The Camping Cricketer - Matress on my Legs
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ЧАЦБАРТОН (Hacbarton) 13 aug 2013 om 1:58nm 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve, please add ░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░ this now ░░░░░█
░░░░░░░░░ Because it's ░░░░
░░░░░░█▀▀ ░█▀█ ░█ ░█▀▀ ░
░░░░░░█▀▀ ░█▀▀ ░█ ░█ ░░░
░░░░░░▀▀▀ ░▀ ░░░▀ ░▀▀▀
TrueVDele aka GreenMan 14 jun 2013 om 4:43vm 
Very good).Valve must add this weapon.Thanks author.
JayDCzarnuhu 3 mrt 2013 om 6:28vm 
What would it look like on Scout? and good model too :D
SeductiveShuckle 17 feb 2013 om 12:40nm 
I agree with the lieing down concept... I like it and also add 10% extra heath or something too.
Mooseph 20 okt 2012 om 11:59nm 
Ive always wanted cricket sniper items this is perfect
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 5 okt 2012 om 10:37nm 
Oh... I understand. Gotta go search for it now.
Stopwatch 5 okt 2012 om 10:30nm 
Wiki pads are just like normal pads but with out the horizontal creases at the top.
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 4 okt 2012 om 10:14nm 
Lying down itself could be very self explanatory. Once you're down, you have a hardly visible hitbox, while you can't move, and takes time to get back up. That's great StarHusk!
StarHusk 4 okt 2012 om 7:33nm 
They Should be a Secondary and allow you to Lie down
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 29 jun 2012 om 11:54vm 
I don't know... I have hardly anytime left for TF2 now...
But depending on what you're requesting, this might be easy. What do you mean by wiki pads? They don't really look too different from their batting variety do they?
Stopwatch 26 jun 2012 om 5:42nm 
This is really cool, just one request if possible but could you be able to set the style and change it to wiki pads?
MrMarioman 22 jun 2012 om 7:16nm 
Welp good luck :L
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 22 jun 2012 om 11:40vm 
Yeah, I guess. But I guess I just don't have the time. Also, I'm really not going to have time anymore, because I'm now working on a project completely TF2 unrelated that's going to take the next 8 or so months out of my life.
MrMarioman 22 jun 2012 om 3:25vm 
No I mean all of your items.
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 22 jun 2012 om 1:12vm 
Ha. I guess. I made this one in a hurry, so I really don't have much. I should come up with something by Sunday. I mean, Sunday here, so is it Saturday there?
MrMarioman 22 jun 2012 om 12:41vm 
Just sharing opinions, but you could use better promo images, they're what's actually making people click for example, mnemosnaut's are good.
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 22 jun 2012 om 12:18vm 
I seem to have forgotten to put anti-aliasing on my screenshots. To think that Ed Catmull had the same problem. He called it 'jaggies'.
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 22 jun 2012 om 12:13vm 
That's all right. I don't know, but here in New Zealand, we have this thing called Weet-Bix, and you put it in your bowl, pour milk over it, and then choke on it because it's so dry. Anyway, because of their slogan, 'Kiwi kids are Weet-Bix kids', I assumed it was a New Zealand exclusive thing. Weet-Bix was usually also bundled with all those Rugby things, like trading cards and such like, which reinforced the Kiwi bit even more. Then when went over the ditch for a visit, I found Weet-Bix! These Aussies were choking on our New Zealand icon! And the thing I saw on their box of Weet-Bix wasn't any rugby players, but a cricketer. An Australian cricketer.
This was a few years ago, but it kind of got stuck with me, that's why I made this set.
A little general knowledge for you people...
Iridon 21 jun 2012 om 11:50nm 
That I was not aware of, My bad.
Elegantly Light Bulb  [auteur] 21 jun 2012 om 11:45nm 
Cricket is still an Aussie game you know...
MrMarioman 17 jun 2012 om 10:38vm 
9D must be sherlock holmes to figue that out.
мłg KresH 17 jun 2012 om 7:21vm 
Iridon 16 jun 2012 om 7:15nm 
sniper is australian not british