Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
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BEAST45 19 órája 
this is an awsome mod good job!! lol instant subscribe here to.....
gmanotter2468 szept. 30. @ de. 11:51 
Woah wait a sec, YOU CAN SUMMON A HOUSE?!?!??
The Ginger szept. 28. @ du. 2:24 
My favorite mod for Oblivion made for Skyrim!? Instant subscribe.
PanosGT4 szept. 26. @ de. 3:32 
i like it
Classified szept. 20. @ du. 4:32 
Will this still be compatible with other force magic mods I have? And also, is there a way to buy the seperate magic spells?
BROLY Paragus szept. 20. @ de. 1:11 
hey vegeta gess who
heardbull szept. 19. @ du. 6:23 
great work
Vegeta szept. 18. @ de. 8:26 
TheFrustratedPyro szept. 17. @ de. 9:49 
mac do wine bottler, my friend has it, hope this helps
elliottwelsford szept. 14. @ de. 5:31 
@8-Bit Dragon You could gat boot camp for your mac and play it on that :)
8-Bit Dragon szept. 13. @ du. 7:32 
i wish i could have this mod and skyrim but im on a mac
Harald142 szept. 13. @ de. 7:29 
How do I download it and put it on skyrim
[R3D] TruNaDe szept. 13. @ de. 7:13 
awesome work guys! this mods are just freaking perfect... that makes the game ways better. thank u so much :D keep it up !
mrlzk szept. 13. @ de. 3:36 
wow! this looks AMAZE! I NEED It1!!!
GostQC szept. 12. @ du. 7:04 
how can I use it that modd ?
UniDoge szept. 11. @ de. 3:30 
Damn, this mod downloaded for me in seconds, and it's so cool, I can't stop destroying things
doomstar szept. 7. @ de. 8:13 
hey I have a suggestion make teleknis a **** load more powerful and allowing you to instanty ragdoll people and creatures
nmw9 szept. 4. @ du. 11:30 
what was that last spell that killed the dragon
VultureTim szept. 3. @ du. 2:10 
whats the difference between this and midas magic evolved?
ZalrokChaos szept. 1. @ du. 6:10 
Compatible with Evolved?
willywheeler1 szept. 1. @ de. 10:35 
is it compatible with requiem
BatteryPlaza aug. 31. @ du. 12:21 
For some reason my recipe books vanished from my inventory. The two spells that I've been wanting for a long time are: Midas Resurrect and Midas Avalanche, does anyone know their recipes? or the way to spawn the books/or recipe books using cheats? without the the no clip cheat.
AzurasDragon aug. 31. @ de. 11:06 
I absolutely love the montage of your 2 videos lol, very EPIC and a lot of work went into them so I'm going to give your mod a shot :)
Protokohl aug. 26. @ de. 4:03 
NOTICE!! THIS MOD IS OUTDATED!! Newer version compiled here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140412516 Enjoy friends :)
Pierce aug. 23. @ du. 8:03 
Don't bother asking anything he's not going to reply
xtreme2494 aug. 23. @ du. 5:16 
Is it compatible with the "apocalypse spell package"?
Pierce aug. 22. @ du. 9:51 
polmartinex aug. 22. @ de. 11:41 
nothing at riverwood!
Marko23 aug. 20. @ de. 5:37 
nothing at riverwood trader, anyone can help me?
Nyanko-Sensei aug. 20. @ de. 3:13 
erm the riverwood trader won't talk to me. any help guys?
Shan aug. 18. @ de. 5:57 
arent cost of those spells a bit too high? At least for me Haste spell cost almost 400 magica/s so i cannot afford it even tho its mentioned as novice spell (or should i just lvl up corresponding skill a bit?)
veikkaZASK aug. 16. @ de. 9:43 
How to make the meteor storm it does not read in the book for me?
mathtrek aug. 16. @ de. 2:39 
Some of these spells are just way too hilarious
Pokeflute123 aug. 16. @ de. 12:23 
My new favourite skyrim mod! /)
*-_Spider-Manzilla_-* aug. 11. @ du. 12:59 
This is why people should switch from console to PC, using those same boring spells.
The meteorite spell would be good for the Stormcloak and Imperial battles. Only if the battles were much large in a large field.
clown_20_ aug. 7. @ du. 2:07 
Nice magics! I LOVE the haste spell! Skyrim really needed some more spells!
doomstar aug. 6. @ du. 1:13 
I love it. great mod! I would love to see more spell mods or even others and I will subscribe. :)
sad0clown aug. 5. @ de. 12:54 
thank you for your mod! have not been using to full extend yet but soon i ll unleash mighty magic because of you! 8-)
Alppe aug. 4. @ du. 1:53 
how do i find other books for better spells, and btw great mod
[T Fur 2] Pizzarugi aug. 3. @ du. 4:23 
I used the everliving daylights out of this mod back in TES4. So many awesome spells and the ways of obtaining them via visiting dimensions hidden behind crossword puzzles was an amazing touch to the mod. The spell I found the most uses for was 'astral mark and recall', getting between places inaccessible via fast travel was great.

This mod now hasn't been updated in 2 years, both in nexus and steam workshop, and it saddens me deeply. I hope you come back to work on it some more soon, bring this great mod to completion.
HaloE70 aug. 3. @ du. 12:08 
Then dont use them laruis -.-
Larius aug. 3. @ de. 3:14 
In my opinion there are waaaaaay to much beam spells
My game don't load this mod, why ?
Ed8slim aug. 1. @ du. 9:14 
cant find the spells pz help
Rockfallon™ aug. 1. @ du. 12:30 
it says there was a error
and i have tried this many times before pls help
jemmer17 júl. 30. @ du. 3:29 
This is one of my absolute favorate mods for Skyrim. Thanks man keep up the good work!
Galakfriend júl. 28. @ du. 9:50 
My Dragonling keeps getting stuck!
Black Osprey júl. 28. @ du. 6:36 
The Midas Haste spell has a bug where after it weres off you go super slow like your overweight
jack júl. 26. @ de. 4:18 
treebear16 júl. 25. @ du. 1:53 
@{Hv0k} After hitting the subscribe button, the files should be automatically downloaded. Check the bottom of the steam screen for a blue progress bar, or go to your downloads page.