Build Your Own Home
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さくらさま 23 Lis - 4:40 
need dlc packs ?
dirtboypm 21 Lis - 22:28 
looks cool, Im getting the mod now so i will look at it first and then i will comment on the mod.
Experiment300 19 Lis - 20:50 
The luckys plan book
Experiment300 19 Lis - 20:49 
What do you do if you lose the book?!
HaxorousTheRaptor 18 Lis - 17:00 
sorry if I sound like a dumbass but were is the location of lucy? anyone tell me
mouscovic 18 Lis - 10:33 
Awesome mod buddy. I just 1 question. I build all the thing i can, just can't get the chicken and cow. I have tons of eggs and lots of money. Please tell me how i get the animals, it's my last thing to build. TY
Poweredbipussie 16 Lis - 7:24 
Can u possibly add racks for masks, elder scrolls.. you know the quest stuff so i can get it out of my inventory but not use another mod to that .. id love to display it in the hom e :)
SwizzleAsh 14 Lis - 1:08 
cool mod, i just wish the hidden lair door was a wardrobe with a false back, or had some decorations on the shelf, having an empty bookshelf that you cant use is rather ugly & annoying, other than that i love it :P
Woemiarz 10 Lis - 5:45 
First time mod worked good, but im playing new game now and i cant build my home. It says that i dont have enough materials for the first stage of building. I have 26 firewood and 15 ingots. Could someone help me?
Skyrim_Newbie 5 Lis - 8:39 
like this mod for the availabiltiy of everything.. wish it looked cleaner or had other options, and wish "Lucky's Plans" could be updated to match current building. I have to guess what to take in order to furnish.
impulsive 4 Lis - 17:24 
Can i get a modded spouses in this house without having to get the spouses can live anywhere mod? from skyrim nexus???
Shente 4 Lis - 8:51 
mihkelmart - There is storage place (looks little open house) that is near the fallen tree's roots. Anyway this mod is awesome a realy clever men made it, only one thing i didn't like is that the instructions aren't very clear and you need to think (ex. who could think that a normal workbench is the place you build it doesn't even mention one...)but anyway 10/10.
punisher43 2 Lis - 11:40 
mihkelmart 2 Lis - 7:31 
there isnt this book luckys plans thers lusty argonian maid then righteos somethin but no luckys book dead man has only IX treasure map but no book please help
Drem Hahnu 2 Lis - 1:04 
I love this mod! it is so creative and wondrous( one of my favorite words for some reason). This mod inspired me to start trying my own mods. I'm verynew to creation kit, buthave gotten the basics down and getting better asI go along. I have to ask: HOW DID YOU GET ALL THOSE THINGS IN JARS!!!!!!!!!! That's my favorite part about your mod is all these amazing jar contained items!!!!
Suicide Is Painless 2 Lis - 1:29 
It's not "horrible"...but all this talk.... Okay so first off it uses a lot fewer materials than the Hearthfire homes which is nice. I like the fact that there is ambient clutter that you can't remove. I'm a bit OCD about picking up EVERYTHING down to the cups and brooms and it leaves my homes looking sparse sometimes. I like that there are storage units for specific categories (like an apothecary satchel next to the alchemy lab that's labeled Alchemy Ingredients and a box with some potions sticking out labeled My Potions etc). I feel like the locations for the storage bins are haphazard. Finally despite the Q and A and the video I'm still not seeing this supposed button for the Hidden Lair so I never actually got to see the lair. All in all I'd give this mod an...8. Well written, nice to look at, but could be laid out a bit better/more logically.
Adeptus Mechanicus 22 Paź - 22:37 
The very first mod i got for Skyrim and still my favorite one. Thanks for this awesome piece of work.
Willster781 22 Paź - 22:33 
why a child room?
rainbow_meronov 18 Paź - 8:10 
download it ?
Vinnie Mack 15 Paź - 8:30 
sounds too good to be true. Therefore, i shall try it.
RüX™ 13 Paź - 4:51 
i cant move in without it
RüX™ 13 Paź - 4:51 
can you add a childrens room pls
[FS]Rejected Potato 12 Paź - 18:29 
No journal or workbench. Shed is there. Was mod not installed properly?
Temmpex 12 Paź - 8:51 
This mod really need a Child room
Raseb Gunther 11 Paź - 10:55 
Good Job Man ^^
SniperOwned 7 Paź - 19:15 
this mod is great. there is no h8, so a rap i make, and food i bake. its real good steak. so thank you miaght.

question is how do we build it???
Shadowed Recon 4 Paź - 20:08 
" DarkShadow EnderPony *Mare* " It says EXACTLY in the description where in the hell it is at, there are even pictures. Did you even read the description in it's entirety?
Princess NightSky (Swift) 4 Paź - 15:59 
not being mean.... but.. the description doesent tell anything about the home or where its located at.. i mean. really? not being mean just saying that... it doesent say anything about where its located at sorry if being mean
DUFUS 4 Paź - 8:50 
@Chuck Norris you need iron ORE, not iron ingots.
zombihazmunchiz 3 Paź - 21:33 
I can not find this workbench...
✯BleachedEyes✯ 2 Paź - 14:38 
This mod needs to be in some sort of hall of fame.
how do you start building?
lightningrath 30 Wrz - 9:01 
Its like Skyrim Minecraft
Printer3333 29 Wrz - 1:17 
Where is it?
I Bought a Sheep 29 Wrz - 0:42 
how do i install?? first time instaling a mod
rsnjoe 28 Wrz - 10:52 
NEVERMIND! i love everything, realized i could decorate as a mage and i have my enchanting table. and i removed the other furniture so i dont even have to worry about clutter. i love this mod :) and @chuck norris you may have to build scaffolding (not water scaffolding) before you can expand the fireplace... but im not sure about that
rsnjoe 28 Wrz - 9:44 
i LOVE this mod, the way the entire house spreads out over the little valley on the river, its so cozy yet it has absolutely everything, EXCEPT AN ENCHANTING TABLE RARGGHHH. lol the only other thing i don't like about the house is that to me it just looks a tiny bit cluttered inside.. i like nice neat and simple, nothing lying around.. but i dont go inside much anyway i use the outside features more. excellent mod, truely a great piece of work
The Doctor 28 Wrz - 2:55 
WTF I have enough Iron Ingots and enough Firewood, but I can't build a fireplace!
[3DF]$ 25 Wrz - 9:52 
does this mod also work with " seasons of skyrim project- winter edition" cause theres snow evrywhere
gabeward2001 24 Wrz - 19:05 
i have a qustion can npcs get into your house?
Grindstone 21 Wrz - 20:22 
Can't move my family to it. Love how I wasted all that time and material.
Optimus Tobi 21 Wrz - 9:09 
how do you start building im at woodland home i raed the books how do i start building?!
Tactical Pancake Batter 21 Wrz - 1:01 
first learn how to spell 'download' next press subscribe
rel_6 20 Wrz - 22:30 
how do i dalowd the is mod
i had been searching for 3 hours where is someone tell us
wildwolf354 18 Wrz - 14:15 
where is it
Fatum 17 Wrz - 9:14 
At what point did they patch Skyrim to remove items needed to build this house??? :( I can't find the correct "deerhide" there's only 1 type of deerhide and there's elk hide.. neither works building the house :( That's just wrong.... they take this persons ideas.. make a DLC for it, charge for it.. then patch the game so no one can use this mod? Wonder if the maker of this mod can sue for rights Lol..... I'm also going to assume the creator no longer is active here since there hasn't been updates in forever. Wish someone could make this work again. I liked it so much better then any HF house. I hate that they all look the same, and the locations are nothing special...
cococool77 15 Wrz - 15:01 
can you please make it so you can auto-fast travel? (meaning you can fast travel to it without haveing to find it)
DeadlyDeadric 14 Wrz - 13:59 
Lol I find it funny that people still think that this mod was made after hearth fire.