Dragon Age Series Weapons Pack 1
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Dorian Nightmist 19 септември в 8:34след. 
Chasind Flatblade?
JediDrpepper 13 септември в 2:09сут. 
Sorry if anyone asked this already,but is there any chance of you making some DA armor? Like the all 3 classes for Grey Wardens and Champion of Kirkwalls
t-macdonnell 29 август в 1:15сут. 
Thanks for the info in regards to the location of the Staff of Parthalan. Its my all-time favorite weapon.
Superpyrocharged 31 юли в 6:22след. 
cool nice job
TheRenieChan 25 юли в 10:57след. 
I have a sign. It says DON'T. I hit people with it. Perfect!
hermitthefrog13 23 юли в 7:02сут. 
BEST MOD EVA 9000000000/10
norbert.majchrzak 14 юни в 11:25след. 
G20 19 февруари в 7:07сут. 
Hi, Love the this mod and have added it to this collection.
I hope you like it and take it as a high compliment ;)
Nitro The Pyro 8 февруари в 1:38след. 
thehoppes06 8 февруари в 8:15сут. 
sweet cant wait
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 8 февруари в 12:58сут. 
Indeed he does. I'll look into it, but I've about hit the maximum file size allowed on the workshop (so it might have to be in a different pack or a replacement of the existing 2handed one here).

I'm not sure about the one handed animations (been a while since I've used a one handed blade). If I think they'll look alright with the staff, I may go ahead with it.
thehoppes06 8 февруари в 12:17сут. 
of the staff of Parthalan. in da2 he swings it on handed
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 7 февруари в 11:55след. 
Hoppes: A longsword variant of what? If it's in Dragon Age, I'll add it to the list.
thehoppes06 7 февруари в 10:51след. 
Hey thia an awesome mod you know what would be cool a longsword variant
Dr. Hu 13 декември 2013 в 3:51след. 
Oh, the nostalgia. This is an awesome mod; seeing Vigilance and Starfang makes me nostalgic of all the butt-kicking I delivered in Dragon Age. Thanks!
ÜberKirby 26 октомври 2013 в 2:37сут. 
-For the Skyrim!
-For the Skyrim!
-For the Dragon Age! ;D
t-macdonnell 4 септември 2013 в 2:36след. 
The prefect mod for the wimp whose soo weak in the knees that they need cheater type weapons in order to defeat the enemies of the game. Rise-up, find the balls to fight like a true
dragonborn! P.S. The western look died in the 90's.
Firestreamer 11 август 2013 в 10:00след. 
Spellweaver? I can't find it in either three packs. If I'm just missing it tell me but, if i'm not could you add it?
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 13 юли 2013 в 12:48след. 
It is not.
Clinnger the Felicitous 13 юли 2013 в 11:27сут. 
I'm wondering, is Voice of Velvet in this mod too? Really like its form.
Talin 9 юли 2013 в 9:41сут. 
you should make sebastians armor from Dragon age 2.
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 13 юни 2013 в 1:20сут. 
Irish Duck 12 юни 2013 в 6:19след. 
How'd you get the trench coat mod?
The Gentleman Walrus 8 юни 2013 в 12:41сут. 
Itoya 27 април 2013 в 7:32сут. 
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 16 април 2013 в 8:52след. 
That's...odd. You'll have to remove the mod, clean your save, and try again or use the console ("help parthalan") to get the ranged staff then.
Necro2115 16 април 2013 в 6:42след. 
i pick up both staffs but both are melee neither of them are far ranged
Rogue 10 април 2013 в 8:12след. 
Oh excellent
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 10 април 2013 в 5:15след. 
I have weapons and armor from both games on my todo list and I am working on them as I go. Since a significant amount of models in DA2 are taken from DA:O, the names I choose will be drawn from DA:O as well.
Rogue 10 април 2013 в 4:03след. 
Are you planning to do DAII weapons and/or armor as well? Skyrim has pretty boring mage robs and staffs, would like to see some DA2 stuff from those catagories transfered over.
jw.pd 1 април 2013 в 7:51сут. 
I like the weapons alot. I would like to see the daggers just a little smaller... they look more like swords great mod tho
Alphadog 30 март 2013 в 8:11след. 
um I was wondering if you could make a copy of the Dwarven armor in Dragon Age: Origins that is used by Dwarves in the Palace in Orzammar kind of like you made a copy of the Dragon Blood Armor, and just so you know I like all of your Dragon Age mods
EYEsaac 9 февруари 2013 в 2:16след. 
where'd you get armor
The Friendly Derakor 7 февруари 2013 в 4:23след. 
wellim glad they are in the hands of some, just thought it would be neet if they were held by boss bandits and other boss like npc's. i have nothing against seraching for them, just thought it would be cool if more guys had them so crafting would not be the first thing to want to get them
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 7 февруари 2013 в 2:52след. 
@sol: I'm glad you like the delivery methods. I have a project to finish up, but after that I'll be working on more weapons.

@twoj.derek: The weapons don't spawn on random npcs. I made a few npcs with the weapons, but the rest are placed throughout the world. If you don't want to hunt them down, you can craft them. However, the crafted variants do not have the unique names and enchantments as the ones placed in the world.
Aloachak 7 февруари 2013 в 11:55сут. 
I do love how you want to make us earn the unique versions! I do, I love the unique named weapons that ya feel you earn by defeated a challenging foe! Good job! Keep them coming please!
The Friendly Derakor 7 февруари 2013 в 8:13сут. 
does the weapons spawn on random npcs? or do you have to make them?
Porcelyn 31 януари 2013 в 9:02след. 
Oh I figured it out. I got brave and opened it up in the ck. It is a great sword but just had battle axe animations. I switched it to two handed sword animations and it works fine. Now I'm off to skewer people with it. Thanks.
Porcelyn 31 януари 2013 в 8:40след. 
Ok, I switched to this pack but my parthlan staff is still a battle axe. I tried on a new game and got it with the cheat.
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 29 ноември 2012 в 3:54след. 
Enhanced Blood Textures and The Dance of Death
DeadFace 29 ноември 2012 в 3:45след. 
what are the blood mod and executions you're using?
Rand0mNumbers  [автор] 31 октомври 2012 в 3:23сут. 
I do not have Dawnguard or access to Dawnguard's files. So, until that changes, probably not going to happen.

There is another Varic-related weapon in this pack though...
sebschneitz 30 октомври 2012 в 2:03след. 
The Best DA Weapon is missing ;) in times of Crossbows in Skyrim you need to add Bianca :)
RexJayden 27 октомври 2012 в 8:07сут. 
Thanks for the update on this great mod!
mrtomsaunders 27 октомври 2012 в 3:44сут. 
could you make the greatsword staff of parthalan a little smaller it just seems to big at the moment thanks
Pcactus 5 октомври 2012 в 11:32след. 
yes dragon age weapons in skyrim these weapons fit skyrim very well
Non-Cisgender Lemon 28 август 2012 в 12:58сут. 
wow, thanks for that