Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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modernwarfare3ng 9 год. тому 
wheres the download ?\
Kellsey 14 год. тому 
glamdring as not a 2 handed version, only one handed?
Liq Mapug 20 год. тому 
silence 12 лип о 15:07 
great fap miteriel
asdf 12 лип о 13:27 
so butiful makes me want to cry
SeaGoingJet The Banana Man 12 лип о 12:45 
The Moonforge isn't working. My guy just stands there and does nothing
family.dorsel 12 лип о 10:16 
Banana Man 12 лип о 3:04 
What about Gimli's axe? :o
High Voltage 11 лип о 19:32 
You should also make them craftable at Silent Moons Camp
vampir21195 11 лип о 1:46 
на легендарное издание пойдет?
pedotto 11 лип о 0:43 
can you please add the console codes so i can test to see it runs well with my other mods
Low smithing :( haha I want to add them to my armory because the look awesome
LongShanks484 10 лип о 15:25 
how do you craft a shard of narsil?
AcidicFrame38 10 лип о 7:22 
Купить у Йорлунда
jagraham12 9 лип о 17:00 
loganmowat 9 лип о 10:27 
[Nu'Bi]WarStas 9 лип о 6:43 
Ребят,где можно добыть нарсил?
Adorable nigga 8 лип о 9:26 
i've found a bug:when you instakilling an enemy with killing animation and the mace of sauron>the enemy wont die by the end of animation,so far so good,he has the chanse to die after landing good(stands on foot>playing the killing animation>corpse still flying (like in tcl mode)>then he's dead 146%),or he can just live longer than you do(about 15 sec he's invulnerable even by kill into console)that's it.
AlexTheBeast [ESP] 7 лип о 17:17 
where can i find Sting?
theminergaming321 7 лип о 6:53 
Did Tomato die or something?
Causus 6 лип о 16:36 
Orcrist and Gimli's axe sound like they are worthwhile.
tadhgasaur 6 лип о 12:11 
is it 4 xbox
The golden dwarf 5 лип о 11:26 
it should be in the pack (make it)
The golden dwarf 5 лип о 11:26 
just sayin but where is gimlis axe
first of great job on the mod ,but can i request Orcrist?
TheNoob 4 лип о 11:19 
To GeekInPeace Do help Sting on console commands and it will give u stings ID (I prefer Spiderbane because it GLOWS) .Then do player.additem (Item ID) 1
GeekInPeace 3 лип о 15:57 
Where is Sting ? Because I don't find it at the Moonforge. Neither at Skyforge.
TheDodgyUkrainian 2 лип о 7:31 
great mod for weapons if you like LOTR,would like to see Arwens sword and maybe some more swords like theodens etc.Thank you.
Nyte166 1 лип о 6:04 
What components do I need to craft Shard of Narsil??
Please write a private message :-)
dragonblade97 30 чер о 18:28 
what ENB is this guy using?
Sdicks25 30 чер о 9:34 
you should make an armor mod too!
Mr. G. Flan 30 чер о 0:42 
It would be cool if the Morgul blade had some sort of poisoning effect when you hit your enemies with it. Or maybe when you kill something it reanimates the body, turning it into a "wraith", because when Frodo was stabbed with a Morgul blade he went completely out of it and would have become a wraith if it weren't for the elvish medicine.
aballistar 29 чер о 13:26 
bug report i think, when having crashes with mods i disabled all including this one, bug that this one was still crashing the system due to the fact that my follower was carrying elvish weapons, and upon taking them out of her inventory and dropping them...they instantly reappear in her inventory, when fights break out she tries to use them, but they dont exist in the game and boom hard reboot. after i sent her home and she doesnt fight with me problem solved. am i crazy or is this a bug?
Topramen 29 чер о 11:40 
Console codes?
Ne joue pas à Terraria 29 чер о 9:30 
Recommended. Spiderbane look so nice in my hand :)
Lin 29 чер о 7:35 
How do I make Spiderbane?
๖ۣۜPyroclastic๖ۣۜDoom 29 чер о 1:39 
Could u please do an armour mod. love this one so i need more!
๖ۣۜPyroclastic๖ۣۜDoom 29 чер о 1:00 
What are the console codes for thease items?
DragOnScale{NL} 28 чер о 6:52 
Does this mod Just make the quality better? does it change the model
RainbowCookieMan 28 чер о 6:40 
Werz Gimliz hax???
wood.ryan45 28 чер о 4:10 
this mod is the best ever
AlaundoSeven 28 чер о 3:55 
Where I can find the same leather armor as in the screenshot №19?
Pixy 28 чер о 2:02 
Thanks for the in my eyes, with best mod for Skyrim.
Nitzer 27 чер о 19:56 
How am I supposed to obtian or craft the shard of narsil? It just says Items required: Narsil 1H
Spud636 27 чер о 19:21 
The two hand Anduril... great sword :) thanks for the mod
MΔD MΔN 27 чер о 15:51 
Good mod! :D
junerloreto 26 чер о 20:03 
parece legal.
Witch-King of Angmar 26 чер о 12:41 
Saurons Mace is awesome!
TheAlphaHunter 26 чер о 10:57 
This is an awesome mod, I just hope that gimli's axe is added in the near future
overstoff 26 чер о 10:27 
does the elven short blades count as daggers or 1 handed swords ingame?