Build Your Own Home
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chunkylumpy For 39 minutter siden 
this is my first time using steam and if I cant figure out how to download this mod I'm done!
LeHott For 4 timer siden 
@MO The Epic Read the FAQ
Q. Can my spouse live here?

A. Trying to get spouses to live in a modded home isn't really easy to do, and will ultimitely conflict with any other mod that tries to do the same. Its not practical to even try, instead use this mod: Spouses can live anywhere, Its better than the vanilla system. Get it.
Plλyer 1™ For 18 timer siden 
Skyrim: Heartfire - Poor Edition -
MO The Epic 24. jul kl. 4:08pm 
What if I make the house, and I want my wife to move there? Will that be possible?
braveboy13 23. jul kl. 7:10am 
The word travel in Getting Started has the r capitol (TRavel).
Dereway 22. jul kl. 7:04pm 
Some items such as Keening and the Staff of Corruption, when placed on or in displays, are dropped about 3 feet directly to the right of the display instead of being placed on or in the display.
Anybody have a fix?
3digdug2 22. jul kl. 5:23pm 
I cant find it...
A Casual Olly 22. jul kl. 12:35pm 
this mod is really good but my game keeps freezing and crashing ever since i downloaded it. any help?
russthebuster 20. jul kl. 8:10pm 
Howcome I can't make the fireplace I have all I need, can someone help?
rivansteelz 20. jul kl. 2:01am 
mod i mean not mode lol
rivansteelz 20. jul kl. 2:01am 
anyway brilliant mode great job your a really smart and intellagent guy you would make a great
game maker
rivansteelz 20. jul kl. 2:00am 
i could have brought a new keyboard with that money
rivansteelz 20. jul kl. 1:59am 
i wish i knew this mod before i brought Heartfire ):
NobodyThatYouKnow 19. jul kl. 5:34pm 
Love this mod, great alternative to Hearthfire. Don't get me wrong, I've bought hearthfire on PS3. I just didn't want to pay again. This is even better! Wish hearthfire had gone more of this direction, this seems like it fits more. Hearthfire seems more like a mod than this to be honest. Great job and keep up the great work!
AutumnWhite 17. jul kl. 3:04am 
Its the house shown in the screenshots, but its still awesome to build around and make your own
CozyLone 16. jul kl. 7:27pm 
So how much freedon does this give you? Can you put the house anywhere you want, or do you simply expand and customize on the house that's in the screenshots?
AlexTheLion 16. jul kl. 3:52am 
thought it was great
Confessing To Caitlin 15. jul kl. 12:20pm 
If anyone coulod get back to me on this questions, it'd be great! :
- Is this house compatible with a wife and children
- Is it compatible with housecarls
- is there anything on the steam workshop that works like the "Create your own guild" on Nexus?
Thanks homies! :)
SuspectUnicorn3 15. jul kl. 9:46am 
this is just modified hearthfire
BOT John Kellinger 14. jul kl. 8:44pm 
This is what Hearthfire should have been.
Thank you for making this mod, it made me so happy :D
Toxic Assassin 14. jul kl. 5:40pm 
So this is a free and better version of hearthfire?
Nerocypher 14. jul kl. 2:11pm 
I'm having an issue with building the watchtower. i have the required materials (including deer hide obtained from elk) and i have built the scafold... answers anyone?
Rabidus078 10. jul kl. 1:54am 
where do you buy the cow?
Kage Ookami 8. jul kl. 9:47pm 
Theres liek 3 different caves, which one is the hidden lair?
jkirmer2 8. jul kl. 7:51am 
like i said before like about 1 year ago, the house needs to be bigger.
<RAG3> 8. jul kl. 12:51am 
jerryds 7. jul kl. 11:42am 
I saw this on The Nexus and i said, "Hmmm... Iwonder if this is a good mod...." so i watch the top 5 mods for skyrim mods and there it was :)
minecraftgunslinger 7. jul kl. 12:53am 
i cant make furniture and i have all the materials needed whats going on?
lol2002 (ger) 6. jul kl. 11:51am 
its a free version of the dlc
lol2002 (ger) 6. jul kl. 11:51am 
nice mod
superllama0503 6. jul kl. 11:00am 
how do you get shrines?
TH3GHOSTWAFFL3 6. jul kl. 2:19am 
This is different to the dlc, from the looks of it
Dovahkiin 6. jul kl. 12:37am 
How do i build stuff?
*FreeGamerCZ* 5. jul kl. 6:30pm 
just delete the files
a$$assin_ninja 5. jul kl. 6:28pm 
how do i delete the mod? it crashes my game plz help.
[HCE] Cpt. Headcrab 4. jul kl. 10:04pm 
@Kommander Kaos some people may just be too lazy to buy Hearthfire... that may or may not include me...
Kommander Kaos 4. jul kl. 8:21am 
yeah im pretty sure this is called Hearthfire :D good job tho
FirstWorldMatt 4. jul kl. 8:14am 
im still having trouble finding the house
MuffinPlox(づ◕‿‿◕)づ 3. jul kl. 6:24pm 
XD This is helpful if you dont have the money for the DLC
[Z-P-M].:๖ۣۜ§trangerWIZE:. 3. jul kl. 12:45pm 
[Z-P-M].:๖ۣۜ§trangerWIZE:. 3. jul kl. 12:33pm 
The workbench doesn't work for me, and i have the newest version of skyrim. help?
superllama0503 3. jul kl. 7:11am 
nevermind found out how
superllama0503 3. jul kl. 6:59am 
cant find lair in options i have made basement and have all the rescources, someone help me. :/
jeffreybaum2000 2. jul kl. 2:39pm 
love it, good job.
jeffreybaum2000 2. jul kl. 2:38pm 
just saying but he would put if it needed hearthfire AND this came out before hearthfire did. I KNOW RIGHT!
AkiasGaming 30. jun kl. 10:42pm 
I would like it if this mod added some different locations, possibly closer to holds or villages.
[MEOW]&CATMITTINZ =^-^= 28. jun kl. 8:16am 
Do you need Hearthfire to build this house?
Crippled Mafia 26. jun kl. 4:39pm 
is the treasure quicksilver ore or something like that? Thats all I found.
Crippled Mafia 26. jun kl. 2:53am 
Can someone please give em the locaton of the treasure. I'vr searched fro hours and found nothing.
Robbie_B 25. jun kl. 1:46am 
keep freezing my game??????