Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
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Del9 6月24日下午10:06 
AWESOME fucking trailer song what is it?
Shrooms 6月23日下午9:09 
I like my Argonian to have a wide chin and I have a little bit of a cliping issue, however that is the only issue I have. Love your mod
gfrings 6月10日下午4:05 

Chupokvas 5月24日下午8:26 
Chupokvas 5月24日下午8:26 
в этом моде кое что не работает,он вообще сам не работает.
Dnarm.08 5月21日下午3:50 
I'll assume it isn't, as most custom armors aren't, but is it compatible with the digitigrade Argonian and Khajit mod?
Korcun 5月15日上午4:49 
the head armor is the normal anicent
Réptil Zuero 5月5日上午11:29 
When i downoad the mod it don't go on my load order
TheBlackDovah 4月26日上午2:23 
im assuming it is,
TheBlackDovah 4月26日上午2:17 
or ofcourse you could use console commands to aquire it.
Disastreaix 4月25日下午2:48 
@greatagamer You have to do the Dark Brotherhood questline and complete an objective during an assassination mission on the way to assassinating the fake emperor. Then, you get a token, which to take to an old lady in Whiterun. She will direct you to a dungeon, and in the dungeon you will find the corpse of an ancient member of the Dark Brotherhood. He will be wearing this.
greatagamer 4月16日下午4:12 
were do i find it
joeschnabel22 4月4日上午7:34 
Is this for WoodElfs
pheonixflight23 2月23日上午11:57 
how are you killing people like that in the video? is it a mod?
XxTwisted_ObsessionxX 2月20日下午5:25 
for mods to work from the workshop you need to run skyrim.exe or the skyrim launcher then hit data files then check the mod hopes that works c:
♣OVER♣ Leprechaun Jack 1月17日上午11:01 
i clicked subscrib button and reloaded my game (i already have Ancient Shrouded Armor) but its still got the old look any sugestions?
The Neon Terrier 1月8日下午11:01 
How do I access the armour? I'm new to mods :(
Khasuna the Shady Khajiit 2014年12月20日下午1:37 
When using Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet Mod, the boots are changed back to original.
The Void 2014年12月18日上午10:01 
It only changed the meshes of the armor and gauntlets, cowl and boots are still vanilla for me
Zeren 2014年12月13日下午1:37 
My only issue with this is that it makes my Khajiit's tail disappear!
Horrace, The Jiggity General 2014年12月2日下午12:57 
I would've stuck with the Nightingale armor over this becasue the origional armor models are soooo lame. You my friend took lame looking armor, and made it look fantastic.
Angel/Ghost 2014年11月19日下午9:00 
um ya about this mod its awsome but any chance u can make it to where it can be forged cause i cant get it since the dark brotherhood quest line is glitched for me and i dont know if its because of this and the unhanced mod for the glitch or not but if it was forgeable that would help. No one get mad at me for saying what i typed the glitch for me is lagit i cant complete the brother hood quest line because of it. What the glitch is doing is that when i go to poison the food to kill the emperor i speak to the the cook that i help as a gorema when she says i was just it leaves the conversation and i cant finish talking to her because of it so there u have it.
So please if its possable make it forgeable.
ANAL NAZI 2014年11月6日上午2:26 
The One Who Knocks 2014年10月23日下午1:55 
sounds good, requires any DLC?
Balthias 2014年10月20日下午12:39 
This was by far way better than I expected. Since it reskinned the ancient shrouded armor all the npc's from my other mods look awesome as all heck. Rated up and will def urge my friends and family to do the same!
J.T. 2014年10月20日上午11:37 
is the hood separate from the mask/
Silthwix 2014年10月18日上午2:49 
where this armor is ? please !!
MadLaxMatt 2014年10月14日下午4:15 
are there enchants on the armor set? Either way, great work
beastwithahumanheart 2014年10月8日下午6:33 
nm, nm, it was something els. mod works great! my bad.
beastwithahumanheart 2014年10月8日下午6:10 
I REEEAAAALLLLYYYY wish i could use this but it makes my game crash just before the tital screen :-(
GendelfTheYellow 2014年9月23日上午5:50 
Where can i find it ?
MeeMcopter 2014年8月27日下午12:47 
Checked the description on the Cowl and it says "Bows to 35% more damage" instead of "Bows do".
Tosh Raka 2014年8月20日下午6:58 
Damn, this looks great.
Virgil 2014年8月18日下午12:56 
I had myself a little laugh at the economics joke.
[M3PAF] Applepielord 2014年8月10日上午11:25 
I don't know if this is just me, but when I use the Dragon Aspect shout from the Dragonborn DLC my characters' eyes bug out through the mask. It doesn't bother me and I think it looks hilarious, but I just thought you know.
KryptonMitch 2014年8月8日上午2:03 
I like his little political 2 cents about trickle down economics. Truer words never spoken. Oh! And great job on the mod dude. Have a cookie!
Cryotiptic 2014年8月7日下午11:41 
when i wear it for too long it give me a weird facepaint
TitanFall UFC Fighter 2014年8月2日下午5:52 
the mod works fine but the boots dont change help?
Æther 2014年7月26日下午1:17 
@BeAsT In order to find it, you must complete the optional objective in 'Breaching Security'. When you return to the sanctuary, the quest giver (forgot her name) will give you the normal reward + Olava's Token. Take the token to Whiterun, speak with Olava the Feeble, and she will give you a reading, at which point you receive the Misc. objective 'Locate the Assassin of Old'. Go through Deepwood Redoubt, and it will lead to Deepwood Vale, which will lead to Hag's End. In the throne room, behind the throne, there is a secret door and a lever. In the secret room is the dead body of The Assassin of Old, wearing the Ancient Shrouded Armor. Hope this helps.
James Prime龍 2014年7月21日下午2:54 

James Prime龍 2014年7月21日下午2:53 
someone help dont know how to get i know that he is writing that u ned to do the quest line does he mean all contracts? or u need to do the quest line to get into The Dark Brotherhood??.
427@PeterThePanther 2014年7月21日上午12:55 
pretty cool
mediumvillain 2014年7月16日下午10:25 
-'Trickle-down' economics."
libertas_supra_omnia 2014年7月7日上午4:58 
Hello everyone so now I have the problem! I didn`t like this mod but I can`t turn back by just uninstalling it... So can anyone send me original armour textures? Please
ulquiorra0046 2014年7月4日下午6:02 
Pierce, you should get the God ring mod
Pierce 2014年6月28日上午12:54 
armors cool but the daggers week
nowlin_tyson 2014年6月23日上午1:38 
All you have to do is look it up on youtube watch a video of where the original stuff is and go where the guy on youtube goes and BAM you have the armor.
Rayne Knightshield 2014年6月22日上午7:52 
okay all that can't find it are stupid... It is the ANCIENT SHROUD ARMOUR you know the quest you get from talking to the girl that reads your fourtune..... Come on guys he just said what it replaced and that you need to do that quest to get it.
The Crazy Lemon 2014年6月16日下午2:35 
where can i find it ?
f.oropo 2014年6月15日上午11:08 
i cant find it