Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
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(ƒG)Pink Guy[AR] 8月27日 12時47分 
Checked the description on the Cowl and it says "Bows to 35% more damage" instead of "Bows do".
Tosh Raka 8月20日 18時58分 
Damn, this looks great.
Virgil 8月18日 12時56分 
I had myself a little laugh at the economics joke.
[M3PAF] Applepielord 8月10日 11時25分 
I don't know if this is just me, but when I use the Dragon Aspect shout from the Dragonborn DLC my characters' eyes bug out through the mask. It doesn't bother me and I think it looks hilarious, but I just thought you know.
KryptonMitch 8月8日 2時03分 
I like his little political 2 cents about trickle down economics. Truer words never spoken. Oh! And great job on the mod dude. Have a cookie!
Cry 8月7日 23時41分 
when i wear it for too long it give me a weird facepaint
[WwW]Senpapi_Willey 8月2日 17時52分 
the mod works fine but the boots dont change help?
Kaustos 7月26日 13時17分 
@BeAsT In order to find it, you must complete the optional objective in 'Breaching Security'. When you return to the sanctuary, the quest giver (forgot her name) will give you the normal reward + Olava's Token. Take the token to Whiterun, speak with Olava the Feeble, and she will give you a reading, at which point you receive the Misc. objective 'Locate the Assassin of Old'. Go through Deepwood Redoubt, and it will lead to Deepwood Vale, which will lead to Hag's End. In the throne room, behind the throne, there is a secret door and a lever. In the secret room is the dead body of The Assassin of Old, wearing the Ancient Shrouded Armor. Hope this helps.
BeAsT™ 7月21日 14時54分 

BeAsT™ 7月21日 14時53分 
someone help dont know how to get i know that he is writing that u ned to do the quest line does he mean all contracts? or u need to do the quest line to get into The Dark Brotherhood??.
427@PeterThePanther 7月21日 0時55分 
pretty cool
mediumvillain 7月16日 22時25分 
-'Trickle-down' economics."
Libertas_supra_omnia 7月7日 4時58分 
Hello everyone so now I have the problem! I didn`t like this mod but I can`t turn back by just uninstalling it... So can anyone send me original armour textures? Please
ulquiorra0046 7月4日 18時02分 
Pierce, you should get the God ring mod
Pierce 6月28日 0時54分 
armors cool but the daggers week
nowlin_tyson 6月23日 1時38分 
All you have to do is look it up on youtube watch a video of where the original stuff is and go where the guy on youtube goes and BAM you have the armor.
Rayne Knightshield 6月22日 7時52分 
okay all that can't find it are stupid... It is the ANCIENT SHROUD ARMOUR you know the quest you get from talking to the girl that reads your fourtune..... Come on guys he just said what it replaced and that you need to do that quest to get it.
The Crazy Lemon 6月16日 14時35分 
where can i find it ?
f.oropo 6月15日 11時08分 
i cant find it
f.oropo 6月15日 11時07分 
f.oropo 6月15日 9時33分 
please make this craftable im not in the dark brotherhood but this mod looks AWSOME!!!
ChaONeill 6月11日 9時45分 
littelking_91 u first have to be a part of d darkbrotherhood and the go to whiterun and find an old women sitting down on her bench outside her house go to her and go through some boring conversation and she will give u the quest to get the armor

LittelKing_91 6月10日 23時22分 
Can anyone tell where the armor is?
LittelKing_91 6月10日 7時48分 
Hy I have a question when you get the armor exactly?

I hope that sounds stupid to ask nich for you

greeting LittelKing_91
Flutterborn♦( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 6月8日 12時29分 
@Fr33dom_K1W1 Type in console help "Ancient Shrouded (insert the piece of armor needed here)" and it will give the code.
max 5月19日 8時15分 
it dos not work i haw the armor and it dos not lok lik on the picturs and i hav the mod

xXYoloSwager69Xx 5月14日 18時24分 
Great work, keep it up! :)
WarriorX 5月14日 12時26分 
All it is is the shrouded armor.... What the heck
trollvahkiin 5月12日 17時43分 
best looking armor in the game now
LordOfLemons 5月6日 7時22分 
Tesdbl 5月3日 23時59分 
it does not improve. who can say why?
ServBot 4月29日 21時35分 
cgirre 4月29日 9時47分 
can you tell me where the armor is please because i'm lost
0UR_B3ST_FRI3ND_PLANK 4月13日 23時01分 
Is there a console-command for the armor? it appears i mayyy have dropped it somewhere during the main DB questline =/
ashanai 4月12日 4時40分 
I love the design :)
Vanilla Fox 4月7日 1時40分 
Mess with the loading order, Incarnido. Not sure if its ment to be loaded first or last but it is def a touchy mod with load order.
Umbreon 4月3日 15時45分 
For whatever reason, this only replaces the hood now. Before, on another character that I had, it worked just fine (looked badass with the scythe I had given him btw. Excellent work) but with a new character, it makes my gloves, tunic and boot look normal. Anything that I could change to make it work?
Emotional Distance 3月25日 17時31分 
Works great! I love it. It's not OP, and it looks definitely "intimidating." Thanks for this.
Spastic Ferret 3月23日 7時22分 
Great mod! Counters the fact that skyrim as too little original armors (special artifacts always based on non-special armors, so boring)
Just a bit buggy when I try to put this armor on the stand (arms disapear for some reason) but that's just detail.
Master of Shadows 3月20日 11時04分 
I thing it looks a little bite the robe of the sith inquisitor in Star Wars the old republic
[Mz] NINJA HAUNTER GHOST 3月19日 18時41分 
when i wear the armor just looks exactly like the normal DB outfits why don't i get the retexture?
Keithlor 3月16日 14時20分 
sry for the long explanation.
Keithlor 3月16日 14時19分 
oh and nysascha, you can get the armor if you finish the "stirring up disasster" quest 100% than you should get a gem that you can use to have your fortune revealed by the seer in whiterun. she will tell you to go to a dungeon. at the end of the dungeon behing a throne there is a hidden area in witch ther is a body with the armor on it. carefull though you may need to fight 2 frost trolls.
Keithlor 3月16日 14時13分 
this is the coolest retexture mod ever created hands down. :D
Dovahkiin 3月11日 22時19分 
My brother wants to know if you could make a mod like this for the nightingale armor on Khajiit and Argonians? as in the visible faces for the two races.
nysascha 3月11日 15時23分 
^cant get this armor need help. i killed the brotherhood. is that the reason that i cant get it?? or can i find it sonwhere??
fearbatz 2月22日 15時54分 
where 2 get: open command thing (~) type "coc hagsend01" go through the place until u c a throne go behind the throne and noclip through the wall its there
[FS]Paul Frank 2月19日 5時41分 
active mods
Deadman51829 2月15日 3時18分 
okay i love this mod but i think its making my game freeze if you know anything that can help plz tell me
Deadman51829 2月15日 2時44分 
when you say last load order do you mean of active mods or do i put it at the very bottom past all to the mods i am not using