Portal 2
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Aetoss  [autore] 18 giu 2013, ore 11:26 
Thanks, esmo! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
esmo 18 giu 2013, ore 10:14 
nice map, cheers
Aetoss  [autore] 20 apr 2013, ore 19:22 
Thank you!
Jade BGE 20 apr 2013, ore 19:12 
This was a lot of fun to play. A good adventure. I'm partial to adventure maps. Loved the look of the dark room with the turrets - very cool. Thanks for your work.
Jade BGE 20 apr 2013, ore 18:17 
Yes, mine are working also but there are perhaps 8 that I can no longer update and make changes too. Very frustrating.
Aetoss  [autore] 20 apr 2013, ore 18:13 
Yeah, it's too bad. I contacted support in case they have some magical way they're saving all the data so I can get it back. haha Luckily, this map is working. :)
Jade BGE 20 apr 2013, ore 16:44 
Yes, the missing map conundrum. I have had it too. If you transfered to a different pc and your maps are on a different one I may remember how to locate your maps then you can copy them on the new pc. But if they have been deleted from the pc they were created on then I have not found a way to get them back. I always hoped that they were somewhere out there in siberspace somewhere and one day I would learn how to retrieve them. But alas not yet. Good luck.
Leon Star 4 lug 2012, ore 22:55 
Nice use of turrets, The dark glass floor scared me :) I couldn't finish it :(, because I put a portal at the end tractor beam so I filped out of my other portal near the companion cube puzzle, and coulden't get back, so add a fizzler between them or on the ride up.
also its a bit too dark at the bottem of the chasm passage way, add just enough to see where I'm going please :P I can just picture people with low brightness thinking their computer crashed. (Not me :P But a realy nice test chamber you made)