Build Your Own Home
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The_Lich_King 19 de set às 14:59 
i had been searching for 3 hours where is someone tell us
wildwolf354 18 de set às 14:15 
where is it
Fatum 17 de set às 9:14 
At what point did they patch Skyrim to remove items needed to build this house??? :( I can't find the correct "deerhide" there's only 1 type of deerhide and there's elk hide.. neither works building the house :( That's just wrong.... they take this persons ideas.. make a DLC for it, charge for it.. then patch the game so no one can use this mod? Wonder if the maker of this mod can sue for rights Lol..... I'm also going to assume the creator no longer is active here since there hasn't been updates in forever. Wish someone could make this work again. I liked it so much better then any HF house. I hate that they all look the same, and the locations are nothing special...
cococool77 15 de set às 15:01 
can you please make it so you can auto-fast travel? (meaning you can fast travel to it without haveing to find it)
DeadlyDeadric 14 de set às 13:59 
Lol I find it funny that people still think that this mod was made after hearth fire.
[yellow]pikachu 14 de set às 12:01 
:l this is a ripoff of heartfire
allanluna31 13 de set às 22:50 
can i use this with out hearth fire?
Fatum 13 de set às 18:47 
"HardCoreGamer59 Sep 9 @ 1:05pm
You can get sued if you do not make it need hearth fire" Lol? This mod was the reason Hearthfire came out....they should pay him! (or her) for the idea.

Anyway.... have used this mod before on playthroughs with no issue, but this latest the shack is there (or is it always there in Vanilla? Never even checked) but no bench and no supply shed thing at the top of the hill :(
Juggernaut 13 de set às 10:00 
Very Very good One Pound Fish
perprovare123 13 de set às 5:17 
ehm....sorry if i bother....but i can't see hircine in daedra it normal or amistake of the autor who didn't add him?
TheMascot 11 de set às 15:39 
+HardcoreGamer59 No he can't, this mod was made before hearthfire came out. READ the date it was posted...
HardCoreGamer59 9 de set às 10:05 
You can get sued if you do not make it need hearth fire
Valkyren Saga 8 de set às 14:48 
Excellent mod. Liked and favorited and will use it once i finish the story w/o mods.

@OP, could you please tell me how you did the zoom-in, zoom-out effect in your videos?
The Christopherous 31 de ago às 12:46 
where is it?
Earthday...xox 30 de ago às 9:30 
wow cool!
Renegade 20:16 30 de ago às 3:04 
is there a house theme that doesnt involve mannequins?
dragonkid200 30 de ago às 0:17 
do i have to make a new charcter for this to work
david.c.wilson 26 de ago às 3:10 
For the first floor decorations it says that I need 18 firewood 12 iron ingots 10 steel ingots and 4 deer hide, I have evreythink and I tried to go with the hunter/wariror theme and its not working any Ideas why ?
Opus Quo Deus 25 de ago às 8:33 
there is a abondomned ruined house, with a bed and a chest, by the whiterun whatch tower and bleakwind basin.
i have a suggestion, that you make the same mod for that place!
i'd be so happy to see it happending
lizchambe 22 de ago às 18:12 
Fantastic mod BUT would like if you were able to make a specific shrine and a house bigger than 2 storys like an actual castle. Also i have a glitch were a iron greatsowrd and shield float through the ground. Random but cool glitch if you pit execution hood on manaquiens you can see human skin on necks
DragonsBlood 11:11 22 de ago às 1:50 
Fatum 22 de ago às 0:32 
I love this mod... one of the best I have seen, ignoring the fact that HF added the same thing, I still keep this one and the house :) Just wish you could bring your family to this place... tho maybe they shouldn't see my loot stash and assasin's basement?
Number 16 Bus Shelter 20 de ago às 15:57 
@Ocean Forest, @Bloater : This mod was made and uploaded to nexus before hearthfire was out on any platform.
๖ۣۜAnthony๖ S> Games 18 de ago às 5:09 
Build your own home? *cough* hearthfire dlc *cough*
Ocean Forest 17 de ago às 2:59 
is this similar to heartfire (or whatever it is called), or is there any difference between the two? Could someone please tell me?
cure_valkiry 15 de ago às 23:20 
ZOO_VIPER 12 de ago às 16:24 
how can i remove the shrine i choose?
benc.web 12 de ago às 13:47 
If you are looking to design or customize your own home this is not the mod for you. This mod is well written and fun to complete. But, there is no true customization; you can only build what the programmer has predesigned.
Tasha 12 de ago às 13:18 
And I adoooore the bunnies inside the mages house <3
Tasha 12 de ago às 12:06 
Well yes I am definately excited about this one! Thanks a ton for adding this mod :D
Assassin739 12 de ago às 4:26 
There is a thing called Hearthfire.

Looks good though. :)
cutlerstrong 11 de ago às 18:11 
Why wont it download for me?
Hatty Hattington 11 de ago às 11:48 
why kill bunnys??? just steal rabbit legs if ur that hungry
Jon Snow 10 de ago às 14:26 
what is CTP?
Andamylis 10 de ago às 11:19 
mod tres sympa. on a une maison qui peut évoluer (étage, cave, grotte secrete) ainsi que son voisinnage proche ( tour de surveillance, zone pour la forge, une autre pour le cuir/ l'alchimie, ect)
mais il se mérite: il faut couper pas mal de bois et apporter pas mal de lingots, minerais, et peaux. ça prend un peu de temps mais rien de tres compliqué.
Merci pour ce travail
rocky343 SuperNinjaSpyAssassin 10 de ago às 8:10 
awesome mod its definitally one of my favorites
(SupaSlapa) 10 de ago às 0:14 
i cant find it on my map
daniel-FUCK-face 8 de ago às 7:47 
were is the site that you make ze house
Mad Butcher 7 de ago às 15:23 
BYOG seems to be gone or I just can't find it. I looked here and on gamespot, and nothing. I can't even find the author Athyra to get it that way. :( Oh well.
Mad Butcher 7 de ago às 14:09 
Build your own home looks like fun. I'll give it a go and mess things up, rightly so. (o,0) Yup, because that's what I do. The other called - balance your own game would be handy to me also. I run out of carry weight fast. I also have a mage that needs some payback for killing me ten times in a row. >< LOL
Thank you. Very funny video.
ozzuum 7 de ago às 9:20 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop so he can take over!
/ \
ethanleeshortt 5 de ago às 17:30 
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over the workshop so he can take over!
/ \
The_Lich_King 5 de ago às 14:17 
ok I haven't played the mod yet but are we able to build a home anywhere or do we have to do it in the shack???? let me know I know before I subscribe to the mod
OJ Gaming HD 5 de ago às 13:35 
i think this mod is amazing and only have one problem which is why you cant chooses to live there with wife,kids ect plz tell me how to fix ;D
Bmurf32 5 de ago às 8:51 
Thank you for this mod
sad0clown 5 de ago às 0:58 
thank you for your awesome mod! 8-)
djskyrim91 4 de ago às 13:16 
I can't seem to find the shack
SquidEyedV 4 de ago às 8:22 
help i subscribded and it doesnt work
BurningTacco 4 de ago às 4:40 
When i say "clear the rubbish" the whole pc freezes instantly
rpast81070 3 de ago às 17:49 
I cant find the journal