Build Your Own Home
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Rabidus078 10 de Jul a las 1:54 
where do you buy the cow?
Kage Ookami 8 de Jul a las 21:47 
Theres liek 3 different caves, which one is the hidden lair?
jkirmer2 8 de Jul a las 7:51 
like i said before like about 1 year ago, the house needs to be bigger.
<RAG3> 8 de Jul a las 0:51 
jerryds 7 de Jul a las 11:42 
I saw this on The Nexus and i said, "Hmmm... Iwonder if this is a good mod...." so i watch the top 5 mods for skyrim mods and there it was :)
minecraftgunslinger 7 de Jul a las 0:53 
i cant make furniture and i have all the materials needed whats going on?
lol2002 (ger) 6 de Jul a las 11:51 
its a free version of the dlc
lol2002 (ger) 6 de Jul a las 11:51 
nice mod
superllama0503 6 de Jul a las 11:00 
how do you get shrines?
TH3GHOSTWAFFL3 6 de Jul a las 2:19 
This is different to the dlc, from the looks of it
Im a snake XD 6 de Jul a las 0:37 
How do i build stuff?
*FreeGamerCZ* 5 de Jul a las 18:30 
just delete the files
a$$assin_ninja 5 de Jul a las 18:28 
how do i delete the mod? it crashes my game plz help.
[HCE] Cpt. Headcrab 4 de Jul a las 22:04 
@Kommander Kaos some people may just be too lazy to buy Hearthfire... that may or may not include me...
Kommander Kaos 4 de Jul a las 8:21 
yeah im pretty sure this is called Hearthfire :D good job tho
FirstWorldMatt 4 de Jul a las 8:14 
im still having trouble finding the house
[RTF]DoritoMan~28 days B-day 3 de Jul a las 18:24 
XD This is helpful if you dont have the money for the DLC
[Z-P-M].:๖ۣۜ§trangerWIZE:. 3 de Jul a las 12:45 
[Z-P-M].:๖ۣۜ§trangerWIZE:. 3 de Jul a las 12:33 
The workbench doesn't work for me, and i have the newest version of skyrim. help?
superllama0503 3 de Jul a las 7:11 
nevermind found out how
superllama0503 3 de Jul a las 6:59 
cant find lair in options i have made basement and have all the rescources, someone help me. :/
jeffreybaum2000 2 de Jul a las 14:39 
love it, good job.
jeffreybaum2000 2 de Jul a las 14:38 
just saying but he would put if it needed hearthfire AND this came out before hearthfire did. I KNOW RIGHT!
Akias the Dragon King 30 de Jun a las 22:42 
I would like it if this mod added some different locations, possibly closer to holds or villages.
[♏℮☺ẘ]&CATMITTINZ =^-^= 28 de Jun a las 8:16 
Do you need Hearthfire to build this house?
Crippled Mafia 26 de Jun a las 16:39 
is the treasure quicksilver ore or something like that? Thats all I found.
Crippled Mafia 26 de Jun a las 2:53 
Can someone please give em the locaton of the treasure. I'vr searched fro hours and found nothing.
Mr_Fiddle_Diddly 25 de Jun a las 1:46 
keep freezing my game??????
{lol}Mя.Aщє$омє 24 de Jun a las 22:28 
i cant find the shack
Andrew Ryan 24 de Jun a las 7:35 
Never mind. You have to have furnished the lair to enter it.
Andrew Ryan 24 de Jun a las 7:21 
The button for the secret lair just isnt there. I watched the video and mine isnt in the same spot. Can somene help?
Andre The Third Testicle 22 de Jun a las 15:27 
its not showing up on my map or at the location... and i checked the mods and its not showing up
Dimas15 22 de Jun a las 12:25 
It keeps crashing my game plz help
slwalk 22 de Jun a las 11:52 
Where are the lucky's plans? I wanted to know what i need to make a farm and animals
DannyG 21 de Jun a las 11:40 
rbull 21 de Jun a las 10:13 
Is it possible to choose a location of our chose on the map?
Casper 20 de Jun a las 7:12 
paizuriprincess 18 de Jun a las 11:48 
I really love this. It's awesome and apparently much better than building my own home in HF. Seriously as much I am trying to build my own house in that DLC it's not working right. Yours? Works like a dream so far.
@TheToffeeBadger It's on a rock outcropping near the destroyed hut near the waterfall.
@Myzt0 if you start a new game with Alternate Start Live another life mod here on Steam the modder updated it so you are actually in the prison. So try that out or use console commands and tmm 1 to unlock all the map markers and have some fast travelling fun!
wexman6 15 de Jun a las 13:29 
getting the mod now (For those who dont know how to download, hit the subscribe button under the screenshots)! This will fullfill my dreams of having my own personal house in Riverwood!
TheToffeeBadger 15 de Jun a las 1:48 
Wheres the craftbench with the deeds?
Myzt0 12 de Jun a las 19:21 
I can't find this prison...
Nightfury_99 12 de Jun a las 19:11 
how do i even start building?
it doesnt tell me how i got the book and now what...
Blackhawk300 ⇋HG⇌ 12 de Jun a las 17:52 
I CANT FIND COW TO BUY add me and tell me on steam plzz
RAYTHED3STROYER 12 de Jun a las 14:03 
Misu 12 de Jun a las 6:57 
I keep getting CTDs when adding any kind of furnitures and then entering the house. Any idea why?
nway11 11 de Jun a las 21:26 
i like it
maxrosenberg18 11 de Jun a las 16:52 
how do i download the mod
Predator-69(RUS) 10 de Jun a las 1:54 
how do you download?
minecraftcheif48 8 de Jun a las 19:59 
Katano 15 May @ 10:14pm
you should start working for bethesda! hmmmm havent got the mod yet but... its getting some pretty good comments (:
fatspr1nkle 8 de Jun a las 12:32 
does this mod work with hearthfire?