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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
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2nd Amendment jún. 23. @ du. 8:34 
Does this mod clash with the Apocalypse magic mod?
RageLordBilbo jún. 23. @ du. 7:40 
Some of these are fun, i absoulutely love the gravity based ones like force pull and push, but they do cost a awful lot of magika to use, as well as the fact that getting these is a annoying process.
Violet Stet Pedder jún. 23. @ du. 5:36 
lots of it is stupid and never going to be used
Rebelrainbow's Bread jún. 23. @ du. 4:52 
what is DiStar Trasport? Is it supposed to be DStar like Dawnstar? Please help.
crazycharlie231 jún. 22. @ de. 10:46 
In the summon dewmer hose what is thw machine with the map suppost to do be cause I have tryed to use it and nothing happens ?
GamerMarley jún. 14. @ de. 12:38 
where is ghost walk spell, heard about it from FudgeMuppet
VectorKnight jún. 8. @ du. 5:14 
PS: Looking into the cheat chest, I could not find said novice book.
VectorKnight jún. 8. @ du. 5:06 
Erm... I lost the novice book-How do i get another one? Do I just spawn another one in? If so, what's the code for it?
Kyubey jún. 7. @ du. 8:18 
Kyubey jún. 7. @ du. 8:18 
The Tardis Home is waaaaaaaay to cheap for what it gives you, you could easily but the gold and steal the gyro and strut from Markarth then sell the clutter inside for profit
Afro jún. 3. @ du. 7:08 
Only launched the original skyrim launcher to let it install with the pop up prompt.
Afro jún. 3. @ du. 7:07 
I installed it and ran it through the original skyrim launcher then closed that and went launched it with SKSE, and the spells aren't there. Neither is the chest in Riverwood Trader.
Blast Lord jún. 1. @ du. 6:37 
@michio_ Think of dumb things then think of the pickaxe instead of insulting someone's hard work. Ok then Enjoy your Pickaxes!
PixelPlaystf2 jún. 1. @ de. 11:29 
@xilverbulet The Summon Carpet spell doesn't can't be crafted. You realy need to adrees these problems.
liam jún. 1. @ de. 5:19 
this magic is so awsome that I never lose heath so that is badass
xilverbulet  [készítő] máj. 31. @ du. 9:09 
@Michio, But... All games are dumb and overcomplicated! For some reason we prefer these puzzles over the maths and science. Oh well... Enjoy ur Pickaxes!

@qexoi01. Look around the Riverwood Trader...
Michio_ máj. 30. @ de. 9:29 
Guys! You may think this mod is dumb and over complicated, BUT WAIT!! Don't pass over it yet. There's a spell for a bound pickaxe! YES YOU CAN SUMMON A PICKAXE! 10/10 only reason for downloading the mod.
qexoi01 máj. 29. @ de. 4:08 
is there a way of instantly getting all the spells?
PixelPlaystf2 máj. 25. @ du. 4:46 
Summon Carpet can't be created and I cant find it in the console!
Hannibal the Cannibal máj. 25. @ du. 3:29 
i installed it, now when ever i go into my magic, the whole game crashes, is there anything i can do to fix it
{GMR}coldwind81 máj. 25. @ de. 10:04 
This mode makes it actually worth to invest in magic.
Jellymuncher234 máj. 21. @ de. 10:56 
Gamer_Guy2K16, Read the description.
Asriel Dreemurr máj. 8. @ de. 5:54 
I haven't found any of the spells in this mod. Where are they?
Soccer Pro máj. 7. @ de. 4:33 
@xilverbulet cool mod, thanks for putting the money forward to the American cancer soceity and ur local church ! that is very generous
Selection ápr. 29. @ du. 5:02 
I just want to instantly ge tthem all, any way of it?
Average Weiner ápr. 28. @ du. 3:19 
How do i get past the novice spell book?
Jerander ápr. 23. @ du. 1:20 
Nevermind, found them. the spells were renamed since I last played a year ago.
Jerander ápr. 23. @ du. 1:12 
What ever happened to the summon tardis spell or the walking chest spell?
MalcolmReynolds14 ápr. 18. @ du. 1:34 
Hey xilverbulet, found the last aurum reactor in the distar, but it was empty (didn't have the last book of spells), don't know if that was planned or im going crazy
Purple Apples ápr. 12. @ du. 1:42 
So... bad... ASS!!!
willbagley2 ápr. 11. @ du. 8:26 
it would be the literal best thing if they added the gaster blaster from undertale into this mod as a master destruction spell or something.
Khonco ápr. 8. @ du. 4:53 
Why do the tomes have to be "stolen"
xilverbulet  [készítő] ápr. 3. @ de. 10:05 
@ JackInTheBox. That Pun was Golden!

@FS Frozen, It's a mod for a videogame. Of course its a waste of time! Hopefully a fun one though XD

@Agent, also check to see if you have any other mods that modify the riverwood trader. Those could be conflicting with Midas.

@Rockman, IIRC it should.
[RFAI] Draconian OverLord márc. 19. @ du. 3:00 
Seems like a nice balance has been achieved. The spells are there, but you havve to do some work for them and you can just ignore them. Props to you.
Novus Arritus márc. 16. @ du. 6:55 
Seems like a waste of time
Jack in The Box márc. 12. @ du. 6:58 
MIDAS well download this (pun intended)
X1hoodedgamer1X márc. 6. @ du. 12:19 
idk man
Ogerious márc. 2. @ du. 2:32 
how do i get it?
Enderninja16 febr. 26. @ du. 7:09 
All I have to say is EPICNESS INCART I RATE IT 10/10. Your mod is awsome.
king god febr. 20. @ de. 12:54 
Xarael Masters febr. 18. @ du. 11:45 
how to download and manual install? I play skyrim off an external hard drive so steam can't find my install directory, it won't let me subscribe :( I also use wrye bash, if that helps, I prefer to manually install so I can backup my entire mod build, i've run into a bad mod a few times and had to completely redo my load order (LOOT/BOSS won't work because of the aforementioned hard drive thing)
Manus812 febr. 11. @ du. 7:08 
@agent_skip complete the golden claw quest or sneak steal it.
agent_skip febr. 10. @ de. 5:53 
um... the riverwood trader keeps trying to kill me because the spellbooks count as their property... help?
Rockman 4 Minus Infinity jan. 22. @ du. 10:44 
Question! Does Plasma Shards do dmg to Magicka since its a Lightning Spell?
Cyclonus jan. 20. @ de. 2:16 
Another Midas Magic? Which one is better comparing to Midas Magic Evolved v17.1 ?
morty543 jan. 2. @ du. 1:55 
so I lost the midas magic novice tome it seems. my searches for a recipe list online or the book's ID to use via additem on console turned up no solution. I want to hunt down components and such, not to just add spell tomes or all spells. any advice?
Poultra's Mom jan. 2. @ du. 1:34 
gr8 mod i love the haste spell and the visuals for the eldritch spray. other than that, i still need stuff for other spells lol
xilverbulet  [készítő] jan. 2. @ de. 10:48 
Hello everyone. Thank you for continuing to use my mod. Especially Blast Lord who has provide a lot of help to folks around here.
Poultra's Mom 2015. dec. 28. @ du. 2:45 
how do i get the staff of vanquishment for the imagine dragon spell?
Relic the Philosopher 2015. dec. 23. @ de. 8:53 
This or Apocalypse?