Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun
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atlanticblue 14 ต.ค. @ 5:29am 
hello om english and does this mod lag?? please respond
Vladisko 11 ต.ค. @ 8:01pm 
Возле Whiterun у великонов с верху летает дерево , Исправьте плиз
Dr. Mobius 4 ต.ค. @ 8:49am 
I agree to FemaleLink. The Whiterun Hold is a tundra region, so the trees don't fit in the landscape.
DOVAHKIIN 4 ต.ค. @ 7:27am 
Really good mod series, i have them for all cities installed. Whiterun and the other cities are looking much better, thank you :)
FemaleLink 27 ก.ย. @ 11:43am 
WAY too many trees. Its a town, not a forrest.
Lostone386 21 ก.ย. @ 7:24pm 
Thanks for the awesome mods APLE, I tried a few out on my last game play, only noticed a few small bugs, but I am going to instal all of the town mods now! Thanks again!
في ص ل ه ق ر س ص م ص  [ผู้สร้าง] 21 ก.ย. @ 11:19am 
@John What's wrong with trees man? Without 'em you'd be dead. We'd all be dead. See that trans-mathmatical computational device infront of you - trees. Heck, even you are made of trees. (50% sure on this don't quote me, saw it on reddit one time) WHERE WOULD THE SQUIRRELS LIVE?
johnmilburn52 21 ก.ย. @ 10:51am 
@STORMY: You mispelt 'trees' twice. For some reason you spelt it "excitement" and then "adventure".
في ص ل ه ق ر س ص م ص  [ผู้สร้าง] 21 ก.ย. @ 9:14am 
@John Don't apologize John, no seriously don't. I understand, some people just can't take as much excitement or adventure as others. It doesn't matter, we're all equal right? On a cosmological scale?
johnmilburn52 21 ก.ย. @ 4:12am 
Just far too many trees and far too bright. Whiterun resembles some kind of Lord of the Rings Elven forest city now. Which is fine if you like that sort of thing, but its hardly logical or lore friendly. And the colours just dont match the surrounding countryside. Sorry fella.
<<__>>^^$#@#($#)!@__--__-- 15 ก.ย. @ 11:37pm 
Could you please just fix the floating tree near the giant's camp? It's the only thing that really throws me off. :/
في ص ل ه ق ر س ص م ص  [ผู้สร้าง] 9 ก.ย. @ 10:42am 
Perdurable 8 ก.ย. @ 6:08pm 
Contains dirty edits =( please clean!
Lefty 8 ก.ย. @ 7:06am 
Simple but powerful. These mods add more to game then almost anything else I've found. The essence of the places is enhanced by the plants so well its fantastic.
BlueSoup 5 ก.ย. @ 2:08pm 
Gunchap Red Genetics Editor 31 ส.ค. @ 2:20pm 
will this conflict with jk's whiterun
Gunchap Red Genetics Editor 31 ส.ค. @ 2:05pm 
Herobrine wasn't removed,i spotted him on to of dragonsreach.
Ballermann 30 ส.ค. @ 12:19pm 
wonderful feel now like in jungle ;)
Mechazawa 23 ส.ค. @ 9:05pm 
V logically they would have cut down all those trees to build those houses. Why do you think whiterun is in the middle of an empty valley? they used all the trees to build dragonsreach. but this is pretty. thumbs up
[Gw'M]Denied-Officer 23 ส.ค. @ 5:29pm 
Too many trees. I agree with Mike its pretty much a forest now. You should get rid of some of the trees and put them in more natural spots on the outer edges of the town like behind the houses and near the wall.
Mike Shadow 23 ส.ค. @ 1:49pm 
why is whiterun a forest lol.
nice mod btw.
but still whiterun is now a forest lmao
Something Positive 18 ส.ค. @ 8:05am 
You've made Whiterun so beautiful.

Well done sir.
SEA_Strong92 16 ส.ค. @ 8:05pm 
These collections of mods are absolutely superb, and I wished I would of had them from the begginning. However I do wish there was a lite version.
Sgt Dr.KillJoy :) 14 ส.ค. @ 1:18am 
i like imporvment mods for towns but did you really have to make whiterun a forest it just seems out of place.
Die Panzershrek :D 9 ส.ค. @ 8:29am 
i don't have the mod or skyrim but it looks absoloutly beautiful could and Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2gb and an intel core i5 do this fine?
AceNtheHole89 9 ส.ค. @ 2:09am 
i really like this mod but did you make it so that the guy in front of the talos statue is not preaching? whats up with that? couldve left that alone and it wouldve been fine.
Diablo 5 ส.ค. @ 8:22am 
Graphics are great. Not many bugs on normal use
Molag Bal 3 ส.ค. @ 7:42am 
Remember at the begining of the game you, Ulfrik and his Stormcloaks, along with the horse thief were all ambushed by General Tulius trying to sneak across the border. But, I don't remember seeing an Imperial Checkpoint on any of the borders. So, I think this mod or a mod similar to it would be a great addition to the game... Let me rephrase that. Great addition to the Province of Skyrim.
Molag Bal 3 ส.ค. @ 7:33am 
It's a bit overdone. I came across another mod for Whiterun that was very similar to this one, and I gave a comment about making this an Imperial/Thalmor Inspection headquarters. There's a road that leads to the Cyrodii border that is gated. It's in the southern part of Skyrim (Obviously) south-eastern to be exact. Near Helgen and Falkreath if my memory serves correct.
wolfenburg 26 ก.ค. @ 8:12pm 
Wow too much, preferred old one better.
Timmy ♥☮☯ #autumn 26 ก.ค. @ 1:50pm 
Warmaiden's got bugged - can't access normally - only via a sidedoor.
AceNtheHole89 26 ก.ค. @ 1:04pm 
jack 26 ก.ค. @ 3:58am 
Thank you
Dj_liam 23 ก.ค. @ 8:27am 
Uhhh.... so are the NPC's removed or are they still in coz it says (temporaraly (<-or something like that) removed)
Hatty Hattington 21 ก.ค. @ 8:46pm 
What ENB is he/her useing in the screenshots?
reverendsholiday 17 ก.ค. @ 11:24pm 
I love the look of this mod, but with so many gliches reported, I am favoriting and will watch for resolutions:) Looks really beautiful can't wait to subscribe!
Varu' 17 ก.ค. @ 9:05am 
i got i3 dual core 3.10 is it good enough ?
apazooky 16 ก.ค. @ 8:59pm 
here this is what it looks like.. it looks like normal whiterun with some randomly placed tree here and there.. in the wrong places... like floating in the air or in the middle of a walking path
any idea what can cause this like mod conflict?? or just tell me how i can make it look like its supposed to! thanks
apazooky 16 ก.ค. @ 8:11pm 
can anyone help, everytime i install this mod, my whiterun only has like... 9 randomly placed trees in whiterun, it looks like its all glitched. how do i get this to work and look like its supposed to!!!
Gwisam_pootis 15 ก.ค. @ 4:52pm 
I have deleted this mod but when i start to play the game, it still working. I need your help
Venmar 13 ก.ค. @ 10:29am 
Its a shame that these mods are so taxing on the computer, I got all of them and it made my games FPS quite a bit choppy, even though I think my computer has pretty respectable specs :P. I got to see most of the cities before I turned these off for performance reasons, and I have to say, that these mods are extremely beautiful. If I could run them smoothly, I would!

Keep up the good work!
IAmBleeding, MakingMeTheVictor 12 ก.ค. @ 1:23pm 
Kahoshi 11 ก.ค. @ 6:29pm 
@Aplestormy apologies, it works, mod organizer was being difficult, however it's STILL unoriginal so quote mojang and talking back to a headmaster nets you -10 points, shall we make it -50 points from Jigglypuff next time?
في ص ل ه ق ر س ص م ص  [ผู้สร้าง] 11 ก.ค. @ 4:52pm 
@kahoshi U bein' lairy u littl punk as bitch say tht again to my face this time k?
Kahoshi 10 ก.ค. @ 7:13pm 
doesnt work, also, pretty unoriginal of the author to remove herobrine. -1 point from jigglypuff.
psbeliath23 10 ก.ค. @ 8:33am 
Breezehome crashes when i try to enter... T_T
DAFT-PONY 9 ก.ค. @ 5:58pm 
little too many trees, feels like a village rather than a city
Popkom 9 ก.ค. @ 7:31am 
Remins me a slat......
Korsar_zone 9 ก.ค. @ 4:27am 
Great mod!!
Mattagus 5 ก.ค. @ 6:08pm 
Added the entire collection. It feels familiar but as I new walking around cities.