The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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FishStick1981 6 ώρες πριν 
now we need orcrist in there as well from the hobbit trilogy
ShadowStriker15 24 Μαϊ στις 3:11μμ 
the moon forge in the the silent moons camp. there is no forge along the path to high hrothgar
Zimthose 22 Μαϊ στις 2:53μμ 
what the fuck?!?!?! i searched all over the path and it is nowhere
Fine Red Mist 22 Μαϊ στις 6:36πμ 
so where's do i find the data files to enable it??
Drunk_Legend 20 Μαϊ στις 6:38μμ 
A moon forge....of course
No name, no shame. 14 Μαϊ στις 3:47πμ 
Isn't Legolas' bow called "The bow of Galadriel"?
bigbig 11 Μαϊ στις 12:47μμ 
Dennis T. when you subscribe the mod automatically downloads and just go to data files and enable it :)
nrnmjj 7 Μαϊ στις 5:31πμ 
Guys just use the console commands like " help lotr or help saurons mace." Then just add player.additem(whatevertheidis) 1
potterbasic 2 Μαϊ στις 2:46μμ 
Where is sting?
Dennis T. 1 Μαϊ στις 12:25μμ 
First time downloading any type of mod ever, so I'm an idiot. I can't seem to find the download button after subing. ;-; I know, I know, insults are welcome...
alonn 30 Απρ στις 5:21μμ 
I am go to the Moon forge and sting and other sword are not présent for what ?
ErediN 29 Απρ στις 1:36πμ 
For all those that dont know where to find/craft swords --------- read the fucking >>>DESCRIPTION<<<
BECAUSE IM HAVING A GOOD TIME!! 24 Απρ στις 7:05πμ 
where do i find this stuff?
·•● NiTeFaLL ●•· 16 Απρ στις 1:57μμ 
Pieman12 14 Απρ στις 3:47πμ 
manlee me 58 If you go to the Moonforge you can craft them there. The Moonforge is on the path to High Hrothgar.
wheresmyeyebrow 10 Απρ στις 2:39πμ 
Gibon 9 Απρ στις 10:08πμ 
bruiser514 4 Απρ στις 10:16μμ 
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manlee me58 30 Μαρ στις 7:16μμ 
Does anyone know how to get two of the elvish short blades? I went to the sky forge but there was only one for sale

Cynical Blaze 27 Μαρ στις 11:04μμ 
Okay I am really kinda mad at how rediculously OP Reach of the Damnded is. Also expensive as s***
kyle1r97 24 Μαρ στις 11:53πμ 
I think my favorite thing about this mod is the enchantment on sauron's mace, the only problem is that sometimes the enemies bug out and stop taking damage from me. Whatevs, I can still put them in orbit
crazyheit 23 Μαρ στις 10:49πμ 
Great looking mod, especialy the mace! Would you consider making a 2handed version of it? It´s quite large and looks odd dangling on your belt! :-)
But it would have an absolute killer look as a 2 handed mace!
The Royal Fortune 20 Μαρ στις 11:52μμ 
hey Fotr, its a Scimitar not a machete
n4thanana 13 Μαρ στις 8:51μμ 
The bow sits very weirdly on my characters back...
drexjdw 13 Μαρ στις 1:52μμ 
the spiderbane isnt showing up for me at moonforge, do you know what to do?
boringless 13 Μαρ στις 1:11πμ 
Fotr 11 Μαρ στις 1:59πμ 
I was hoping so much this would include the uruk-hai machete
tekgan 6 Μαρ στις 5:07πμ 
do you need to be a higher lvl in smithing (i got steel smithing) because i cant craft any of them
(and i have stell and shards of narsil from sky forge)
Will: Bard of Doom 5 Μαρ στις 5:22μμ 
Does the Moonforge Storage chest store things like a house chest would?
not part of cMHs;go 3 Μαρ στις 12:32μμ 
it good
hicksmob 27 Φεβ στις 3:51μμ 
does it work with dawnguard and hearthfire? you know... DLC
Conman2151 25 Φεβ στις 6:44μμ 
suggestion: could you make the shard of narsil a bit longer?
carnilio 20 Φεβ στις 11:54πμ 
Very nice weapon pack. Still one of my most used packs over the past years!
phazonman 16 Φεβ στις 5:30πμ 
there's a funny glitch with the enchanted sauron mace: when you decapitate people with the mace they stay alive for a short period of time before dying
Kickassman3 14 Φεβ στις 6:50πμ 
This is the best Mod For Lore of lord of the rings, Great mod mate ^O^
XpO 14 Φεβ στις 12:56πμ 
g r e a t
roman-shandala 12 Φεβ στις 12:02μμ 
TheMaxster2000 10 Φεβ στις 6:55μμ 
Are you gonna add the king of rohan's sword?
Tiber Septim 9 Φεβ στις 10:56πμ 
This is a stand-alone mod, not a replacer....right?
Just Do It 8 Φεβ στις 1:27πμ 
Hero! 5 Φεβ στις 6:04μμ 
thiss is insane
TheMagicWaffle3D 2 Φεβ στις 7:05μμ 
I love this mod but theres a weird crash where when I'm at the east empire company's warehouse and I use my Elven bow with nordic arrows the whole game just crashes anyone know how to solve it?
piercepd 2 Φεβ στις 10:36πμ 
Hey man,

I love this but it seems to clash with thieves guild second quest. brynjolf won's induct to the guild whilst this is running. Which is a right bugger as my Morgul blade was insane before I lost it turning this off & on!

Sorry for the note here but I don't have Nexus mods to contact there.

seanshoemake0 1 Φεβ στις 3:11μμ 
uh is there an armor mod that goes with this
brandon 24 Ιαν στις 7:49μμ 
Some Bugs need to be fixed like the forge not apearing
Kri 24 Ιαν στις 3:16πμ 
Is there a way to make the shards of narsil whole? 22 Ιαν στις 5:04μμ 
is spiderblade a dagger?
ΨΔЯЭГ † 16 Ιαν στις 8:19μμ 
Même à Moonforge je n'ai pas la masse de sauron de dispo... Quelqu'un peut me dire comment faire? (Sinon j'ai toute les autres elle sont classes :) )
DebBee 13 Ιαν στις 7:21μμ 
Thank you, this is such a fun mod, I now exclusively use Sting as my favorite weapon.
Brutaka 11 Ιαν στις 4:04πμ 
You should make Sauron's mask and armour as well