Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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MA BALLZ!!! 8 時間前 
Soo i went too the place of the moonforge next too the third emblem but its just a rock is it a different mod or something
LoreFesta 4月19日 12時20分 
i also think this is a great mod but i cant find the items and i tried even the "coc qasmoke" but the game crashes when i equip those items (that aren't named with their original name like orcrist,anduril etc..) so my question is how do i do?
Devante 4月18日 14時25分 
This is a great mod i love it, it works amazing with my rp style of gaming on skyrim. But maybe you could try to put gimlis axe and maybe gandalfs staff in here as well like that would make everything come together greatly.
[French bukkake] Monche 4月18日 7時45分 
Très bon mod pour les fans du seigneur des anneaux
TON:DSA 4月18日 3時43分 
Amazing mod
[GG] Traitorus LordDarkSkull88 4月16日 18時58分 
Please make the suggestion below, and Orcrist. (Goblin Cleaver) Please... Also, Foehammer, I am not sure if that one was in the movie or not.
whoa... 4月16日 7時12分 
Hey i see you are realy good at Texturing Wepon's and i was wondering if you could Make "King Dain Of The Iron-Hill's Hammer That was shown in Hobbit Battle of Five Army's.
The Dragonborn 4月15日 20時53分 
why cant i find the moon forge
Alchimi 4月14日 16時39分 
this mod is awesome (used it on a friend's game), but it so much needs a 2-handed Glamdring!
engtech 101 4月12日 13時58分 
what if i uninstall this mod and i have the weapon on a rack or is equiped?
dalek sec 4月12日 7時35分 
if u have any more quistions go on google, also i suggest lookibng up the fastests dwarven ruin to get into blackreach
dalek sec 4月12日 7時34分 
blackreach is i huge cave located under skyrim. to get to it you must delve deep into any dwarven ruin. just keep going down until you reach it, when you do there will bre a castle thing with a guardian
jdizzlehayes 4月11日 9時00分 
Can someone tell me where blackreach is?

adrian.lew 4月10日 9時12分 
runefire73 4月9日 16時37分 
yeah is there a command cuz blackreach is sooooo big and i cant be bothered to go all that way.its easy but just time wasting
Andreaz 4月8日 12時39分 
i want the sauron mace is there a command to get to blackreach
Archer 4月5日 21時30分 
This mod is super awesome. Thanks for all your hard work Isilmeriel! :D
The Friendly Heavy c: 4月5日 12時59分 
@KennyWellington You mean in the default game? I think the best one-handed weapon is the Dragonbone Mace.
Kenny Wellington 4月5日 10時32分 
whats the maximum damage one-handed sword can do?
Andreaz 4月5日 5時54分 
where is blackreach?

Blade01 4月4日 6時06分 
Where can I find the moonforge? I run the way to the greybeards 5 times but I don´t find anything. Do i have to install an expansionpack?
#HOP# Loetikk 4月3日 1時59分 
Ikadzum1 er le roi des chats 4月2日 10時58分 
my is french your speak french?
Ikadzum1 er le roi des chats 4月2日 10時57分 
yes bravo
Shmichael #ScrewHector 4月2日 4時52分 
Not to be an ass but i fust loaded it up after the 15th re-install and the moon forge was there. sorry for wasting your time.
Shmichael #ScrewHector 4月2日 4時48分 
i used this mod a while ago and i worked fine but i recently loaded up skyrim after not playing it for a while and my weapon had dishapered, i went to the moonforge but that had also dishapered. I tried re-installing it and allso the nexus version but no luck. Any ideas?
Captain Vern 4月1日 23時02分 
been using the blades for a while now and I've noticed somthing. none of htese blades do any of the post launch patch kill animations. (The new ones added later) They do the regular animations just fine but none of the others. I tested this with several different weapons and found that the newer animations showed up with them, (Including ranged and magic kills) but they dont occur with this weapon set.
Dad9801 3月27日 18時45分 
- the Moonforge can be easily located half way up along the path to High Hrothgar (it's that tallest mountain in Skyrim, Throat of the World)
WEZ 3月27日 14時31分 
Hello, I was wondering if you could make Striders Ranger sword please?
leon.fricke 3月26日 7時41分 
the moonforge is not the one at silent moons, or?
Major (Portugal City Slickers) 3月24日 13時27分 
where is the moonforge?
Dark_Lord_Miraak 3月23日 14時40分 
when i saw him i shot in in the forehead like
Conman2151 3月21日 4時22分 
i upgraded it to lengendary which made it too powerful
Conman2151 3月21日 4時14分 
can you get two enchanted maces of sauron or just one? mine is too powerful and kills people instantly instead of launching them backwards.
bahamunt07 3月18日 16時40分 
I miss the rohirrim swords of Eomer, Eowyn and Theoden.
guslook123 3月17日 18時17分 
Gimli's Axe would be good
asyrawi 3月15日 6時11分 
what does the guardian look like mention in the description to obtain saurons mace? And which part of blackreah is it?
jacklloyd44 3月14日 12時54分 
where is the moonforge? i read the description but i still cant find it
I Killed A Genie For This Cat 3月11日 17時15分 
i got the steel perk for smithing and i still can craft any of them(and i went to the lunar forge to)
__Foxy_the_pirate__ 3月11日 12時31分 
how do you get them?
xlGoDLiKelx (キラー) 3月8日 6時26分 
Add Orcrist please
Ace Devil 3月8日 5時39分 
it is brilliant ! hope you can make more like Hadhafang or other weapons
JWounderpig 3月7日 7時57分 
I did just got Glamdring, elven bow, anduril and whitch kings sword. where is saurons maze and that stuff? :/
BigFatAndFluffy 3月6日 11時14分 
it says steam error 16 when downloading the mod on the main menu, how do i fix this?
ÐaNgeRis 3月5日 14時17分 
I'm getting dirty files errors (ITM) when I run LOOT on this mod. I want to use it and I'm getting conflicting advice in the forums on Steam about whether or not they should be cleaned using TES5edit. Can you tell me, should I clean these files or are the dirty files needed?
Spicy Jack 3月1日 20時35分 
What exactly is the enchantment on the magical Sauron's Mace from Blackreach?
8222walk 2月27日 12時35分 
go to moonforge to forge wepons if you cant buy them
8222walk 2月27日 12時35分 
wow narsil is great main wepon
SDoody87 2月26日 1時58分 
nice little mod