Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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deadyoullbe 9 год. тому 
is it possible to add some enchantments or something, like with a morgul blade, poison, like in the movie frodo will die eventualy because of the stabbing
or maybe with legolas' bow add extra archery or something to match legolas' awesomeness with the bow
zachariahdial1 30 вер о 17:40 
yeah but these are weapons
Phobos 30 вер о 17:24 
I can't believe no one else has pointed this out
LukasCK 30 вер о 16:19 
i think one of the swords ventaren uses in hes skyrim seires?
Inferno Jesus 30 вер о 8:44 
Do I need any DLC for this?? I don't seem to be able to get any of them, I know it says Dawnguard compatible, but does it mean I need it? :c
zachariahdial1 29 вер о 21:09 
make Aragorn's sword, king of gondor crown, and his king of gondor armor
DragonofAnoth 28 вер о 14:30 
Any way to get only the mace? My computer can only handle so much moding
pashok.dvane 25 вер о 10:21 
Wow, it's epic.
Gosu.Gian 24 вер о 1:00 
Cobalt Raven 23 вер о 11:37 
i must ask if your still working on mods .Are you going to add the staffs of gandalf and sarumon and the weapons of the new triligy in this mod ? if so please dont change the mod its perfect (with the exception of adding weapons
HispanicHokage 22 вер о 14:17 
were can i get firewood?
Alexandr 20 вер о 10:27 
Пара клинков отличные, остальное несуразная чушь !
Thorkill_the_Red 20 вер о 8:34 
Thats really Cool!
Patrick Jane 19 вер о 10:09 
Chuck G Nukem 17 вер о 16:23 
Any item ID's?
your cat 17 вер о 14:09 
hikaru30 16 вер о 8:27 
where is blackreach?? :/
Shell 16 вер о 8:18 
G4LLO_1990 16 вер о 5:28 
Why does it not Work ?
MojoJo 15 вер о 18:50 
I can't seem to craft any weapons
seancormack 15 вер о 10:57 
when these weapons are downloaded do they go straight to your inventory or do u have to find them in game or what???? im new :P
DUNDOIT 15 вер о 3:01 
Why are they soooooo weak? compared to my 70 damage weapons they only do like... 20?!?!
Skins is for noobs 14 вер о 10:41 
This is an really cool looking mod i must say
to i need any dlc for this ?
Marshal 14 вер о 2:15 
Scratch that, I can craft swords at the skyforge, but they're invisible -__-
Marshal 14 вер о 1:03 
This is a great mod and having a lot of fun smiting bitches with glamdring, but I seem to be able to craft some of these swords at the sky forge 0-o
Tomato  [автор] 12 вер о 23:56 
use HELP <whateverweaponname> to get the codes if you want to go the cheap route, and read the above description for directions to the forge :)
your cat 12 вер о 21:10 
your cat 12 вер о 21:09 
wheres the moon forge?
tekoahp 12 вер о 15:59 
whats the codes
Moonlight gamer heart211 12 вер о 9:57 
@Tomato where did u find the glowing sword????????!?!??!?!?
madiekester 12 вер о 5:48 
these are amazing!!
Deztro 11 вер о 12:00 
can npc's spawn with these?
atlanticblue 10 вер о 23:16 
can u please make armor
wolfking3339 10 вер о 19:27 
just dont let them touch your balls lol
Wezel 9 вер о 11:10 
Great mod, but it seems like it is in fact dead. It hasn't been updated in 2 years.
Lolfutzi 9 вер о 2:54 
You are the Master of all weapon moders !!!!!!!!!
کniperX™ 8 вер о 14:03 
It would be cool to have Gandalf's the Grey and the White's staves
Stealthy Panda 7 вер о 16:06 
Awesome, I like this alot, good job!
kidpoutine 6 вер о 13:52 
Mijohart 6 вер о 3:18 
i went up the mountain multiple times and did not find the forge HELP!!
PyromancerCZ 4 вер о 11:58 
really nice
kharn130 4 вер о 7:42 
looks good, but i wouldlike to suggest adding some axes(1 or 2 handed) and hammers (2 handed), for the dwarves out Barazantathul (with the ^ over the u), the great axe of Dain Ironfoot, King of Erebor....."Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!".
JasteR 3 вер о 3:35 
austin.w.ybip 2 вер о 6:10 
Did this mod make anyone die instantly from Dragur? I even tried putting my game on the lowest difficulty, and as a lvl41 with legendary armor I am dying from one hit. I don't know if it is this mod or another one I installed today... I installed this one and the Sounds of Skyrim mods today. Besides that, Ive got some graphics mods and Bandoliers. hmmm...
Drakonix 1 вер о 3:27 
Good mod
KungOfFu 31 сер о 9:53 
Where can I find the black armor in the screenshots?
Ethan .S. 29 сер о 17:43 
maybe make a throwing weapon (like in the hobbit, legolas's girlfriend throws an elvish blade at the siper thing)
varg1998 29 сер о 11:26 
where do i find sting?
יהודי 29 сер о 4:42 
WTF, I meet Sauron !!