go through the hastle of sifting through that plan book to find what I need.
iPug 3 Ağu @ 18:50 
so this is hearhfire but for free and hopefully better?

Shizune 17 Tem @ 10:23 
Anyone know why i don't have bed in my home? I have first and second story and mage furnishing. Can't find an option to build bed...
</3 14 Tem @ 20:36 
Dont worry
</3 14 Tem @ 20:30 
wheres the book that tells you what materials are needed for builds
JackTheSkull 29 Haz @ 18:28 
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Falinesti α Sapphire 27 Haz @ 4:37 
I lost the book Lucky's plans, so I had to get it from another save and screenshot everypage, would be nice to think of a way to get another copy.
Valka the Brave 25 Haz @ 11:54 
Does this work with the special edition?
Cerulium 18 Haz @ 3:43 
After installing this mod I can no longer fast travel to cities, fast traveling to every other location that I've tested works fine but whenever I fast travel to Whiterun, for example, the game's screen turns black and it stops responding.
Dssikora 4 Haz @ 12:43 
Causes CTD, Skyrim to hang up, and if you are atthe chopping block you can't stop cutting wood... the chopping block won't let you leave and burdens you with too much chopped wood... Are you sure you cleaned the code ....? Great concept, poor implementation.
Senti#9789 27 May @ 11:55 
I get a bug where my character still thinks it's in the building animation so I can't open inverntory or go first person, but I can still move. I can fix it if I go to the chopping block and press E when I exit that animation but it's really annoying
GoodStuff™ 18 May @ 15:45 
Just get Hearthfire.
War Never Changes 7 May @ 11:47 
Despite having the materials for the furnishings it won't add them when I tried to.
Upset Donkey 3 May @ 15:42 
Nice mod my dude
UberTheSnipper 24 Nis @ 16:16 
I would love this mod if it could be moved somewhere else.
Nitro8787 23 Nis @ 0:21 
Seems to be too many problems and the author doesn't address them. Such as the mod will work one game but not the other game. I have all the materials needed to make foundation but can't. But I was able to in a different game no problem.

The End Lawyer 8 Nis @ 15:45 
how do you start building the house
deathbynoob93 30 Mar @ 1:36 
and my basement wont load any furnishings
deathbynoob93 30 Mar @ 1:20 
thenfishing and camping along with the fishing area wont work
bob smith 26 Mar @ 14:10 
where is the workbench?
spanglybooch288 21 Mar @ 21:45 
i love this mod,but could u answer my question as to why the plans dont give me any instructions on how to build the farm?
FoodSexual 9 Şub @ 16:14 
Is there a version for the special edition?
Opium 30 Oca @ 22:32 
what do I need for farm and leather working area?
buckymail.david 30 Oca @ 8:18 
hey there is no journal at lucky's shack. your mod does not work buddy.
buckymail.david 29 Oca @ 13:01 
There is no journal at Lucky's shack.
Emperor Ajit Pai 29 Oca @ 8:16 
This crashes my game so much it is unbelievable lol
jessif2007 28 Oca @ 13:55 
sadly this mod doesn't work in my game...the house place appears but that guy in the house has no journal in his inentory and there is no workbench to build something..
Mattaladøn 23 Oca @ 11:56 
dlc required?
The Red Eclipse 14 Oca @ 13:54 
how to open the secret lair
HauntEDGX 8 Oca @ 9:13 
Where do I find Lucky's Axe?
Spor7y_Thee_Slavic_Pilot 1 Oca @ 23:12 
Viper2K 30 Ara 2016 @ 14:46 
It always crashes my game on startup when I have this mod in my list. Please help me
Hercules Rockefeller 29 Ara 2016 @ 8:42 
what do i need material-wise for the mage decorations? not in the book D:
like the mod tho, YOU'VE GOT GUMPTION!
A Frog In A Hood 22 Ara 2016 @ 19:14 
What are the coordinates for cow command?
Kusagari 19 Ara 2016 @ 6:20 
can you make a bethesda workshop version ?
mica608 15 Ara 2016 @ 8:01 
Note special stuff required.... :) Mostly cut wood. On top of hill is wood cuting block. Bottom of hill under overhang is workbench. If still not working and you're playin original ver. NOT SE. Unsubscribe - wait a bit and re subscrbe... ALSO download and use LOOT....
Colostamegatron 12 Ara 2016 @ 22:35 
workbench no work plz help