Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
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Mr.Sandwich před 13 hodinami 
where is the moonforge?
[Saint] CJ 21. srp. v 11.04 dop. 
i cant see this weapons
[Saint] CJ 21. srp. v 11.03 dop. 
doesnot work(
Byrios 20. srp. v 8.01 dop. 
In my opinion, because you can get them so early, they are a bit game breaking. I got glamdring at level 12 and could two shot pretty much all enemies :/ Perhaps you could make them harder to make? And require daedric smithing? The weapons look amazing just attempting some constructive critisism.
reederpower 19. srp. v 8.14 odp. 
i lke it
Mr.Sandwich 19. srp. v 2.45 odp. 
where is the moonforge?
is it a mod or an actually place?
cause i went up to High Hrothgar and i couldnt find it
sromshek 19. srp. v 11.43 dop. 
Amazing work.I just downloaded yesterday and got a look at weapons at moonforge and looks perfect.Thanks for your work and effort.
inerCy 18. srp. v 7.01 dop. 
inconcevable 0.o
johnnygui2010 16. srp. v 10.20 dop. 
Wheres this blackreach city
Nyromath 16. srp. v 12.19 dop. 
It isnt downloading properly. I saw it in a showcase and now I REALLY want it. D'=
Amon ra 15. srp. v 8.38 dop. 
Avaron 15. srp. v 4.23 dop. 
This is fairly the best mod i have tested. I have to say, the weapons look rather more badass when u play it. For example, I use the Morgul Blade with fiery soul trap to finish the enemies. The enchanted Morgul Blade is just... APOCALYPTIC. Glamdring (in its three versions) is also brutal. I use Legolas Bow too. They all look way more badass ingame, believe me.
Jeff <3 you! 13. srp. v 11.18 dop. 
clean your shit in tesv
i just want a pepsi 13. srp. v 6.12 dop. 
kkk29 12. srp. v 1.10 odp. 
kkk29 12. srp. v 1.10 odp. 
it doesnt works on my account
KaueXM 12. srp. v 10.15 dop. 
this is compatible with dragonborn and heartfire?
[N-SEAL] andrejm96 12. srp. v 3.48 dop. 
Can you add also the weapons of the movie The Hobbit, like the goblin cleaver, the dwarves company hammers, swords and bows?
It's Fucking Raw 11. srp. v 9.38 odp. 
Dont know if i messed up the install or whatever, Doing it manually, not from workshop, but the weapons are invisible for me
irainbw 11. srp. v 9.36 dop. 
good job!
cycloner23 10. srp. v 11.12 dop. 
Shut up
(SURF)Beroza|Homera 10. srp. v 9.51 dop. 
It don't work :o
arzuken17 10. srp. v 9.32 dop. 
really nice work !
Barack Osama 8. srp. v 9.31 dop. 
where do i get elven wood from? stores or something?
jonathan 8. srp. v 5.46 dop. 
I only like the legolas stuff
Gaaalv 8. srp. v 3.10 dop. 
Not sure if serious
Taurine Ganz 7. srp. v 7.08 odp. 
Some of these look like swords from the Lord of the Rings
jmmcc94 7. srp. v 1.52 odp. 
i can't find the gaurdian what should i do?
lissieloowhoo 7. srp. v 8.43 dop. 
But I has one question....Does the Moonforge have a marker on the map or do you actually have to walk there??
lissieloowhoo 7. srp. v 8.38 dop. 
HOLY S***!!!!!My life is made!!!!*faints of fan-girling/happiness overload*
knowth 7. srp. v 12.47 dop. 
@rburtosky No, there is a glowing and non-glowing version
rburtosky 6. srp. v 8.34 odp. 
So does bilbo's sword actually glow when enemies are near?
starowere 6. srp. v 12.45 odp. 
Thanks, it's great!
Taktix 6. srp. v 5.48 dop. 
Great mod.
Can you make the wraith greatswords (both ancient and polished) into 1H versions?
luvfords 4. srp. v 7.24 odp. 
Probama 4. srp. v 1.23 odp. 
I really like this mod. Spiderbane is really good .
adamthesith 4. srp. v 11.55 dop. 
I love this mod 10/10
Sir Knight 3. srp. v 1.31 odp. 
All I can say is that this is frickin' awesome and good work!
Sondre 3. srp. v 1.14 odp. 
what is the ID for the weapons?
BacherDK 3. srp. v 7.04 dop. 
- Walking around, just chillin' in Blackreach
Dropped Mace of Sauron


Is this a part of your mod? if so.... you have my thanks and respect!
RamboAAA 1. srp. v 8.08 dop. 
Can u use console for those?
graf_fridula 1. srp. v 2.15 dop. 
sieht supergeil aus, ist leider etwas zu mächtig
Choo-Choo-Train 31. čvc. v 3.54 dop. 
very nice, but i won't use them anymore; too op for my level ^^

u can forge Sting at the Moonforge; while you go up to the Greybeards at High Hrotghar you should walk by the forge
StabbedByFireJr 30. čvc. v 2.15 dop. 
theese weapons are beautifuly crafted i salute you
pirat0505 29. čvc. v 1.49 odp. 
aragorns sword is awsome but i cant find sting
Nando Alves 29. čvc. v 12.12 odp. 
muito bo
Boy do arrastão 28. čvc. v 8.27 dop. 
I just think that the weapons could be a bit less OP, cause they are better than daedric and equal to dragon weapons
Martinairo 28. čvc. v 6.34 dop. 
@Jedi Knight Arturion

I don't agree, they're only a tad better than dragon bone and daedric weapons. Which is good, because now they're also fun to use at higher level :)
I hate using a weapon which is way better looking but worse in stats :(
Kasauren 27. čvc. v 5.25 dop. 
This is awesome! Thx man, ill enjoy skyrim a faar bit more for this ;)
Jedi Knight Arturion 26. čvc. v 12.58 odp. 
I don't know if the author even checks this, but these weapons are WAY too powerful. I think they should all be brought down to ebony or glass level damage except the mace. That should be daedric obviously. They are basically God weapons. :(