The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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themaxter2000 10. helmi 18.55 
Are you gonna add the king of rohan's sword?
Molag Bal 9. helmi 10.56 
This is a stand-alone mod, not a replacer....right?
BioTortik_YT 8. helmi 1.27 
Yukso! 5. helmi 18.04 
thiss is insane
TheMagicWaffle3D 2. helmi 19.05 
I love this mod but theres a weird crash where when I'm at the east empire company's warehouse and I use my Elven bow with nordic arrows the whole game just crashes anyone know how to solve it?
piercepd 2. helmi 10.36 
Hey man,

I love this but it seems to clash with thieves guild second quest. brynjolf won's induct to the guild whilst this is running. Which is a right bugger as my Morgul blade was insane before I lost it turning this off & on!

Sorry for the note here but I don't have Nexus mods to contact there.

seanshoemake0 1. helmi 15.11 
uh is there an armor mod that goes with this
brandon 24. tammi 19.49 
Some Bugs need to be fixed like the forge not apearing
Kri 24. tammi 3.16 
Is there a way to make the shards of narsil whole? 22. tammi 17.04 
is spiderblade a dagger?
Parel 16. tammi 20.19 
Même à Moonforge je n'ai pas la masse de sauron de dispo... Quelqu'un peut me dire comment faire? (Sinon j'ai toute les autres elle sont classes :) )
DebBee 13. tammi 19.21 
Thank you, this is such a fun mod, I now exclusively use Sting as my favorite weapon.
Brutaka 11. tammi 4.04 
You should make Sauron's mask and armour as well
Pertti56 30. joulu, 2015 1.13 
Wery good addition to the game. Very immersive!
brandon 27. joulu, 2015 22.03 
GunXHunter 27. joulu, 2015 14.06 
V.Alecsandri°NoScope 27. joulu, 2015 6.17 
can you fix Sauron's Mace bug ?
[9R] Draconis ☬ 22. joulu, 2015 19.43 
might i iquire the best entrace to black reach i should tak in order to get to the gate gardian
Elder Hippo 22. joulu, 2015 16.07 
orkorkorkorkorkorkorkurukorkorkork ururk
TheVandal 21. joulu, 2015 16.33 
I think this mod is very racist and offensive to orcs because there arent enough orcish weapons from LOTR so you are racist unless you add more because #OrcLivesMatter.
Pip-Boi 21. joulu, 2015 0.43 
Loleris 20. joulu, 2015 20.44 
could i use a console command to spawn them?
zeanonimos 19. joulu, 2015 4.15 
ζkuℓℓу!² 13. joulu, 2015 12.54 
It'd be cool if the Goblin Sword actually lit up when the race Orc gets near you
滑稽的煮鸡手 13. joulu, 2015 5.04 
What is Moon forge
lbj1995 13. joulu, 2015 4.54 
best there is...
Kuroimaho 12. joulu, 2015 5.44 
@Chrumciat, read the description.
Tekże tego 11. joulu, 2015 5.34 
Where is Moonforge?
wilsonf5 7. joulu, 2015 17.45 
Haku Jin 6. joulu, 2015 8.28 
anyone know the item code for saurons mace
Gupper 5. joulu, 2015 11.35 
Ithidur 5. joulu, 2015 5.34 
Ithidur 5. joulu, 2015 5.34 
my bow is invisible
ChuBz 4. joulu, 2015 10.47 
are they in your inventory?
PartTimeDovahkiin 1. joulu, 2015 9.42 
Beautiful! Wonderful craftsmanship. Thank you for this set.
candy.corpse 29. marras, 2015 17.27 
you are a beautiful person
Alexistanks :p 26. marras, 2015 9.48 
how to have they weapons ?? :(
Maos The Laos 24. marras, 2015 14.44 
The HD weapons clash with the rest of the game's graphics.
Anno-Ying 13. marras, 2015 2.50 
First of all, great mod! The details are fantastic and everything looks authentic.

However I noticed that the Morgul Blade swings as slow as a sword even though it's classified as a dagger. Is this intentional? Thanks!
yourking77 5. marras, 2015 17.35 
can you make a version with justNarsil, and not make a common item only make it obtainable once so it is unique?
Archer 2. marras, 2015 23.37 
Best weapon mod ever! Awesome detail and thanks for the hard work.
Ghoulstark Starscream 31. loka, 2015 6.48 
how do i get the shard of narsil?
Beetho101 30. loka, 2015 17.32 
if sting is in the game i need to find out how to craft it or obtain it
Beetho101 30. loka, 2015 17.31 
Is sting in this weapon pack?

Makukutikato 30. loka, 2015 9.09 
i have a slight issue with the elven short sword , when you look at it from the inventory it is very soomed in. Otherwise best wepon mod ever keep it up :D.
Volture 30. loka, 2015 6.14 
Narsil? BADASS
Arcite 29. loka, 2015 12.02 
The axe is missing better look on Nexus for gimli's axe
XroadDemon 28. loka, 2015 20.04 
Awesome mod! Thanks
hpvarta 28. loka, 2015 4.52 
...And my axe???
DrCandyCane 25. loka, 2015 5.55 
Is this mod compatible with all the DLCs?