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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
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Buttertoto 10. Dez. um 20:49 Uhr 
can you make it where you can buy them somwhere i dont feel like hunting down all the things
Flowey The Flower 22. Nov. um 20:44 Uhr 
I think my character has a billion spells and the game isn't crashing XDDDDDD
Blast Lord 8. Nov. um 20:26 Uhr 
@Xilverbulet - You always got me to support you Xilver I do hope you'll continue on Midas Magic on Tardis player home and adding new spells for Midas Magic.
Lanky Wanky 5. Nov. um 7:48 Uhr 
Does anyone know how to get the Pyromancer gloves to get the summon Pyromancer tome book? Just because I really don't know how to get it. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out ;)
M M 30. Okt. um 10:49 Uhr 
Tornado looks really cool, but just CC's and lags if you cast near a bunch of items haha. Some awesome spells like the portable home. Man the manual way to get spells is crazy cumbersome though, have to flip through dozens of pages in books to memorize recipes to put into a machine, rinse and repeat each time? That's crazy lol :D And it's like CONGRATULATIONS every time hahah crazy stuff man. Would be awesome with quests or vendors to sell that stuff like in description :D
M M 30. Okt. um 10:05 Uhr 
Looks cool, any plans to finish the "WIP" stuff in description? :O
Zeta 29. Okt. um 15:32 Uhr 
Where can I download a plugin to buy these at a store? last time I played Skyrim they were available in the Riverwood Trader, I'm not a fan of forging spells since IMO it's tedious and not lore friendly
xilverbulet  [Autor] 24. Okt. um 18:20 Uhr 
Thanks TimmayRoff.
@Purmafurb Yep XD some console commands too.
@Draykor - Oh no! A quantum paradox. Probably need to use console commands to get you out.
@Astrallus - I think I ran into that problem with a mod conflict. Probably easiest to use one of the other reactors in the mod.
@Blastlord - Hey Bud, Thanks.
TimmayRoff 1. Okt. um 12:16 Uhr 
I don't know if xilverbulet reads these comments. If you do, I'd just like to say you seem like a really kind human being. Been using Midas since Oblivion, and besides the mods being fantastic, you're one cool guy. Thanks.
Purmafurb 16. Sep. um 17:56 Uhr 
is there like a cheat thing to get all these spells like a hidden merchant or something? im one of those people who don't really have the time to hunt for all the ingrediants and reactors.
Cabeza Hipotecada 15. Sep. um 20:28 Uhr 
Please update it for skyrim special edition
Br33z13 28. Aug. um 21:23 Uhr 
Draykor you done fucked up boy.
Draykor 26. Aug. um 15:32 Uhr 
I accidentally spawned in another DiStar inside the existing one and now i can't get out.
RARE OTAKU PEPE 26. Aug. um 3:05 Uhr 
Pan Pogarda. 2. Aug. um 12:18 Uhr 
So cool!
Astrallus 14. Juli um 18:24 Uhr 
That would require two buckets: one for each sibling. My plan is set
Pinochets HelO Rides 14. Juli um 4:23 Uhr 
put a bucket on his head, steal it anyways.
Astrallus 13. Juli um 22:21 Uhr 
Update: It happens with every spell I craft. Help pls
Astrallus 13. Juli um 22:17 Uhr 
So I crafted the Heat Beam spell and it made the book all fine. Only problem is since it spawned in a shop, it thinks taking the book would be stealing it. I can't take the spell without killing the shopkeep.
Zant 10. Juli um 15:10 Uhr 
I have a question. In Polygon's "Touch The Skyrim, Ep. 12" there was a dark beam. Was that apart of this mod?
Merinaru 10. Juli um 11:48 Uhr 
I´m not able to buy the spells... could this be caused by another mod?
Icicle C Cold 5. Juli um 19:45 Uhr 
A kitchen
A Garden room
family area (hearthfire)
room with enough racks, display cases, plaques, and dummies for all the in game armors and weapons, with special racks for the daedric stuff, and the dragons masks.
Blast Lord 3. Juli um 22:53 Uhr 
Yes I am a friend of Xilverbulet same with a bunch of us who worked on Evolved to continue on Xilverbulet's modding legacy. I do hope Xilverbulet will continue working on Midas Magic and soon put Midas Magic on Skyrim Special Edtion in the near future which would be awesome.
Blast Lord 3. Juli um 22:50 Uhr 
Hi everyone it's been a while thought I come on to see hows everyone is doing. If you have questions about Midas Magic just let me know.
Dacoolglass 2. Juli um 17:49 Uhr 
some of these spells are just freaking random....

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not a Nazi 29. Juni um 9:37 Uhr 
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lax_for_life 28. Juni um 15:20 Uhr 
I hope you all know that the paid mods. were a good thing b/c it helped to modders make better and cooler mods so you guys are not justifed here but niether is Bethesda
τÅđđأ₭ 26. Juni um 12:18 Uhr 
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Xlr8 25. Juni um 20:31 Uhr 
luks gud 10/10
Tornado711 12. Juni um 9:50 Uhr 

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crab_doctor 6. Juni um 8:12 Uhr 
i can only find certain spells in the cheat chest not all
(and definetley not the evolved ones)
ツsStarCcsルフィ 5. Juni um 15:18 Uhr This helped me to find the chest
alemismun 16. Mai um 5:12 Uhr 
I know this might be a bit of a long shot but I have added you because I want to learn how to make spells as good as yours are, Iv already learned basic level spell making but its way too basic to ever be worth publishing.
aBritishfox The Big Puffball 12. Mai um 10:49 Uhr 
I see a nuke spell; I must have it.
ninjaphant 9. Mai um 15:08 Uhr 
where is the cheat chest?
M'aiq 6. Mai um 7:57 Uhr 
Not working
Demonlord09 25. Apr. um 22:48 Uhr 
Will the updated version of this mod ever make its way to the Nexus?
Pinochets HelO Rides 25. Apr. um 15:12 Uhr 
You're welcome!
Leonard87 24. Apr. um 14:49 Uhr 
This is hands down one of the best mod i subscribed for this game. Really a great work :)
xilverbulet  [Autor] 22. Apr. um 17:39 Uhr 
The "Distar" is an anagram for TARDIS. It can be summoned with a spell.
ControllerInMouthGamerGirl 22. Apr. um 16:09 Uhr 
is this mod op at all? kind of hoping the spells are balanced.
elitree 20. Apr. um 8:55 Uhr 
Funniest Magic-Mod I've ever seen...
Sprayface 15. Apr. um 9:16 Uhr 
@undermon101 - stop spreading text cancer
Hekudan 8. Apr. um 19:04 Uhr 
why is no one answering what is that Distar shit .-.
The Doomslayer 7. Apr. um 17:40 Uhr 
+Argentum anyone who oposes you in skyrim doesnt live the next few seconds
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Argentum 25. März um 10:48 Uhr 
why did u make them the property of the place they are in! the entire town of riverwood hates me because i made a stupid book!
undermon101 25. März um 4:47 Uhr 
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NathanS48 11. März um 20:48 Uhr 

There are only 3 books, at least for me. Ive been to all 4 reactors too. It goes Novice spell book, Necromancer spell book, and then Adept spell book. Im not sure if its a bug or something, but it went from novice to adept... uhhhh... Ok?