Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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doctorwhofan2002 7 小时以前 
Amazing Weapons! That's all I have to say!
Rethuniel 19 小时以前 
Amazing artwork indeed !
Moshiro 21 小时以前 
Amazing, I haven't even used it in the game yet, but I know it's going to be my favorite. I love you.
Turtle 1月30日下午7:18 
Beautiful mod
Karma 1月29日下午4:16 
Will there be any axes added? like Gimlis walking axe or double bladed axe? Or Orcrist?
Deathcorpse #Road To DMG 1月29日下午2:42 
I think they fly to far with the mace
Mental Midgee 1月27日下午8:29 
How many axes did you see in lotr movies?
Fuzzyballs01 1月27日上午2:38 
no axes? -3/10 worst mod ever
Pootz 1月26日上午9:47 
worked once, but since then the weapons dont appear in game at all.
Von-Ness 1月25日下午11:16 
The Sauron's Mace isn't knocking things back, Please fix!
Jogblack 1月25日上午6:02 
Insane :p
459700 1月24日下午1:37 
Just got this mod but I don't seem to have the moonforge. The mod is definitely running, the game is up to date and I know where the forge should be but all I have is just a big rock like the vanilla version. Has anyone got a solution to this?
Alive and Smilin' 1月24日上午11:55 
Bit of an issue with the enchantment on Sauron's Mace. The knockback effect combined with killmoves can actually make enemies immortal. I just had a lot of trouble with a normal Bandit that got knocked back mid-killmove, and after that found that any attack dealt to him did zero damage. Even the `kill` console command didn't work! He finally died after chasing me around for about 5 minutes.
katrinasieber 1月24日上午9:06 
Can you get these any other way other then crafting? (Of couse I don't mean Saurons mace)
Garthus 1月24日上午7:19 
The enchanted suaron's mace has a problem with killmoves. When your character does a killmove with it, the enemy just flies away and you don't kill him.
NeverWinter 1月24日上午1:37 
как крафтить то ?
jakkin 1月22日上午8:28 
is it possible to get the Legolas' daggers to sheath behind the back like in the movie? and have bow and quiver there also? plus when equipting the daggers to have them use 1 command to dual equipt them?
Fmartins 1月21日上午1:09 
Look fantastic , thanks
The Burger Sultan 1月20日下午2:54 
Any chance of a dagger version of Sting/Spiderbane, similar to what you did for Anduril? Amazing stuff though!
silly billy got u willy 1月19日下午10:15 
the textuer is awsome you should make more mods like this one maby for the hobbit
Karl Marx 1月18日下午7:23 
The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.
elements2001 1月18日上午4:04 
How do you get the steel smithing perk?
pyrotim 1月15日下午3:44 
I don't know if you check this often, but anduril's holster is too long and it cuts into the ground
The Simple Killer 1月15日下午2:13 
NAH ITS A FUCKING VIRUS FOR YOU'R DAMM COMPUTER! btw it's called sarcasm for you other stupid big fuckers.

Riki 1月15日上午11:04 
where is Blackreach?
Catch Me İf You Can ! 1月12日下午2:28 
spiderbane is dagger ?
ViToRrE 1月12日上午11:39 
One of the best things around here.
rexxysexxy 1月11日上午1:54 
is this safe 1月10日下午11:12 
Deleted my previous comment because I think I found the answer to my question, Sting may be 1Hand and not a dagger.

Anyways I really like this mod. The weapons are so beautiful, I wish I had 10 arms so I can wield all of them.
Pierce 1月10日下午10:08 
I am putting this challenge out for any one who makes weapons mods, make a khpoesh sword mod and put it on steam, you don't have to do it, its just an idea. do not reply i will no if you except to do it or not.
Chris 1月10日下午6:28 
What are the weapon ID's for spawning them?
Northern Renegade 1月10日下午5:21 
You should make another mod.
SkyJacob99 1月10日下午12:53 
i am a huge fan of LOTR and this is perfect
majkmajkmajk 1月10日上午1:37 
works perfectly fine, ty
Possum0231 1月9日下午10:14 
thanks Spark Pork
ArmyLegoMan97 1月9日下午4:12 
Where is the skyforge?
spark pork 1月9日上午9:47 
You don't need dawngurad
Possum0231 1月9日上午8:07 
Does it require dawnguard or is it just compatible with it?
NeverBackDown 1月6日下午4:18 
add more weapons?
Mr. Rogue Ace 1月6日下午3:36 
@ark meadsculler you craft Narsil (either 1h or 2h, which ever you want to use) take Narsil to a smelter and just smelt it (doesn't matter if you have a 2h or 1h it makes the shards) then you can craft Anduril (note the shards can make both 1h and 2h with [not at the same time though])
Alucard Wesker 1月4日下午5:28 
I look forward to an update for Saromon's staff, if there is one. If you do have an update can you have a magic and close combat version for Saromon's staff?
RengarTheDwarf 1月4日上午6:35 
no gimlis weapon 0/10
Isis_Bell 1月3日上午4:42 
Wow, this is awesome!
Shrek 1月2日下午10:04 
These look fantastic!
Alcuin 1月1日下午9:02 
sick brah
Jelly-Doom 1月1日上午6:56 
joshuajr44 2014年12月31日下午2:13 
how do you craft them
Lerndmina 2014年12月31日上午9:07 
are thay in qasmoke
Micah226 2014年12月30日下午7:42 
awesome mod
Ark Meadsculler 2014年12月30日下午5:14 
this may have been asked already but where do you get the shard of narsil?