Build Your Own Home
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๖ۣۜBloater๖ 8月18日上午5:09 
Build your own home? *cough* hearthfire dlc *cough*
Ocean Forest 8月17日上午2:59 
is this similar to heartfire (or whatever it is called), or is there any difference between the two? Could someone please tell me?
A Magic Taco 8月16日上午9:54 
It's not working I see the tree that fell on lucky but the cabin and workbeach is not there how do I fix it?
cure_valkiry 8月15日下午11:20 
ZOO_VIPER 8月12日下午4:24 
how can i remove the shrine i choose?
benc.web 8月12日下午1:47 
If you are looking to design or customize your own home this is not the mod for you. This mod is well written and fun to complete. But, there is no true customization; you can only build what the programmer has predesigned.
Tasha 8月12日下午1:18 
And I adoooore the bunnies inside the mages house <3
Tasha 8月12日下午12:06 
Well yes I am definately excited about this one! Thanks a ton for adding this mod :D
Assassin739 8月12日上午4:26 
There is a thing called Hearthfire.

Looks good though. :)
cutlerstrong 8月11日下午6:11 
Why wont it download for me?
Slade Wilson Weave 8月11日上午11:48 
why kill bunnys??? just steal rabbit legs if ur that hungry
Jon Snow 8月10日下午2:26 
what is CTP?
Andamylis 8月10日上午11:19 
mod tres sympa. on a une maison qui peut évoluer (étage, cave, grotte secrete) ainsi que son voisinnage proche ( tour de surveillance, zone pour la forge, une autre pour le cuir/ l'alchimie, ect)
mais il se mérite: il faut couper pas mal de bois et apporter pas mal de lingots, minerais, et peaux. ça prend un peu de temps mais rien de tres compliqué.
Merci pour ce travail
rocky343 SuperNinjaSpyAssassin 8月10日上午8:10 
awesome mod its definitally one of my favorites
(SupaSlapa) 8月10日上午12:14 
i cant find it on my map
daniel-FUCK-face 8月8日上午7:47 
were is the site that you make ze house
Mad Butcher 8月7日下午3:23 
BYOG seems to be gone or I just can't find it. I looked here and on gamespot, and nothing. I can't even find the author Athyra to get it that way. :( Oh well.
Mad Butcher 8月7日下午2:09 
Build your own home looks like fun. I'll give it a go and mess things up, rightly so. (o,0) Yup, because that's what I do. The other called - balance your own game would be handy to me also. I run out of carry weight fast. I also have a mage that needs some payback for killing me ten times in a row. >< LOL
Thank you. Very funny video.
ozzuum 8月7日上午9:20 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop so he can take over!
/ \
ethanleeshortt 8月5日下午5:30 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop so he can take over!
/ \
[ND4L] The_Lich_King 8月5日下午2:17 
ok I haven't played the mod yet but are we able to build a home anywhere or do we have to do it in the shack???? let me know I know before I subscribe to the mod
OJ Gaming HD 8月5日下午1:35 
i think this mod is amazing and only have one problem which is why you cant chooses to live there with wife,kids ect plz tell me how to fix ;D
Bmurf32 8月5日上午8:51 
Thank you for this mod
sad0clown 8月5日上午12:58 
thank you for your awesome mod! 8-)
djskyrim91 8月4日下午1:16 
I can't seem to find the shack
SquidEyedV 8月4日上午8:22 
help i subscribded and it doesnt work
BurningTacco 8月4日上午4:40 
When i say "clear the rubbish" the whole pc freezes instantly
rpast81070 8月3日下午5:49 
I cant find the journal
Legitpotato 7月31日下午10:52 
Everyone. Read the description. It's that simple. x3
Captain Diller 7月31日下午2:39 
can u build stone walls around the house
Don-Patch 7月31日下午12:20 
where is the workbench?
sschubby 7月28日下午10:17 
Time to make a bandit camp, or dawngaurd/vampire camp.
cox.eli11 7月28日上午9:47 
how do i build it
Satan Elmo 7月27日下午4:25 
when i built the assassin furniture there is no bed?
Ive built everything and still no bed
Is this a glitch or does the assasin furnitue have no bed? The bed chest is there but no bed
nuuubs 7月27日下午3:38 
Ive only just begun but this Mod is really great. I used Hearthfire before and found it tedious to build the home and deal with random attacks. I am replaying Skyrim and i much prefer this mod for my home. Thank you.
HedgehogThe 7月27日上午4:03 
The dragon priest shrine in the hidden lair has 2 morokei busts? Do i need 2 morokei masks then? It doesn't really work, i tried adding another mask, but still nothing..
Help please :$
CHIPA SENPAI 7月26日下午5:52 
no dlc needed?
Dribblestain 7月26日下午1:57 
@chunkylumpy just subscribe to the mod
chunkylumpy 7月26日上午4:31 
this is my first time using steam and if I cant figure out how to download this mod I'm done!
LeHott 7月26日上午1:05 
@MO The Epic Read the FAQ
Q. Can my spouse live here?

A. Trying to get spouses to live in a modded home isn't really easy to do, and will ultimitely conflict with any other mod that tries to do the same. Its not practical to even try, instead use this mod: Spouses can live anywhere, Its better than the vanilla system. Get it.
Player 1 7月25日上午10:51 
Skyrim: Heartfire - Poor Edition -
MO The Epic 7月24日下午4:08 
What if I make the house, and I want my wife to move there? Will that be possible?
braveboy13 7月23日上午7:10 
The word travel in Getting Started has the r capitol (TRavel).
Dereway 7月22日下午7:04 
Some items such as Keening and the Staff of Corruption, when placed on or in displays, are dropped about 3 feet directly to the right of the display instead of being placed on or in the display.
Anybody have a fix?
3digdug2 7月22日下午5:23 
I cant find it...
A Chicken Mistake 7月22日下午12:35 
this mod is really good but my game keeps freezing and crashing ever since i downloaded it. any help?
russthebuster 7月20日下午8:10 
Howcome I can't make the fireplace I have all I need, can someone help?
rivansteelz 7月20日上午2:01 
mod i mean not mode lol
rivansteelz 7月20日上午2:01 
anyway brilliant mode great job your a really smart and intellagent guy you would make a great
game maker
rivansteelz 7月20日上午2:00 
i could have brought a new keyboard with that money