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Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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Molag Bal 8 ч. назад 
This is a stand-alone mod, not a replacer....right?
$Единорог$_1337 8 фев в 1:27 
Yukso! 5 фев в 18:04 
thiss is insane
TheMagicWaffle3D 2 фев в 19:05 
I love this mod but theres a weird crash where when I'm at the east empire company's warehouse and I use my Elven bow with nordic arrows the whole game just crashes anyone know how to solve it?
piercepd 2 фев в 10:36 
Hey man,

I love this but it seems to clash with thieves guild second quest. brynjolf won's induct to the guild whilst this is running. Which is a right bugger as my Morgul blade was insane before I lost it turning this off & on!

Sorry for the note here but I don't have Nexus mods to contact there.

seanshoemake0 1 фев в 15:11 
uh is there an armor mod that goes with this
brandon 24 янв в 19:49 
Some Bugs need to be fixed like the forge not apearing
Kri 24 янв в 3:16 
Is there a way to make the shards of narsil whole? 22 янв в 17:04 
is spiderblade a dagger?
Parel 16 янв в 20:19 
Même à Moonforge je n'ai pas la masse de sauron de dispo... Quelqu'un peut me dire comment faire? (Sinon j'ai toute les autres elle sont classes :) )
DebBee 13 янв в 19:21 
Thank you, this is such a fun mod, I now exclusively use Sting as my favorite weapon.
Brutaka 11 янв в 4:04 
You should make Sauron's mask and armour as well
Pertti56 30 дек, 2015 в 1:13 
Wery good addition to the game. Very immersive!
brandon 27 дек, 2015 в 22:03 
GunXHunter 27 дек, 2015 в 14:06 
V.Alecsandri°NoScope 27 дек, 2015 в 6:17 
can you fix Sauron's Mace bug ?
[9R] Draconis ☬ 22 дек, 2015 в 19:43 
might i iquire the best entrace to black reach i should tak in order to get to the gate gardian
Elder Hippo 22 дек, 2015 в 16:07 
orkorkorkorkorkorkorkurukorkorkork ururk
TheVandal 21 дек, 2015 в 16:33 
I think this mod is very racist and offensive to orcs because there arent enough orcish weapons from LOTR so you are racist unless you add more because #OrcLivesMatter.
Pip-Boi 21 дек, 2015 в 0:43 
Loleris 20 дек, 2015 в 20:44 
could i use a console command to spawn them?
zeanonimos 19 дек, 2015 в 4:15 
ζkuℓℓу!² 13 дек, 2015 в 12:54 
It'd be cool if the Goblin Sword actually lit up when the race Orc gets near you
滑稽的煮鸡手 13 дек, 2015 в 5:04 
What is Moon forge
lbj1995 13 дек, 2015 в 4:54 
best there is...
Kuroimaho 12 дек, 2015 в 5:44 
@Chrumciat, read the description.
Pszemek 11 дек, 2015 в 5:34 
Where is Moonforge?
wilsonf5 7 дек, 2015 в 17:45 
Haku Jin 6 дек, 2015 в 8:28 
anyone know the item code for saurons mace
Gupper 5 дек, 2015 в 11:35 
Ithidur 5 дек, 2015 в 5:34 
Ithidur 5 дек, 2015 в 5:34 
my bow is invisible
ChuBz 4 дек, 2015 в 10:47 
are they in your inventory?
PartTimeDovahkiin 1 дек, 2015 в 9:42 
Beautiful! Wonderful craftsmanship. Thank you for this set.
candy.corpse 29 ноя, 2015 в 17:27 
you are a beautiful person
Alexistanks :p 26 ноя, 2015 в 9:48 
how to have they weapons ?? :(
Maos The Laos 24 ноя, 2015 в 14:44 
The HD weapons clash with the rest of the game's graphics.
Anno-Ying 13 ноя, 2015 в 2:50 
First of all, great mod! The details are fantastic and everything looks authentic.

However I noticed that the Morgul Blade swings as slow as a sword even though it's classified as a dagger. Is this intentional? Thanks!
yourking77 5 ноя, 2015 в 17:35 
can you make a version with justNarsil, and not make a common item only make it obtainable once so it is unique?
Archer 2 ноя, 2015 в 23:37 
Best weapon mod ever! Awesome detail and thanks for the hard work.
Ghoulstark Starscream 31 окт, 2015 в 6:48 
how do i get the shard of narsil?
Beetho101 30 окт, 2015 в 17:32 
if sting is in the game i need to find out how to craft it or obtain it
Beetho101 30 окт, 2015 в 17:31 
Is sting in this weapon pack?

Ace Trainer Keegan 30 окт, 2015 в 9:09 
i have a slight issue with the elven short sword , when you look at it from the inventory it is very soomed in. Otherwise best wepon mod ever keep it up :D.
Volture 30 окт, 2015 в 6:14 
Narsil? BADASS
Arcite 29 окт, 2015 в 12:02 
The axe is missing better look on Nexus for gimli's axe
XroadDemon 28 окт, 2015 в 20:04 
Awesome mod! Thanks
hpvarta 28 окт, 2015 в 4:52 
...And my axe???
DrCandyCane 25 окт, 2015 в 5:55 
Is this mod compatible with all the DLCs?
-S- MeloN 22 окт, 2015 в 22:05 
Is "sting" in this mod?