Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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Dad9801 27 Mar às 18:45 
- the Moonforge can be easily located half way up along the path to High Hrothgar (it's that tallest mountain in Skyrim, Throat of the World)
Wezzychan182 27 Mar às 14:31 
Hello, I was wondering if you could make Striders Ranger sword please?
leon.fricke 26 Mar às 7:41 
the moonforge is not the one at silent moons, or?
Major 24 Mar às 13:27 
where is the moonforge?
John 23 Mar às 14:40 
when i saw him i shot in in the forehead like
Conman2151 21 Mar às 4:22 
i upgraded it to lengendary which made it too powerful
Conman2151 21 Mar às 4:14 
can you get two enchanted maces of sauron or just one? mine is too powerful and kills people instantly instead of launching them backwards.
bahamunt07 18 Mar às 16:40 
I miss the rohirrim swords of Eomer, Eowyn and Theoden.
guslook123 17 Mar às 18:17 
Gimli's Axe would be good
asyrawi 15 Mar às 6:11 
what does the guardian look like mention in the description to obtain saurons mace? And which part of blackreah is it?
jacklloyd44 14 Mar às 12:54 
where is the moonforge? i read the description but i still cant find it
I Killed A Genie For This Cat 11 Mar às 17:15 
i got the steel perk for smithing and i still can craft any of them(and i went to the lunar forge to)
__Foxy_the_pirate__ 11 Mar às 12:31 
how do you get them?
xlGoDLiKelx 8 Mar às 6:26 
Add Orcrist please
Ace Devil 8 Mar às 5:39 
it is brilliant ! hope you can make more like Hadhafang or other weapons
JWounderpig 7 Mar às 7:57 
I did just got Glamdring, elven bow, anduril and whitch kings sword. where is saurons maze and that stuff? :/
BigFatAndFluffy 6 Mar às 11:14 
it says steam error 16 when downloading the mod on the main menu, how do i fix this?
ÐaNgeRis 5 Mar às 14:17 
I'm getting dirty files errors (ITM) when I run LOOT on this mod. I want to use it and I'm getting conflicting advice in the forums on Steam about whether or not they should be cleaned using TES5edit. Can you tell me, should I clean these files or are the dirty files needed?
Spicy Jack 1 Mar às 20:35 
What exactly is the enchantment on the magical Sauron's Mace from Blackreach?
8222walk 27 Fev às 12:35 
go to moonforge to forge wepons if you cant buy them
8222walk 27 Fev às 12:35 
wow narsil is great main wepon
SDoody87 26 Fev às 1:58 
nice little mod
8222walk 23 Fev às 21:59 
Narsil well I like sword better than maces wow maces are but not very asome lol
justalexc 22 Fev às 15:34 
you should make Sting/spiderbane shorter and make it a dagger because it would only be a sword to a hobbit but to a person it would be a dagger
Shadow Night 22 Fev às 11:10 
I only have one question before downloading this mod, what weapon does the most base damage (not including their enchantments)
also, I see so many people saying, "I CAN'T FIND" this or that.
this may be a bit too lazy, but just type in the console,
"help" then like the first part of the thing you want. for example, lets say I wanted anduril,
just type in the console "help anduril" then It should show up a 1-handed and 2-handed version of andruil, and next to it is their IDs, just then type in the console, "player.additem" then the ID of the item you want.
milesgordon55 21 Fev às 23:33 
Cant find the witch-sword
Joaosouzac 19 Fev às 9:48 
The mod is good, but add a single one bow :(.
Sauron 18 Fev às 14:31 
Good my mace gonna take all of middle earth with it.
ry.mitchell 16 Fev às 0:17 
sorry what i was saying was YOU SHALL NOT PASS
ry.mitchell 16 Fev às 0:15 
YOU SAW NOT PAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kandsbowden 12 Fev às 19:58 
I've always wanted to wield Anduril in Skyrim...
lomhow1234 11 Fev às 15:58 
ArmyLegoMan97 10 Fev às 14:57 
ArmyLegoMan97 10 Fev às 14:56 
infinityplease14 9 Fev às 16:58 
You have a typo in the description " to to Blackreach City".
Sauron 8 Fev às 14:48 
where do i find the items
paigeewirth 8 Fev às 13:33 
now my character can fangirl about lotr too
Dilophosaur01 7 Fev às 23:21 
best LOTR mod ever
Avaron 7 Fev às 10:45 
EPIC mod. Walking out there slaying dragons with Glamdring make sense for me
Indigon 7 Fev às 8:42 
Can I spawn them simply with codes? If so what are the codes?
Wonder Tomato 7 Fev às 5:24 
god i love you and your name
ArmyLegoMan97 4 Fev às 17:48 
Where to craft Spiderbane?
PaddyMac 3 Fev às 19:46 
where do I get the shards and sting?
simphonicsuicide 2 Fev às 12:37 
i love it *q*
Dragonchief 1 Fev às 4:08 
Amazing Weapons! That's all I have to say!
Rethuniel 31 Jan às 15:35 
Amazing artwork indeed !
Moshiro 31 Jan às 13:26 
Amazing, I haven't even used it in the game yet, but I know it's going to be my favorite. I love you.
Turtle 30 Jan às 19:18 
Beautiful mod
Karma 29 Jan às 16:16 
Will there be any axes added? like Gimlis walking axe or double bladed axe? Or Orcrist?