Towns and Villages Enhanced: Whiterun
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wolfenburg 26. heinä 20.12 
Wow too much, preferred old one better.
Timmy ♥☮☯ #United 26. heinä 13.50 
Warmaiden's got bugged - can't access normally - only via a sidedoor.
AceNtheHole89 26. heinä 13.04 
jack 26. heinä 3.58 
Thank you
Dj_liam 23. heinä 8.27 
Uhhh.... so are the NPC's removed or are they still in coz it says (temporaraly (<-or something like that) removed)
Hatty hattington 21. heinä 20.46 
What ENB is he/her useing in the screenshots?
reverendsholiday 17. heinä 23.24 
I love the look of this mod, but with so many gliches reported, I am favoriting and will watch for resolutions:) Looks really beautiful can't wait to subscribe!
Varu' 17. heinä 9.05 
i got i3 dual core 3.10 is it good enough ?
apazooky 16. heinä 20.59 
here this is what it looks like.. it looks like normal whiterun with some randomly placed tree here and there.. in the wrong places... like floating in the air or in the middle of a walking path
any idea what can cause this like mod conflict?? or just tell me how i can make it look like its supposed to! thanks
apazooky 16. heinä 20.11 
can anyone help, everytime i install this mod, my whiterun only has like... 9 randomly placed trees in whiterun, it looks like its all glitched. how do i get this to work and look like its supposed to!!!
Gwisam_pootis In da butt 15. heinä 16.52 
I have deleted this mod but when i start to play the game, it still working. I need your help
Venmar 13. heinä 10.29 
Its a shame that these mods are so taxing on the computer, I got all of them and it made my games FPS quite a bit choppy, even though I think my computer has pretty respectable specs :P. I got to see most of the cities before I turned these off for performance reasons, and I have to say, that these mods are extremely beautiful. If I could run them smoothly, I would!

Keep up the good work!
Keoni, Crusher of Fire 12. heinä 13.23 
Kahoshi 11. heinä 18.29 
@Aplestormy apologies, it works, mod organizer was being difficult, however it's STILL unoriginal so quote mojang and talking back to a headmaster nets you -10 points, shall we make it -50 points from Jigglypuff next time?
Aplestormy  [tekijä] 11. heinä 16.52 
@kahoshi U bein' lairy u littl punk as bitch say tht again to my face this time k?
Kahoshi 10. heinä 19.13 
doesnt work, also, pretty unoriginal of the author to remove herobrine. -1 point from jigglypuff.
psbeliath23 10. heinä 8.33 
Breezehome crashes when i try to enter... T_T
DAFT-PONY 9. heinä 17.58 
little too many trees, feels like a village rather than a city
Popkom 9. heinä 7.31 
Remins me a slat......
Korsar_zone 9. heinä 4.27 
Great mod!!
Mattagus 5. heinä 18.08 
Added the entire collection. It feels familiar but as I new walking around cities.
Adel 2. heinä 19.17 
This changed Whiterun so much I got lost in it xD
[RUHN] Chip Bowdrie 2. heinä 15.21 
why doesnt this work for me?
Abracadaver 2. heinä 14.11 
Breezehome crashes....
Duchess_Gummybuns 2. heinä 14.05 
A lot of this author's mods are dirty, and it will require a lot of time to clean his collection. If you do not know how to clean the dirty mods with TES5Edit, it could make your game unstable. Also, he states navemesh deletions are intentional.
Wolf of Slytherin 2. heinä 8.16 
Does your enhanced mods work with open cities mod?
Lionel the Lion 30. kesä 23.20 
@Oberyn Martell I have the same problem too, I'm sort of worried that the other cities may be affected as well.
TheNightButcher 29. kesä 2.19 
Lots of trees, but it makes Whiterun absolutely gorgeous!
-Y. 28. kesä 14.55 
whiterun became a maze to me with all these random trees, they are even planted mid on the stairs??

it always takes 5 min to go from dragonsreach to the entrace because i get lost all the time.. sorry but going to unsubscribe whole package, became just too much green everywhere i walk
[75th]ManiacBullseye 28. kesä 14.49 
Aplestormy  [tekijä] 28. kesä 14.41 
@Bravo Buy the fucking game. It costs next to nothing now.
Aplestormy  [tekijä] 28. kesä 14.40 
@Maniac Say that again mate. I dare you.
[75th]ManiacBullseye 27. kesä 22.12 
wtf whiterun isnt supposed to have random ass trees.... Its a city in the PLAINS.
Oberyn Martell 27. kesä 2.52 
This may be a conflict with the open cities mod that I have installed, but the placement of the trees is off for me, as in there's pine trees blocking the steps and floating in the air.
Spidermando 25. kesä 19.31 
Looked amazing but did have to uninstall due to framerate droppage. Great mod though, never knew Whiterun could be so pretty!
Pineapple 22. kesä 18.42 
it doesnt work for me :(
BravoTangoCheeseCake 10. kesä 18.04 
is there any way to use this with a cracked version of sktrim?
Dovahnok375 27. touko 15.39 
The day I get myself a better computer, I'll be certain to subscribe to this for Whiterun and Riften. The rest are beautiful, but I love those two the best.
Modal_Tiger 26. touko 10.02 
I can't acess doors for some reason. :/
theurbanjellyfish 14. touko 21.10 
I would really like to be in whiterun obviously so if anyone knows, please get back to me asap :)
theurbanjellyfish 14. touko 20.49 
Um so i subscribed to this and I usually use mods from the Nexus, and I unsubscribed (too taxing on my computer) and all the trees and stuff are still there. Anything I can do to fix this?
TeeCee 12. touko 12.05 
I just saw an item/NPC conflict. Sigurd, the guy that only ever says "I work for Belethor (etc)" goes to drop wood off at Warmaidens. The left barrel of the two blocks him from dropping it off, so he just keeps staggering around and walking into it. It'd probably be a ncie thing to fix it, thanks.
aquaillusion1999 12. touko 9.46 
Absolutely beautiful ♥
X_223 8. touko 16.07 
that is a graphical bug
HeadacheMan 5. touko 21.34 
can other water and terrain enhancers screw with this mod ?
HeadacheMan 5. touko 21.34 
whenever i go near any of the t.a.v.e's ive sub'd to i get it
HeadacheMan 5. touko 21.33 
i dont know whats going on with me, but whenever i enter whiterun i get weird flashing depending on where im facing, and when i disabled this mod.. it went away.. so something else im using must be stopping it from working properally but i cant find out what..
Guardian3791 5. touko 1.58 
Is this mod good? Cause when I see the pictures I see a forest rather than a city.
TommyMusnash 30. huhti 16.03 
what enb r u usung
Zecrillon 14. huhti 5.36 
Re-playing Skyrim and am stunned at the change in Riverwood and Whiterun. Beautiful day and night. Eager to visit the other cities. Well done.